Panoramas, exceptional or more anecdotal views: how do we manage the urban landscape?

But the question of the urban landscape goes beyond the notion of exceptional views and that of their protection. “The photos sent in response to the call from show this clearly, comments Sophie Hubaut, PhD student in the art of building and urban planning at the Faculty of Architecture of the ULB: there are … Read more

‘Burning Trotman’ Son Tae-jin, ‘Besame Mucho’ boasting fluent Spanish skills surpassed 200,000 views

“As expected Son Tae-jin”Son Tae-jin, the ‘first burning trotman’, is continuing his all-weather move between his main job genius and the charm of a gemstone in entertainment. In ‘Burning Trotman’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Bult’), which aired on the 14th, TOP7 Son Tae-jin – Shin Sung – Min Soo-hyun – Kim Joong-yeon – Park Min-soo … Read more

Players who change their nationality… ‘betrayal’ and ‘choice’ mixed views

Lin Xiaojun singing the Chinese national anthem From Victor An to Lin Xiaojun, gold medals in other countries There are more naturalized players in Korea, including China. At the Short Track Speed ​​Skating World Championships held in Seoul, Lin Xiaojun (Chinese/Korean name Lim Hyo-jun) won the gold medal in the relay event. Just as Viktor … Read more

Stunning Views In Trenggalek Night Sky If Simultaneously Turn Off The Lights

There will be an amazing view of the Trenggalek night sky which can only be seen when it is dark: it is completely protected from light pollution. The stunning sight is the cluster of stars of the Milky Way Galaxy. Quoting from, the Milky Way Galaxy is home to 400 billion flying stars. Including … Read more

Vivian Redding in “K”: Justice delayed is justice denied

Spying on politicians and journalists is not provided for in the legal texts of the European Union, notes Vivian Redding. A clearing of old cases at the same time as new ones, in a certain period of time, would send the message that something is changing in the judicial system of Greece. This opinion is … Read more

Margrethe Vestager in “K”: Europe is now paying for being greedy

The process of Ukraine’s accession to the EU will “move much faster” than usual, predicts Margrethe Vestager. In an exclusive interview she gave to “K” on the sidelines of the European Investment Bank Forum, the executive vice-president of the Commission emphasizes that – more than the bonus policies of other countries – the competitiveness of … Read more

HBO’s The Last of Us has almost doubled in audience since its first episode.

The number of viewers of the series The Last of Us from HBO has nearly doubled since its release. Forbes writes that while the premiere episode of “The Last of Us” drew 588,000 HBO viewers in the US, the seventh episode is already interesting 1.083 million users. These figures do not include the streaming service. … Read more

The mother of Channel 3, this post has over a million views after talking about Bella Ranee’s performance.

Is another heroine who is very skilled, must be given to her for Bella Ranee, the top heroine of the entertainment industry and Channel 3 Regardless of playing in any drama or movie, I can tell you that the rating has exceeded the target. If you want to play a movie, your income will be … Read more

There must be room for several views on the war in Ukraine

DEBATE: The debate climate has hardened after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Ukrainian military during an exercise in February. Photo: Vadim Ghirda / AP / NTB Published: Published: 27th of February Debate This is a debate post. The entry was written by an external contributor, and quality assured by Aftenbladet’s debate department. Opinions and analyzes … Read more

Tour of luxury houses on Koh Samui, Taya-Mika, beautiful views, millions of dollars, magnificent, very nice to live in.

couple with two children Taya Rogers and Mika Chunuansri Currently choosing to live in the provinces as a part At this time, the big luxury house that Teya-Mika built on Koh Samui was completed and moved in already. Let me tell you that the beautiful view is magnificent. Surrounded by natural green mountains and bright … Read more