go viral! Wife Catches Husband Collaborating With Affair at Airport after 6 Months of Searching

loading… A wife caught her husband holding hands with his mistress at Singapore Changi Airport. The video footage of the incident has now gone viral. Photo/Instagram/Singapore_Incidents/Facebook/Jolly Hong SINGAPORE – A wife and her child caught her husband holding hands with his mistress at Singapore Changi Airport. The meeting became an emotional moment because the husband … Read more

Estiwar G, from Masterchef, and the story of why he doesn’t have a tooth

‘Estiwar G’ has a seasoned experience in street life that has led and that has allowed him to embody the character that is a success on TikTok and on the RCN Channel program, ‘Masterchef‘. With his particular look of ‘ñero’, as he himself calls him, the participant of the gastronomic program is recognized for his … Read more

There’s a lot of commotion at the Bintaro gas station because of the Pertamax Turbo written receipt, what’s the difference with Pertamax? page all

KOMPAS.com – A video showing a commotion between a customer and a public gas station attendant (gas station) in the area Bintaro viral on social media. The video was uploaded by the Instagram account thisThursday (16/6/2022). It is narrated that the cause of the commotion was due to an error in refueling. Thus, the consumer … Read more

While praying Friday, a woman suddenly enters the mosque and grabs the Imam’s hand, the video goes viral

The solemnity of the Friday prayer congregation at the Terminal Palopo Mosque, South Sulawesi, Friday (17/6/2022), was suddenly interrupted by a woman’s birthday. [Instagram] At that moment, a congregation in the front row immediately grabbed the woman’s hand and led her out. SuaraSumbar.id – Congregational devotion Friday prayer from Palopo Terminal MosqueSouth Sulawesi, Friday (17/6/2022), … Read more

Viral, Groom Hits His Wife Stubbornly for Losing the Game

loading… A groom in Uzbekistan beats his wife stubbornly in front of guests during a wedding reception. Photo/east2west TASHKENT – A groom hit his wife hard on the head during a wedding reception. The footage of the scene went viral and sparked outrage online. The newlywed couple from Uzbekistan played a game during their wedding … Read more

Husband and Wife in Padang Crying Lost IDR 1.1 Billion in an Instant After Clicking the Link on WA

SuaraSumbar.id – One family in Parupuk Tabing, Koto Tangah District, Padang City, West Sumatra, lost Rp 1.1 billion in an instant. Allegedly, the money was lost because of the victim phishing. The reason is, one family member had time to receive and click on the link or link sent via email WhatsApp. After that, Rp … Read more

Viral Man Marries Sheep, Regent of Gresik: Like the Age of Ignorance

Gresik – A video of the marriage of a man with a goat in Gresik viral. Gresik Regent Fandi Akhmad Yani already knows this. He said he was concerned and disappointed. According to the man who is familiarly called Gus Yani, the marriage ritual between humans and goats is like people living in an age … Read more

Viral Video Bus Strikes because You Have to Turn Off the Engine at a Gas Station

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Not long ago there was a video showing bus silent because of the low battery after charging the diesel on gas station. This video was uploaded by Amung Supirulin’s account on Tiktok, Wednesday (1/6/2022). “This is the result when refueling machine must be turned off. After filling up the diesel fuel, the … Read more

Viral Video of Men Doing Indecent in the KRL, Look at the Photos, Sontoloyo

Thursday, 02 June 2022 – 17:56 WIB A man acts immorally in a KRL carriage that crosses Jatinegara-Pasar Senen, Wednesday (1/6). Photo: Instagram/terangmedia jpnn.com, JAKARTA – A video showing a man committing immoral acts on the Electric Rail Train (KRL) on Wednesday (1/6), has gone viral on social media. In the video circulating, it shows … Read more

They viralize video of the top in Toluca; authorities deal with the problem

Through social networks A stop on Solidaridad Las Torres boulevard, in the municipality of Toluca, which did not have signage, was viralized. After a week of claims by motorists who claimed that their cars were damaged, the authorities attended to the road infrastructure. Through various traffic groups on Facebook and WhatsApp, users announced the inconvenience … Read more