The motive behind the viral action of youths calls mask wearers stupid and stupid – Big City Police (Polrestabes) Surabaya reveal the motives of a young man who made and distributed a video by calling people wearing masks to prevent Covid-19 transmission as stupid, stupid and stupid. Head of the Surabaya Police Criminal Investigation Unit, Adjunct Senior Police Commissioner (AKBP) Oki Ahadian Purwono, informed that the perpetrator of … Read more

This Woman Santuy Seeing Snake Entering House, Netizen: Panji Auto Shocked

This woman who is not afraid of snakes has shocked netizens. (TikTok / @ yumita_03) – Ular including animals that are quite feared by some people, especially the Eve. Anti-mainstream, the woman who remains santuy when the snake enters the room has succeeded in making netizens salfok. Netizens highlighted the woman’s relaxed style while … Read more

The story of the woman guarding the cellphone counter reports that her fiancé plays when he is jealous

Surabaya – Video men beat women cellphone counter keeper in central Malang viral. As it turned out, the two of them were engaged and the man was feeling jealous. Video viral it lasts 2 minutes 2 seconds, as uploaded by the Instagram account @malangraya_info. Many netizens were outraged by the action violence the. Since it … Read more

Viral photo | Woman discovers she is charged with felonies for failing to return a VHS of ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ | Caron McBride | Texas | USA | stories | Trends | Social Networks | nnda nnrt | STORIES

Caron McBride recently discovered that she is being wanted by authorities after committing a ‘serious crime’ in 1999. This woman who currently resides in Texas recalls that in that year she lived in Norman, an Oklahoma city in USA. His case turned viral almost immediately because the reason he was under the scrutiny of the … Read more

Tesla Driver Nears Death and Santuy Elon Musk’s Responses

JAKARTA, – Today the system autopilot on a motor vehicle is one aspect that is attractive to prospective buyers because it is easy to use and there is a claim to increase driving safety. The reason is, through this feature the car becomes smarter to reduce the potential for accidents and other technical hazards … Read more

Asteroid Attack in 2021 PDC, Is it True that Indonesia Will Be Invaded by Refugees from Europe? – All Pages

Pixabay Because of the Asteroid Attack, Is it True that Indonesia Will Be Invaded by Refugees from Europe? – Indonesia is called the safest place from current attacks asteroid 2021 PDC is rumored to be crashing into Earth. The video has recently gone viral on TikTok social media saying it will be there asteroid … Read more

Viral Video of Jokowi taking the bathroom of a resident’s house, Jakarta – A 29-second video on Instagram suddenly went viral because it showed the figure of President Joko Widodo or Jokowi who entered the residents’ houses to take a ride to the bathroom. The video was uploaded on Instagram @tommysetiotomo. In that video, Jokowi who wore white shirts and gray masks came out of … Read more

Second part of the video of the unfaithful woman in the middle of mariachis

Finally met the second part of the video of a serenade that ended with the discovery of an alleged infidelity. Colombians were surprised to see a woman behind some curtains having intimacy with her lover, just when her boyfriend was bringing her mariachis. The protagonists of the viral video appeared in a second video, They … Read more

The President’s Adjutant Action When Jokowi Cries in Adonara

ADONARA, KOMPAS.TV – The video of President Jokowi crying at Adonara went viral on social media. However, the swift actions of the presidential aides also did not go unnoticed. When Jokowi rubbed his eyes, the presidential aide next to him immediately opened the bag and took out a tissue. He immediately offered to President Jokowi. … Read more

Viral video | ‘Niño del Oxxo’ goes international and becomes the new face of Burger King in Costa Rica | Facebook | Twitter | Mexico | nnda nnrt | MEXICO

Do you remember the ‘Niño del Oxxo’, the little one who became famous in Latin America for video viral that ruffled the social media? Well, he achieved the long-awaited internationalization and is now the new face of Burger King to promote your burgers in Costa Rica. It was the own chain of American fast food … Read more