Tina Turner bought an estate on Lake Zurich for 76 million

A refuge from a thousand and one nights to escape Covid, feel safe and enjoy well-deserved old age. The new purchase of Tina Turner makes you daydream: ten buildings, a pond, a stream, a 24,000 square meter park, the inevitable swimming pool and a dock directly on Lake Zurich. All in one estate. The terrific … Read more

Adriana Volpe, do you know what educational qualifications the Gf Vip columnist has? And who expected it

Adriana Volpe in the role of commentator of the GF VIP alongside Sonia Bruganelli he is taking good revenge after the stormy farewell to Rai and the war with Giancarlo Magalli, which ended in court with a sentence that saw her triumph after years of criticism and accusations with the former colleague, called to compensate … Read more

GF Vip, the former gieffina drops the bomb on a vip: the controversy starts

Home » GF Vip, the former gieffina drops the bomb on a competitor: the words that trigger the controversy The recently eliminated tenant from the House makes unexpected revelations about a playmate of his, unleashing the web. Tonight a fiery episode is expected for Gf Vip 6. Some competitors of Gf Vip 6 during a … Read more

GF Vip, Adriana Volpe against Katia Ricciarelli: “We need to intervene” THE POST

Adriana Volpe against Katia Ricciarelli. «Come I argue always the parole they have a weight, but also i silences of those who listen and do not take a position “like this Adriana Volpe, a few hours after a new episode of Big Brother Vip, is exposed on social media taking a clear position. Although not … Read more

Damiano David, the unedited photo with Giorgia Soleri: special wishes

Damiano dei Måneskin, 2021 style icon: 10 legendary looks An unpublished and very sweet shot the one published among the stories of Damiano David on the occasion of Giorgia Soleri’s birthday: the Måneskin frontman, despite the confidentiality that distinguishes him, has decided to share with his followers a photo that portrays him happy with his … Read more

Francesca Cipriani unmasks the competitors of the GF Vip and makes the names

Exit from the house of the GF VIP for just over two weeks, Francesca Cipriani has decided to expose the strategies of his former roommates. The queen of pupae in an interview with Chi House he said he didn’t believe couples born in Signorini’s reality show. According to her, flirtations would have blossomed – between … Read more

GF Vip, Bruganelli leaves after the quarrel with Signorini? Here is the decision

Continue to discuss the heated quarrel between Sonia Bruganelli and Alfonso Signorini. In the last episode of Big Brother Vip the columnist has in fact started a tough discussion with Alex Belli, with the conductor who had to intervene to calm the mind and stop everything. Signorini, however, attacked Bruganelli hard with one “Shut up!”. … Read more

La Casa di Carta, Alvaro Morte (the Professor) talks about the tumor

The House of Paper, the men of the series: charismatic and courageous Now that The House of Paper is finished, for Alvaro Death a new chapter in his life opens. The Professor of the famous Netflix series had the opportunity to talk about his achievements and his past in an interview, from which it emerged … Read more

Gf Vip, Rosalinda Cannavò tells how things went with Dayane Mello after the model left La Fazenda

Last night a Chi House, Rosalinda cannavo e Gabriele Parpiglia they talked about the affair Dayane Mello. Eliminated from reality show the farm, the Brazilian model seems not to have appreciated the interventions of the journalist and her friend Beautiful rose, regarding the episodes of harassment suffered within the reality show. The former competitor of … Read more

Gf Vip 6, the direction leaves the microphones open and a blasphemy flies!

Singular episode this morning in the House of GF VIP 6. Like every day the direction was about to start the music to wake up the Vippos but something went wrong! In fact, those in the direction forgot the open microphones and his voice was heard throughout the House of GF VIP just as a … Read more