She is fighting cancer. It lowers the tension. The benefits of the miracle vegetable are endless.

With the arrival of autumn, the importance of natural foods has increased. Among them, the benefits of beetroot vegetables draw attention. All the details about the beet… WHAT IS BEET? Beetroot (Beta vulgaris) is the best-known species of the Beta genus in Amaranthaceae (spinachaceae), a family of flowering plants. It is an economically important plant … Read more

Inflation is putting vegetable meat in difficulty

Loading player The generalized increase in prices is changing consumption habits, because we have to deal with the decreasing purchasing power. This is also influencing recent trends that seemed to have started, such as the growing purchases of vegetable alternatives to meat with a view to more conscious consumption and with a lower environmental impact. … Read more

Summer treatments in vegetable growing: How to fight diseases

Summer disease treatments are a necessary step in pest prevention and control. Recent climatic conditions such as high temperatures and excess rains have favored the appearance and development of such harmful organisms in vegetable crops. There are a lot of phytosanitary products that can be applied preventively or curatively against the onset of primary and … Read more

‘Superstar’ Vegetable Found, Lowers Blood Sugar in Minutes

Sunday, September 4, 2022 – 07:30 WIB VIVA LIfestyle – Diabetes Type 2 is a chronic condition in which levels of blood sugar rise to dangerous levels if steps are not taken to reduce them. Fortunately, vegetables “Superstar” has been shown to lower blood sugar levels within minutes of consumption. Type 2 diabetes is the … Read more

Polish old woman’s folk tips for cleaning windows without leaving streaks: use one universal vegetable

Some folk remedies are questionable, some solutions are simply genius and save time significantly. One of my favorite tips from my grandmother is about cleaning windows, which I really hate. Cleaning the windows always takes a lot of time, you have to sweat a lot until the windows start to shine clean. And according to … Read more

Cultivating your vegetable garden, a good alternative to inflation: “It costs much less”

This Sunday in Namur, around fifteen vegetable gardens are open to the public. The goal is educational: to teach whoever wants it how to take good care of their vegetable garden. Frédéric and Marise started planting vegetables in their garden not long ago. “When we see inflation, we’ll go back to what our grandparents did … Read more

LOOK INSIDE. Bart Kaëll finds peace in his vegetable garden: “I put aspirin next to the tomato plants. Then they grow well” | POPULAR IN HLN+ SHOWBIZZ

In Haasrode near Leuven, Bart Kaëll and Luc Appermont enjoy a spacious garden, but one place is off limits for Luc: Bart’s vegetable garden. He has been growing vegetables, herbs and fruit there for twenty years. “On one occasion Luc wanted to help, but he pulled out all my good plants. Since then, he’s never … Read more