Yoshiharu Habu 9th dan vs Asuto Saito 5th dan.

 The final tournament of the shogi Hulic Cup was held on March 20th, and Yoshiharu Hanyu 9th dan (52) and Asuto Saito 5th dan (24) are currently playing against each other. Which one will decide to advance to the top 8 in order to acquire the right to challenge Sota Fujii Kisei (Ryuoh, Throne, Eio, … Read more

“Don’t apologize!” The monster of Reiwa, Ochiai, is intensely bullied.

[Video]Ochiai bows deeply, the next moment, the hall erupts » <Grand Sumo Tournament March Place > ◇ 6th day ◇ 17th ◇ Edion Arena Osaka, Osaka The 14th juryo, Ochiai (Miyagino), and the 10th juryo, Minoumi (Kise), are the best, and Minomi tries to stand up and the meeting fails. Immediately after, when Ochiai bowed … Read more

Fans delight in Tatsuya Sugai’s 8th Dan Eio challenge “I can’t stop being excited!”

 Shogi Sota Eio (Ryuo, Throne, Osho, Kisei, 20) was held on March 16th to determine the challenger for the Eio match, with Tatsuya Sugai 8th dan (30) being Takuya Nagase. (30) and won the first Eio challenge. It was the first time for the Swing Rook Party to have a title match with Eio Fujii, … Read more

Takuya Nagase throne advances to the finals Sota Fujii Takes the right to challenge Eio to face Tatsuya Sugai 8th Dan / Shogi / Eio match | News | ABEMA TIMES

 The semifinals of the Shogi Eiou tournament main tournament were held on March 13, and Takuya Nagase (30) defeated Takayuki Yamazaki (42) with 98 moves. The Nagase Championship will face Tatsuya Sugai 8th Dan (30) in the final. He fights for the right to challenge Souta Fujii (Ryuo, Throne, Osho, Kisei, 20). [Video]4th Eio Nagase … Read more

Karina Maruyama reports that there is a “sign” and is watching the situation “There is a possibility that it will be messy” | Topics | ABEMA TIMES

YuanRina Maruyama, a talented Japanese soccer women’s national team, updated her ameblo on the 19th. She revealed that she had “she’s a sign” and was on the lookout. [Video]Karina Maruyama “A baby is coming down” On this day, Maruyama revealed, “I had an irregular migraine last night.” “Since I got pregnant, I had a huge … Read more

Calorie Composition Is Often Neglected When Fulfilling Daily Nutrition – Variety

Illustration (Pixabay) Analisadaily.com, Jakarta – Nutrition Specialist Clinic Nutrition Consultant in Nutritional Metabolic Disorders, Dr. Ida Gunawan, MS, Sp.GK (K), FINEM, said that people often ignore the composition of calories in fulfilling their daily nutrition, especially when eating snacks. He, who is a member of the Jakarta Association of Specialist Nutritionist Clinics, is of the … Read more

Variety of Herbal Medicine for Men, Can Increase Stamina to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

He stated this based on his personal experience. Jamu made from herbal raw materials will never immediately increase stamina instantly. Concoctions that are commonly called strong herbs are usually made from roots, such as purwoceng, pasak bumi, and so on. Bambang never tried the concoction. As a result, he actually fell asleep. “Drinking it even … Read more

Are These the Colors & Memories of the Samsung Galaxy S23, which will be released next February?

Merdeka.com – The Samsung Galaxy S23 will be released in February at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event. So far, leaks have been circulating regarding the contents of the Samsung Galaxy S23. But of course, the leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S23 are not completely true, before they are officially introduced to the public. Reported from … Read more

Many places announced the investigation of the infection rate of the new crown; Gao Fu: The virus has found a variety of animal hosts | Influenza_NetEase News

(Original title: Many places announced the investigation of the new crown infection rate; Gao Fu: The virus has found a variety of animal hosts) 1 Many places announced the investigation of the new crown infection rate, the highest is above 60% “Have you been infected with the new crown?” Recently, Hainan, Zhejiang, Sichuan and other … Read more

Variety on the 1,000 planets greater than expected

Home page // Games // Xbox // Starfield: Variety on the 1,000 planets larger than expected Starfield’s planets may have multiple biomes and environments, making them more diverse than you might think. Starfield facts Developer: Bethesda Publisher: Microsoft Genre: role playing game Release: 30/06/2022 Starfield would not be the first game by one travels from … Read more