Gold, euros, atmosphere …: The VIP wedding of Nabou Dash

Nabou Dash is no longer a heart to take. She once again joins the big leagues in this blessed month of Ramadan. According to radars, the great businesswoman became Madame Fall, this Sunday, May 02, 2021. After making revelations about his three divorces, Nabou Dash gets married for the fourth time and becomes “niarel”. … Read more

A Covid-19 Patient in India Dies After Giving Her Oxygen to a VIP Patient Page all

NEW DELHI, – A patient Covid-19 of India died two hours after the tube oxygen belonged to a VIP patient. The video, circulating in Agra, Uttar Pradesh state, shows a man begging and crying in front of police. The man named Anmol Goyal knelt with his hands clasped while asking law enforcement not to … Read more

This child prostrates when the police seize his mother’s oxygen tube for a VIP patient – A man in PPE was caught on camera prostrating to the police when the police came and picked him up oxygen tube from him. This event occurred in India when the country is struggling against the hack tsunami covid-19. Adapt World of Buzz, Saturday (1/5/2021), the man in the PPE was 17 years … Read more

Vip finally out for dinner: from De Lellis to Ferragni

April 29, 2021 10:03 am For a meal in the starred restaurant or an aperitif with friends Alice Sabatini and Cristina Buccino enjoy an aperitif with their friends, Natasha Stefanenko a chef’s dish with her husband Luca Sabbioni, Aurora Ramazzotti post a shot of the evening out. For a fashion girl like Chiara Ferragni this … Read more

Isola, the anger of Gilles Rocca and three things that (perhaps) you have missed

Isola dei Famosi 2021: Ilary Blasi’s incredible looks Clashes, new arrivals and tears: the new episode of the Island of the Famous 2021 was full of cult moments. Ilary Blasi, as always, managed to keep the pulse of the situation in an excellent way, activating interesting dynamics and showing all her talent as a presenter. … Read more

Wedding industry at the stake, wedding tourism collapses -90% – Economy

The alarm cry launched a few days ago by the wedding and fashion designer Enzo Miccio is confirmed by a JFC research that ANSA publishes in preview: in addition to tourism, the pandemic has brought the prolific “industry” linked to the wedding sector to its knees and has totally massacred the Wedding Tourism which before … Read more

“Friends is a farce”: Celentano’s like makes people talk

After the last episode of Friends 2021, Alessandra Celentano ended up in the storm for a Like sui social. From the profile of the show’s teacher, a “Like” came to a sentence against the broadcast. This is a post from a former professor of the program Maria De Filippi, Mia Molinari, who a few hours … Read more

Very true, Francesca Michielin, the bond with Fedez and love: “I’m happy”

A young artist with a successful career: Francesca Michielin, guest of Very true, she told herself in the round, talking about her career, her relationship with her parents, her bond with Fedez. And she also indulged in a confession about her love life. The singer, fresh from the success of the Sanremo Festival, has retraced … Read more

Federica Pellegrini immense: she is the strongest of all, today and always

Federica Pellegrini manages to enter history by demonstrating, once again, to be very big. She does so by qualifying for her fifth Olympics, won in the pool, struggling after a very difficult year for everyone, even more so for her, struck by Covid and aware that this could be her last chance. The first time … Read more

The wife of Indio Solari was dispatched against those who branded him as vaccinated vip

“See which side of the wick you are on. On the side of those who wait for a vaccine that does not arrive or of Indio Solari and the friends of the Peronist power to those who @DrDanielGollan vaccinate without queuing ”, Deputy Fernando Iglesias sentenced. Alonso said: “I find myself on the side of … Read more