This Girl Was Raped By 5 Men Then Walked Home Naked, People Just Watched

loading… A 15-year-old girl in India was kidnapped and raped by 5 men. The victim then walked home as far as 2 kilometers naked and became a spectacle of the people. Foto/ MORADABAD – A 15 year old girl in India was kidnapped and raped by five men. The victim then walked home as far … Read more

Police Search for Viral Video Uploader Village Apparatus in Kediri Bringing Bodies to Cemetery

The Semen Police of the Kediri City Police is trying to find the uploader of the video of the funeral of the corpse delivered by village officials in Kediri which has gone viral on social media. The narration in the viral video states that the deceased was never present if a neighbor died. So, when … Read more

Viral Video ‘Crocodile Invasion’ in Brazil, What Happened Actually?

loading… A viral video shows hundreds of large reptiles congregating on a riverbank in Brazil. The video, which has been viewed 10 million times, was uploaded with a narrative of a crocodile invasion and is claimed to have made the population panic. Photo/Twitter @RAF_Valerie BRASILIA – Several videos of hundreds of large reptiles gathering like … Read more

The Durian Seller’s Confessions Are Shame because of the Viral Says Similar to Ferdy Sambo

So – A durian seller in Demak, Central Java, Rozikin, is said to be virally similar to Ferdy Sambo, the former Head of the National Police Propam Division who is now the suspect in the murder of Brigadier Joshua. Not only in cyberspace, Rozikin is often called Sambo by neighbors and people he doesn’t know. … Read more

Viral, Truck Loaded with Sex Toys Overturned and Scattered on the Highway

loading… A semi-trailer truck full of sex toys overturns on a highway in Oklahoma City, USA. The cargo was scattered on the highway. Foto/via OKLAHOMA – A semi-trailer truck full of lubricant (lubricant) and overturned dildo on an Oklahoma City highway, United States of America (USA) . Load sex toys it was scattered on … Read more

Soimah’s Child Dies at Gontor Islamic Boarding School, Allegedly Due to Mistreatment of Fellow Students

Screenshot of a male tiktoker viral video discussing the death of Soimah’s child at the Gontor Islamic Boarding School. [TikTok] A student at the Modern Darussalam Gontor Islamic Boarding School (PPMD) named Albar Mahdi died allegedly due to violence committed by fellow students. – Back again, case violence within the scope of the boarding … Read more

This woman claims to be forced to marry a former Taliban official and raped for months

loading… Elaha, an Afghan woman who claims to be forcibly married to a former Taliban official who was later raped and beaten for months. Photo/via CBS News KABUL – A woman at Afghanistan made an emotional testimony in the video, in which she claims to be forced to marry a former official Taliban who was … Read more

Village Head Explains Reasons Wife with Helmet Dragged Husband Out of Football Field, What Really Happened?

Screenshot A player is approached by his wife and asked to leave the field during a football match – (KOMPAS.COM/CAPTURE) – Revealed Reasons Wife with Helmet Dragged Husband Out of Football Field, What Really Happened? Recently a viral video of a woman dressed neatly in a jeans suit and still wearing a helmet enters … Read more

Woman’s complaint about “horrible” birthday cake goes viral on TikTok

There’s no doubt that Internet It is a magical place, we can find useful tutorials, varied information, funny videos and up-to-the-minute news, but if there is something that abounds in the digital world, it is the hundreds of complaints that exist in the social networksSpecially in TikTok where users go to the short video platform … Read more

[POPULER SAINS] Chinese Giant Salamander | Unhas Students Claim to be Gender Neutral | Benefits of Eating White Rice | Nurturing Channa Auranti Page all – Popular news Science related salamander the Chinese giant as one of the largest amphibian species in the world, became interesting information throughout Tuesday (23/8/2022). Salamander Latin name Andrias davidianus is the largest amphibian species, because in the wild, its body length can reach 1.8 meters. Species giant salamander from China is also an … Read more