Many questions change the QR code when the MyPertamina Web is refreshed, this is Pertamina’s explanation – An upload from a citizen who tells a story about QR code changes on the website from-refresh lots of people on social media. The post was written by this account in the Motuba Facebook group, Friday (22/7/2022). “Good morning, ma’am, how’s the motuba? Oh, yes, ma’am, for those of you who have … Read more

Macflurry de Chocorramo: how many calories does the new viral dessert have? | THE UNIVERSAL

With the arrival of the new McFlurry Chocorramo there are feelings of excitement and intrigue. Some have already tried the new limited-edition product, others hope to line up at their nearest McDonald’s point to purchase it, taste it and even take a selfie and join the trend. The company announced that the dessert is made … Read more

That click that made Pranav’s life beautiful – Pranav C Subash | Photographer Mohanlal | Guruvayur Temple

Pranav has been a devotee of Guruvayurappa since childhood. Growing up knowing that proximity and later working there, Pranav’s admiration for Mohanlal was another thing that was frequent in his childhood. When he reached his teenage years, he fell in love with photography. Finally, it all came together in one awkward moment. So Mohanlal standing … Read more

KAI’s explanation regarding the Complaints of Premium Economy Train Facilities All – KAI’s VP of Public Relations Joni Martinus confirmed that: PT KAI does not reduce service to prospective passengers, even for economy class. Associated with seat or passenger seats 2-2 which are considered less suitable for premium economy class, Joni explained the reason. “There is no decline in service (downgrade), still the same economy … Read more

Viral, Riau PSPS Upload Calls Pekanbaru Police Asking IDR 40 Million for Match Security Fees, This is Police Explanation – An upload that mentions the Pekanbaru City Police (Polresta) asking for Rp. 40 million for security costs for the match between PSPS Riau vs Kelantan FC has gone viral on social media. The upload was shared on the official Instagram account of the PSPS Riau football club, @pspsriau, Tuesday (12/7/2022). In the upload, … Read more

The ice cream falls, the attitude of Ridwan Kamil Arkana’s child reaps praise: Wow, he’s smart, he doesn’t cry

Circulating uploads of videos when Ridwan Kamil’s adopted son, Arkana Aidan Misbach failed to eat ice cream, attracted public attention on social media. [TikTok @adebayiarka] Based on the short video, it originally showed Arkana wearing a yellow T-shirt sitting on a bicycle. – Circulating video uploads when adopted children Ridwan Kamil |, Arkana Aidan … Read more

BCA’s explanation of viral tweets, the transaction fee is IDR 150,000 per month – Executive Vice President Secretariat & Corporate Communication BCA Hera F Haryn provides an explanation regarding twit viral contains information regarding a letter related to changes in transaction rates on social media on Monday (27/6/2022). According to him, the letter regarding the change in transaction rates circulating on social media is not an official … Read more

The effect of vaccines on prolonged covid

Besides the Acute childhood hepatitis and monkeypox that have been present in several countries, the Omicron variant has not stopped doing its thing. More than two years after the start of the pandemic caused by the outbreak of the Covid-19 a new wave alerts health experts again. Despite the fact that cases are on the … Read more

There’s a lot of commotion at the Bintaro gas station because of the Pertamax Turbo written receipt, what’s the difference with Pertamax? page all – A video showing a commotion between a customer and a public gas station attendant (gas station) in the area Bintaro viral on social media. The video was uploaded by the Instagram account thisThursday (16/6/2022). It is narrated that the cause of the commotion was due to an error in refueling. Thus, the consumer … Read more

Viral, Uploads of New System BRI Transfers to Other Banks Charged IDR 105,000/Month, Really? page all – Uploads containing stories of citizens receiving notifications from parties claiming to be Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) and informing the new system about transfer fees to other banks went viral on social media. The story was uploaded by the Facebook account this on March 11, 2022. The account holder is informed that so far, … Read more