Smartphone Trend Prediction in 2022 version of Infinix, HP 5G or HP Gaming? – All Pages

Nextren reporter, Fahmi Bagas . report – Technological advances in smartphones today are no longer in doubt. Starting from higher specifications, to more futuristic designs, a series of smartphone vendors have presented their latest devices. And for 2022, it seems that technological advances in the industry will continue to be presented to make it … Read more

For the PC version of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, a text translation of four more chapters has been released

© Translation team Mognet announced the release of a text translation update Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade for PC. After release translation of the second chapter On January 5, the team worked hard and was able to translate 4 more chapters. The total number of translated chapters reached six. As with the previous update, this … Read more

New Nissan Z: debut on the market recalling the legendary Fairlady version

The Z Customized Proto, inspired by the Z432R, was unveiled at the Tokyo 2022 Motor Show, which coincides with the landing on the Japanese market of the new model, more sporty and traditional than ever At Tokyo Auto Salon the spotlight is on the Nissan Firlady Z Customized Proto, a special edition based on the … Read more

Prof. Baltov: The omicron is very reminiscent of the Wuhan version

Prof. Asen Baltov Staff: BNT He is not getting used to it, we have a lot of ideas, but unfortunately there is no audibility in the ruling coalition so far. Whatever is proposed by the opposition is bad and is not accepted. In the last 3 months, household bills have increased 3-4 times. The compensations … Read more

The extreme censorship continues in the general version of Shuumatsu no Harem — Kudasai

In a popular Japanese comment forum, a series of frames were shared showing the exaggerated censorship that the second episode of the anime adaptation of the manga had. Shuumatsu no Harem (World’s End Harem), issued on January 15 in Japan. This is the same version issued by Crunchyroll in the West, which has caused the … Read more

how to play Sutom, the French version of the online game of the moment

Five letters and only six tries to discover a word each day. This is the formula of Wordle, the online game whose popularity has just exploded in recent days. Close to the famous game show Movement of France 2, it has hooked hundreds of thousands of Americans since its launch at the end of the … Read more

The Steam version of “Monster Hunter Rise” has started “very popular”. The number of simultaneously connected players does not exceed “Monster Hunter: World” –AUTOMATON

Capcom announced on January 13th, “Monster Hunter Rise』PC (Steam) version was delivered. Looking at how more than a day has passed since then, this work seems to be quite popular. “Monster Hunter Rise” is one of the popular hunting action games “Monster Hunter” series. In this work, the disaster “The Rampage” for the first time … Read more

Amazon transfers German Prime subscriptions to the Dutch version without being asked – IT Pro – News

Amazon has unilaterally transferred customers with a Prime subscription for Amazon Germany to a subscription for Amazon Netherlands in the past week. Customers complain about poor communication about this step and about undesirable consequences. Various customers with a Prime subscription for the Netherlands at received an email from Amazon last Tuesday, stating that they … Read more