Ministry of Education’s proposal for the 2023 school calendar includes days of Transgender Visibility, Sexual Health and the Month of Memory and Democracy

Last Friday, November 18, the General Education Division of the Mineduc delivered to the Regional Ministerial Secretariats the guidelines regarding the school calendar for 2023, where aspects related to commemorations that imply a shift from previous years were included, such as the suggestion of adding the days of Transgender Visibility and Sexual Health as “outstanding” … Read more

Slippage of Vlaams Belang in the Chamber: “It’s an incident that can help it gain visibility”

A question from Vlaams Belang MP Tom Van Grieken about the furloughing of Cooperation Minister Meryame Kitir (Vooruit) sparked an outcry in the House on Thursday. The president of the far-right party received six calls to order from the president and a threat to use force. Tom Van Grieken finally returned to his seat to … Read more

Poor visibility disrupted the flight schedule: planes circled over Vilnius or were sent elsewhere

The representative of Lithuanian airports, Tadas Vasiliauskas, says that the situation is dynamic, constantly changing, so he advises to monitor the latest information on the Vilnius airport website. The Finnair plane from Helsinki was sent to another airport and landed at Vilnius airport at 12:56 p.m. AirBaltic’s flight from Tallinn was also canceled due to … Read more

High Visibility Products Market Growth Analysis Report 2022-2028 – Jeunes Express

COVID-19 impact analysis, current technical developments, market trends, market shares, growth, and new technologies are all examined in the global High Visibility Products market research ‘IBI. In addition, exploratory techniques such as primary and secondary research were used to obtain these analytical data. A well-trained research team can also shed light on the static and … Read more

Czech boxes ensure the visibility of drones. Dronetag has now received an investment from Y Soft

Author: Dronetag Czech startup Dronetag received an investment of 15 million crowns from the Brno fund Y Soft Ventures falling under the company Y Soft. Thanks to this, Dronetag not only acquires capital, but also production capacity in Brno, which Y Soft offers to invested startups. Dronetag develops IoT devices that are installed on drones. … Read more

Schumi jr skips the GP: ‘But I would be able to race’ – Sport

“I would be ready to race and my forfeit does not depend on my state of health”. In a press conference before the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Mick Schumacher takes stock of his health and the reasons why he will miss the race today after the terrible qualifying accident, fortunately without consequences for his physical … Read more

Formula 1 | Several drivers note a visibility problem on board the F1 2022

With the arrival of wheels with a diameter of 18 inches against 13 previously for the 2022 season, certain observers including Lando Norris had feared that the pilots would suffer from visibility problems on board the new Formula 1 cars. His teammate at McLaren Daniel Ricciardo is also of the same opinion. “It’s something unique … Read more

Portaltic.-Twitter Flock will limit the visibility of tweets to a group of contacts made by the user

MADRID, 21 Ene. (Portaltic/EP) – Twitter works in various functions so that users can control the visibility of ‘tweets’ that publish, as with Flock, a list to create a group of trusted contacts. Flock is one of the novelties on which the platform is working. This is a list to which the user can add … Read more