GLOSSARY: An undignified end. Venus Williams is having a sad end to her career that she doesn’t need

Venus Williams did not show up on the circuit for almost a year due to health problems. She returned to the courts only at the ongoing tournament in Washington, where she lost in the first round to Canadian tennis player and the 111th player in the world, Rebecca Marinová. “That was predictible. After such a … Read more

Scientists reveal what the Earth will look like in its final stage: with the surface of Mars and the atmosphere of Venus

Everything has its end, even if you don’t like it and planet Earth will not be the exception, just like us who are not eternal. Scientists know that everything has a natural life cycle and that its extinction will be inevitable. YOU CAN SEE: NASA will stop an asteroid that threatens Earth by 2029 and … Read more

Seven Unsolved Mysteries of the Solar System | Moon | Apollo Moon Landing | Asteroids

[The Epoch Times, July 18, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Di Rui compiled and reported)MoonWhere did it come from? Was there life on Mars before? The latest episode of Vox Media’s tech podcast, Unexplainable, invites experts to chatsolar systemthe sevenunsolved puzzle。 Today, people think that technology is very developed, but it turns out that scientists do … Read more

China Prepares Mission to Planet Venus, What Will It Learn? page all – China include potential missions to study planets Venus as part of its space exploration program. The Venus Volcano Imaging and Climate Explorer (VOICE) mission will launch in 2026 and arrive in orbit around the solar system’s hottest planet in 2027. According to the details of this mission, the spacecraft will use a circular … Read more

China’s Venus Mission. Will it bring a breakthrough? Details revealed – o2

According to “Space”, the full name of the Chinese mission is Venus Volcano Imaging and Climate Explorer (VOICE). Its launch is scheduled for 2026 and is expected to arrive in 2027. The details were agreed at a meeting on Saturday, July 9. The Chinese will study Venus. What do they want to know? As part … Read more

Wow! Scientists Detect Bus-sized Asteroids Will Fly Very Close to Earth

Artist’s impression of a near-Earth asteroid. (Image credit: Science Photo Library – ANDRZEJ WOJCICKI via Getty Images) JAKARTA, A asteroid The tiny bus the size of a bus will make its very close approach to Earth on Thursday (7/7/2022), passing within just 56,000 miles (90,000 kilometers) or about 23% of the average distance between … Read more

After July 18, a wind of luck will bring an avalanche of money to this zodiac sign protected from the transit of Venus

Believe it or not knowing that your sign will be kissed by luck generates a rather pleasant feeling. While for those who rely on horoscopes it will be a spring to face many situations in a professional and love environment. Summer becomes hot for some zodiac signs that will be able to begin to rejoice … Read more

The next phase of China’s space exploration will focus on Venus, the Sun and the Moon

China has set its sights on the distant horizon in space after successfully exploring the surface of Mars, collecting samples from the Moon and building a space station. The Chinese Academy of Sciences is planning a major mission to explore the Sun, Moon, Earth, and the outer planets. China’s New Horizons program has selected 13 … Read more

6 Characteristics of the Planet Venus, the Planet with the Hottest Temperatures

Planet Venus. ©ESA – Venus is planet second from the Sun, and is Earth’s closest neighbor in the solar system. This scorching planet is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty and is the only planet named after a woman. Venus was observed by ancient astronomers from different cultures many times, but … Read more