We revived Tatra Beta! We present a cheap Czech MPV and a small van with a Hyundai heart

It probably goes without saying that the number of new small passenger and commercial vehicles offered is slowly starting to decrease, which goes hand in hand with stricter emissions and the transition to alternative fuels. Photo: Rostislav Prokop for Garáž.cz The new Tatra Beta is a pleasant and affordable practical. However, we lack cheap cars … Read more

Dennis van der Ree leaves FC Groningen, Dick Lukkien is looking forward to a new job. “But first out through the front door”

Trainer Dick Lukkien hopes to be able to add a long and successful chapter to his career at FC Groningen as he did at FC Emmen. This is what the 50-year-old coach from Veendam says in a first reaction to his appointment at FC Groningen. Lukkien will sign a contract after this season that will … Read more

Drunk skybox visitors harass Van der Sar with statements about Overmars

Edwin van der Sar was harassed by drunk skybox visitors after the match between Ajax and Feyenoord, reports The Telegraph. It concerns four visitors, one of whom made it clear that Van der Sar must bring Marc Overmars back to Ajax. “Because the foursome did not linger threateningly, but annoyingly around Van der Sar and … Read more

‘Van der Sar in Johan Cruijff ArenA harassed by skybox visitors’

19/03/2023 23:10 | by Jesse Ter Haar Edwin van der Sar is on Sunday after the end of The classic harassed in the Johan Cruijff ArenA, writes The Telegraph. He was approached by four drunk skybox visitors, who asked for the return of the departed Marc Overmars. Ajax and Feyenoord met in Amsterdam on Sunday. … Read more

“It’s very frustrating, we know the solutions”: Jean-Pascal Van Ypersele, climatologist, talks about buildings in Belgium

Jean-Pascal Van Ypersele, climatologist at UCLouvain and candidate for the presidency of the IPCC was the guest of RTL Info 19h. The opportunity to return to the summary of the IPCC, a group of UN experts, published on Monday. The synthesis of nine years of IPCC work on the climate sounds Monday as a stark … Read more

The cars that Jean-Claude Van Damme does not have, but his children show off

Although Jean-Claude Van Damme’s automotive fleet has several models, there are some that are not in his collection. The surprising thing about the panorama is that his three children boast of other cars that you will love. Get ready to see one by one. March 18, 2023 8:43 p.m. Jean-Claude Van Damme He is a … Read more

Minister Van Peteghem speaks on the likelihood of a new banking crisis in Belgium

The management of Credit Suisse must meet the Swiss regulator this weekend to find solutions for the bank, victim of a black week on the stock market. IThere is little chance that a new banking crisis will break out in Belgium, while the financial markets are worried about the failure of two American banks and … Read more

Van Bommel understands why Janssen stops at Orange: ‘The calendar is overcrowded’ | Football

17 mrt 2023 om 18:59Update: een dag geleden Antwerp coach Mark van Bommel understands the decision of his players Vincent Janssen and Toby Alderweireld to put an end to their international career. The Dutchman and the Belgian stop at their country because of the busy football calendar. “Two players who can still perfectly participate, stop … Read more

Fundraiser by NS : Family van den Eeckhout.

Dear Family, Friends and Acquaintances, On March 9, our friend’s mother, Jerrold van den Eeckhout, passed away after a long-term lung disease (COPD). She leaves behind her husband, children and grandchildren. Due to her long-term illness, it was not possible to take out a funeral insurance policy. To support her family, but especially her husband, … Read more