At the VIP premiere of the Lithuanian comedy “What Men Don’t Know” – many stars and considerations of what if…

The event was attended not only by the main actors of the film Vytautas Rumšas junior, Rimantė Valiukaitė, Toma Vaškevičiūtė, Kirilas Glušajevas, Aušra Giedraitytė and others, but also Vidas Bareikis, Indrė Stonkuvienė, Lukas Gricius, Inga Stumbrienė, Merūnas Vitulskis, Jolanta Svirnelytė, who came to laugh at the screen. Elena Puidokaitė-Bruzgulienė and other faces often seen in … Read more

F1: Verstappen triumphs again, but Monza blows the safety car – Sport

Max Verstappen also dominates the Italian GP, ​​taking his fifth consecutive victory in the Formula 1 world championship in Monza. On the podium, next to the Red Bull driver, Charles Leclerc second with Ferrari and George Russell, third with Mercedes. Fourth place for Carlos Sainz’s other Red, who started from the penultimate row. The race … Read more

Look at the charges that “Department of Corrections” reported the crime of “Lena Jung” in prison for VIP

And on Sept. 5, Mr. Tawatchai Chaiwat, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Corrections And a spokesman for the Department of Corrections said that this morning, the Department of Corrections has assigned the legal department to report the crime of Ms. Lena Changjancha or “Lena Jung” at the Technology Crime Suppression Division or TCSD in … Read more

Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta, from the super vip wedding at the supermarket. And the cashiers ask for a selfie

We do not live by love alone. They, for example, are already in husband and wife mode between shopping cart, visits to relatives and a little shopping: Federica Pellegrini e Matteo Giuntanewlyweds, since yesterday I am a Pesaro (hometown of him). Curiosity: the city of Rossini, these days, boasts a record-breaking concentration per square meter … Read more

the selfie at 64 without makeup

Talent and charm in the same person. Michelle Pfeiffer is one of the actresses and most beautiful women in the world. And while it’s certainly easier to be when you’re in the limelight, in movie films or on red carpets, it’s less easy to be in everyday life. But not for the famous interpreter that … Read more

Royal entertainment: Leticia dances with her daughters in the VIP box at a Harry Styles concert

Observing from the sidelines the seemingly privileged lives of the royals, who traditionally occupy a place of honor under the bright lights of the spotlight, one can easily forget that in practice they are not very different from oneself. Yes, the truth is that if we leave aside their titles, which come with a number … Read more

save the house of Big Brother Vip learns that the house of Big Brother Vip was not approached by the flames of the fire that broke out in Cinecittà. The structure that will host the new edition in September will be able to welcome competitors. The firefighters of Rome have extinguished the fire broke out in the Cinecittà Studios. The flames … Read more