Police Investigate Viral Women in APD ‘Sell’ COVID-Free Letters, Here Are the Results

Jakarta – Video of a woman wearing personal protective equipment (APD) hazmat called ‘selling’ COVID-19 free letter to viral bus passengers. The incident is said to have occurred in the Lampung area. The South Lampung Police investigated the video by checking the field. Police said the 1 minute 34 second video circulating did not describe … Read more

Viral Video Allegedly Selling Covid-19 Swab Letters on Bus, This is Police Explanation

Liputan6.com, Jakarta Viral a video on social media with a ‘Sell . narration Swab Results on Bus Price Rp 90 thousand’. Police has also conducted a search related to this matter. South Lampung Police Chief AKBP Edwin said that the events that occurred were not in accordance with the narrative conveyed in the video. “It’s … Read more

Viral People Sleeping in the Middle of Japek Toll Road, This is Jasa Marga’s explanation

Jakarta – In the world of social media, news is going viral about people falling down in the middle of the street tol Japek (Jakarta-Cikampek). Here’s the official explanation from the party Jasa Marga. Video viral about people sleeping on the highway uploaded by the Instagram account @dashcamindonesia. In the short video, it is known … Read more

Video. Shocking lightning thunder wakes up capital residents at dawn

Videos that show the awesome beam accompanied by a strong Thunder what woke up the capital during the early morning of this Tuesday. As observed in the recordings, the phenomenon was Captured at 1:43 AM. The Webcams de México site caught the flash that lit up much of the first painting of the city and … Read more

She knocked out her friend’s stalkers and goes viral – Noticieros Televisa

In social networks the video of a young man who knocked out the guys who were stalking her friend on Saltillo, Coahuila. We recommend you: Barman saves women from stalker thanks to message on account ticket The images, which were recorded at dawn in a place known as “Los tacos de San Luis” show a … Read more

Viral 2 women fall from a swing on a cliff, this is what happened

The swing hit a pole before losing control and dropping the passenger. BeritaHits.id – A video that shows the horrific events experienced by two women while traveling on rides swing viral on social media. In the video uploaded by the Twitter account @sooaratv, Friday (16/7/2021) two women were seen climbing a large swing located above … Read more

This young woman is paraded naked and forced to carry her husband

loading… DAHOD – A young woman in India stripped naked and paraded down the street by her husband and other villagers. This disgusting act is claimed as punishment because the 23-year-old woman eloped with another man. This incident took place in a village in Dahod district, Gujarat, on July 6. The suspects recorded it and … Read more

Seeing Woman Climbing Mount Carrying Toddler, Netizen: Isn’t It Dangerous?

Illustration of going up the mountain. (Pixabay) Hitekno.com – A woman look Mountain climbing by barking toddler. His action caught the attention of netizens, until the appearance viral on social media. Netizens have highlighted a lot of this woman’s toughness in carrying a toddler when climbing Mountain. But there are those who question its safety. … Read more

Great Debt Collector VS Ojol Baku Fist in Sawah Besar, Helmet Flying

Otomania.com – Viral, clash Among debt collector vs ojol in Sawah Besar, lots of flying helmets. There was a commotion between the debt collector and the ojol viral on social media. Launching from motorplus-online.com, the fuss debt collector and a number of ojol occurred in the area of ​​Jalan Raya Mangga Besar, Sawah Besar, Central … Read more

Due to Diviralkan Emak-Emak, the owner of a restaurant in Padang was fined

field, iNews.id – PP Satpol Padang West Sumatra (West Sumatra) dropped penalty in the form of a fine for the owner of a restaurant in the city which went viral on social media for violating health protocol (proces). The fine that is applied is IDR 500,000. It is known, one of the restaurants in Padang … Read more