Exhibitors and visitors were already not enthusiastic, now the city of Bruges is also thinking about selling black Christmas containers: “We will have this investigated” | Bruges

Brugge You can work out around the clock at Pure Senses in Bruges: “There are alarm buttons for those who do not feel safe at night” As the first ‘premium’ fitness facility in Bruges, Pure Senses introduces the possibility to come and exercise 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “Many people in their … Read more

News 24 | Qatar will implement the health insurance system for visitors starting next February

Qatar announced, today (Saturday), the start of applying the obligation to cover visitors to the country with the health insurance system next February. The Qatari Ministry of Health stated that the visitors will be covered by the health insurance policy issued by the companies registered with it, noting that it will cover basic health care … Read more

Visitors Down, Vendors Madhang Maning Park Purwokerto Ask Managers to Hold Routine Events

PURWOKERTO, banyumas- suaramerdeka.com – Traders in the complex Madhang Maning Park Purwokerto hope the manager holds events more often. Because lately the number visitors culinary center located in Bung Karno Street Purwokerto tends to decrease. Siomay and batagor seller, Emi Wasiati (40), admitted that at the start of the opening, her turnover could reach IDR … Read more

1/22 Yokohama Arena “GREAT MUTA FINAL ‘BYE-BYE'” Notice to Visitors *Please read before visiting* | Professional Wrestling Noah Official Site

Pro Wrestling Noah will be performing in all the audience areas at the GREAT MUTA FINAL “BYE-BYE” to be held at Yokohama Arena on January 22nd.Enables “cheers and shouts that are not loud”*I will.* Loudness refers to repeating or continuously speaking at a louder volume than usual. By this, this time ①Speak repeatedly or continuously … Read more

Priscos nativity scene with more and more foreign visitors

A surprising number of Spaniards visited the Priscos Live Crib, held in the parish of Priscos in Braga, announced today the organization regarding the closing of this year’s edition. ‘Our brothers’ visited mainly in groups and looked for restaurants and accommodation in the city of Braga. “The main reason for visiting is that our live … Read more

Problem with annoying whistling sound solved: company Adams sets off outdoor alarm and discovers unwanted night visitors on camera (Zandhoven)

Massenhoven – Massenhoven has been plagued by an annoying whistle since the beginning of 2023. The Adams firm has now discovered that the culprit is her outdoor alarm. In the meantime, it became clear from camera images that the alarm was activated at 3:28 am on January 2 due to an unwanted nightly visit. Monday, … Read more

Calmly, Restaurant Visitors Shoot Robbers

The robber also pointed a gun at other visitors REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, HOUSTON — The city of Houston, an area in the State of Texas, United States of America, was shocked by the robbery that occurred at the Ranchito Taqueria Restaurant, Friday (6/1/2023) night, City Houston south around the S Gessner area near Bellaire Boulevard. Based on … Read more

Great resentment among hundreds of visitors to the closed Harry Potter forest: “Brothered and crawled back into the car with crying children” (Sint-Pieters-Leeuw)

Harry Potter’s Forbidden Forest remained closed for several days due to strong winds and technical problems. The visitors were not informed in advance about the closure and that causes a lot of displeasure. — © idh Viezenbeek – It has been for the past few days Forbidden Forest from Harry Potter, a sound and light … Read more

The “best market in the world” attracts more and more foreign visitors to Brussels: “It’s a very Instagrammable event”

It has become one of the postcards of Brussels. Les Plaisirs d’Hiver, the capital’s Christmas market, partially closed their curtains this New Year weekend. If most of the 240 chalets in the city center market have closed… Take advantage of our current offer and access to all our articles in unlimited