Velvet – Kockahas – Vin Diesel has started a hard workout to say goodbye to his dad, so he looks now

Vin Diesel has begun preparations to shoot the next installment of the Deadly Pace series. Hollywood actor he tries to get in shape to play Dominic Toretto one last time. The 54-year-old movie star has shown its fans what it looks like now on its Instagram page. These shots are also interesting because a few … Read more

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The rock frankly about the latest scandal with his father and enmity with Vin Diesel

The strained relationship with his father Rocky Johnson and the behind-the-scenes friction with Vin Diesel – these are two of the topics that Dwayne Johnson-Scala openly commented on in a new interview for Vanity Fair. And at one point he came to another constantly hot topic – his possible plans for the presidency in the … Read more

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What happened to Vin Diesel? The actor wears a body neither so fast nor so furious | Farandula 123

Telemundo. After attending the fashion show of the prestigious Dolce & Gabanna brand in Venice, Italy, actor Vin Diesel decided to relax in Portofino accompanied by his partner Paloma Jiménez, as well as actress Zoe Saldana and her husband Marco Prego. However, the lens of paparazzi captured the protagonist of ‘Fast and Furious’ shirtless, and … Read more

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Vin Diesel today between movies and memes has a body always in such shape

The name tells about leaps into the past. Born in Alameda – California – in 1967, Mark Vincent Sinclair became Vin Diesel … in the disco. As told in an interview with “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”, the actor changed his name while working as a bouncer at the “Tunnel”, a New York nightclub where … Read more

“Fast and Dangerous 9” remains at the top of the North American box office

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