The wrath of the Yellow River .. The discharge of flood waters in China dazzles visitors

The waterfalls of the Xiaolangdi Jiyuan Reservoir, which is responsible for flood control work in China, are receiving visitors to witness the discharge of flood waters on the Yellow River. Located 20 km north of Luoyong, Xiaolangdi Dam has a capacity of 1,836 MW and generates electricity at a rate of 5.1 TWh per year … Read more

It is almost impossible to buy a ticket to the Adršpašské rocks on the spot. Disappointed tourists demand entry — ČT24 — Czech Television

Dozens of meter-long visitor queues and policemen regulating traffic on crowded roads – this is what it looked like at the Adršpašské rocks in 2019. Queues at the entrance to the rocks no longer form. The online booking system made the check-in process faster. A maximum of four hundred visitors may enter per hour. However, … Read more

Angie Cepeda: what happened to the Colombian from Pantaleón and the visitors | Christian Meier | Light Maria | Solar Savior | Peliteñida | poor devil | sister of Lorna Cepeda | Marisol Aguirre | ATMP | NTLR | Famous

Angie Cepeda is an internationally recognized Colombian actress, who is also one of the sisters of the ‘Peliteñida‘, Lorna Cepeda, from the hit telenovela “I am Betty the Ugly one”. His passage through the first leading role in “Las Juan” of 1997 opened the way to different projects, the same ones that arose in Peruwhere … Read more

Organizers: “Summer Sound” enjoyed a record number of visitors this year

The “Summer Sound” festival was held in Liepāja for the 10th time last weekend. According to the initial assessment, the number of visitors exceeded 40,000 on both days, the festival organizers inform the “Delfi” portal. Content will continue after the ad Advertising “According to the initial assessment, the number of visitors exceeded 40,000 on both … Read more

Victim of your own success? More than 1.5 million visitors at the busiest Gentse Feesten in 15 years (Ghent)

Even Monday morning it was still going crazy at the Vlasmarkt. — © David Van Hecke Gent – The Gentse Feesten attracted more than one and a half million visitors in ten days. That is the highest number in 15 years. It never became unsafe, but on peak days Ghent almost burst at the seams. … Read more

Art installation in Forum has to give way to Batman’s motorcycle, to the sadness of artist and visitors

‘We actually think it is a shame that it is now gone, because many visitors to the Forum were enthusiastic about Merijn’s artwork. It’s purely practical. We’ll have to haul in pieces next week for the new superhero exhibit: The Art of DC – The Dawn of Super Heroes. We then need the space, because, … Read more

This week starts the concert tour of ‘Prata Vētra’. Practical recommendations for visitors to the Jelgava concert

This Saturday, July 23, in Jelgava, the group “Prāta Vētra” will start the “Year without a calendar” concert tour. The concert will take place in the Lielupe meadow opposite Jelgava Castle. So that attending the event does not cause unnecessary inconvenience, the organizers of the concert tour have prepared practical recommendations and rules for visitors … Read more

Noisy Visitors to the Jakarta Electronic Center Just a Story, Many Kiosks are Closed

Jakarta – Business actors are apparently still ‘sick’ due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The proof is that many shophouses have closed due to declining sales in Indonesia shopping center for electronic products in West Jakarta. In the past, this shopping center was full of visitors. Since the beginning of the pandemic, various policies have been … Read more

Qatar closed to visitors without World Cup tickets

Omar Al-Jaber, director of the housing department at the Supreme Organizing Committee for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, confirmed that reservations have not yet been completed in hotels and rooms designated for fans. While questions are asked about the number of rooms available in the small emirate during the tournament, which runs from November … Read more