Vietnamese Lobster Seeds from RI, But Stingy Share Cultivation Science

Jakarta – The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) has banned exports lobster seeds and want to encourage domestic cultivation. This is because there are more commodities in Indonesia, but Vietnam is the biggest exporter in the world. Plt. Antam Novambar, Director General of Marine Resources and Fisheries Resources Monitoring (PSDKP) said that Indonesia … Read more

South China Sea Heats Up, Vietnam Send Warships and Helicopters – Vietnam to be one of the countries that is ready to fight in South China Sea by exerting his military might. Adapt, Tuesday (13/4/2021) Vietnam does not remain silent on the Sea problem China The South by sending one of its warships to conduct “combat training”. The dispatch of warships followed a … Read more

5 Most Bloody Civil War in the World, Thousands to Millions of People Killed Page all – There are already many War Brotherhood occurs in this world with various internal conflicts which are usually driven by a revolutionary movement to create a new national order. Following Civil war the deadliest occurred in several countries of the world National Interest: Also read: Myanmar on the Verge of Large-Scale Civil War, UN … Read more

Hundreds of Chinese ships – ČT24 – Czech Television – docked in the area of ​​the South China Sea claimed by the Philippines

The Philippine Naval Patrol took shots of a fleet of Chinese fishing boats moored off the Whitsun Reef. China and the Philippines claim the surrounding waters. Manila counted 250 ships within the Philippine Exclusive Economic Zone. She ordered Beijing to withdraw them and stop violating sovereign territory. China, which appropriates almost the entire South China … Read more

Jokowi touched on just precaution, this is rice import data from Thailand and Vietnam page all

JAKARTA, – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has opened his voice on the plan to import rice in 2021. Recently, it was reported that Indonesia signed an agreement with Thailand to import rice. Jokowi did not deny the news, he even revealed that there was not only a rice import agreement from Thailand, but also … Read more

This Honda Vario 125 Modification Appears Sporty PCX Engine Vietnam Bore Up

Aziz Not only sporty looks Honda Vario 125 with PCX Vietnam bore up engine. – Not just looking sporty Honda Vario 125 This is Vietnam PCX engined bore up. In the previous article we discussed changing the appearance Honda Vario 125 belongs to Tabiriansyah. Well this time we will review the engine changes. Klaim … Read more

The DPRK joined the Biden administration. He wants to discourage her from a military exercise with South Korea – ČT24 – Czech Television

In recent days, South Korean and US troops have launched a joint spring military exercise, which is limited to computer simulations due to the risk of a coronavirus pandemic and efforts to keep the dialogue between the two countries on the Korean Peninsula alive. The DPRK may withdraw from the agreement with South Korea “Maneuvers … Read more

The Biden administration unsuccessfully tried to establish contact with the DPRK – ČT24 – Czech Television

“To reduce the risk of escalation, we have reached out to the North Korean government through several channels,” the source told CNN, adding that Washington had been trying to make contact since mid-February, including in New York. “To date, we have not received a response from Pyongyang,” the official added, adding that “active dialogue,” despite … Read more

French warships docked at Vietnamese ports, an indication of challenging China in the South China Sea

French battleship illustration. (Source: AP Photo) HANOI, KOMPAS.TV – The French warship reportedly docked at Cam Ranh port, Vietnam, Tuesday (9/3/2021). The arrival of the warship Prairial is said to be an indication that France is challenging China in the South China Sea dispute. The Prairial Warship was anchored until Friday (12/3/2021), for the repair … Read more

Officially, Shin Tae-yong made a competitive debut with the Indonesian national team after a 437 day delay

BOLASPORT.COM – The schedule for the remaining matches will be released World Cup qualification 2022 Asia zone from AFC make sure Shin Tae-yong will soon undergo debut competitive together Indonesian National team. Asian football parent, AFC has released the remaining fixtures World Cup qualification 2022 on Friday (12/3/2021). Schedule certainty coincides with showing the venue … Read more