Tiredness and heavy legs when walking can indicate a worrying deficiency of this vital vitamin

With the change of season from summer to autumn, it is normal to experience fatigue and general weakness. We can easily find it in the difficulty to get out of bed or to carry out even the simplest activities, such as taking a walk or climbing a flight of stairs. Sometimes, however, these symptoms do … Read more

Vital Heynen provoked rivals? Controversial statement by the coach

Our team, after the unsuccessful Olympic Games in Tokyo, where they were eliminated in the quarter-finals, is doing very well during the Euro. In the whole event, she has lost only four sets so far, and in the match for promotion to the medal phase, she defeated the Russians, winning 3-0 in a very convincing … Read more

Belarusian activist Vital Shyshov was hanged

The missing Belarusian activist Vital Shyshov, who was helping Belarusians fleeing repression from their homeland, was found hanged in a park in Kiev, Ukrainian police said. Authorities are also investigating the possibility that he was murdered. The NGO, headed by Shysov, said the Belarussian regime perceived it as a danger. The activist had injuries on … Read more

14,000 scientists warned about the “worrying” deterioration of the vital signs of the Earth and called for urgent changes on three fronts

The top three greenhouse gases set records for atmospheric concentrations in 2020 and again in 2021 The climate crisis, that “indefinite” threat that looms over the horizon of humanity and the planet, of which we all speak but many remain incredulous, has been the common cause that brought together 14,000 scientists representing 1,990 jurisdictions in … Read more

About 14,000 scientists warn that Earth’s vital signs are worsening at a “worrying” rate

Published: 2 ago 2021 12:33 GMT Researchers urge the application of policies designed for a structural transformation of the economy that make it possible to face the increase in climate catastrophes. Around 2,800 scientists have joined in the last two years to a climate emergency declaration initially signed by more than 11,000 specialists from 153 … Read more

Scientists warn about worrying deterioration of vital signs of the Earth | AlMomento.Net

A total of 14,000 scientists representing 1,990 jurisdictions in 34 countries warned about the deterioration of the vital conditions of the Earth, which – in their opinion – are worsening “at a worrying rate.” “We are approaching or have already crossed tipping points associated with critical parts of the Earth system,” Bioscience magazine reported in … Read more

31 Vital Signs of the Earth Researched, The Results Are Worrying

Jakarta – An international team of scientists led by Oregon State University (OSU) and the Global Systems Institute (GSI) at the University of Exeter, tracked 31 vital signs Earth. The result is worrying. From this study, as many as 18 vital signs recorded a decline, even breaking records. These records include the highest concentrations of … Read more

Vital functions of the planet are in danger, the pandemic did not improve the situation, scientists describe in the journal BioScience – ČT24 – Czech Television

“There is growing evidence that we are approaching turning points associated with important parts of our planet’s system, or that we have already gone beyond them,” said William Ripple, an ecologist at Oregon State University and co-author of the study, according to The Guardian. According to Ripple, the covidu-19 pandemic has shown that even a … Read more

Alert! Scientists Warn Earth’s Vital Signs Continue to Decline

Suara.com – For almost 18 months after the Covid-19 pandemic began to affect the pace of life around the world, para scientist never tire of giving warnings that the climate crisis is still a serious problem for humans. In November 2019, more than 11,000 scientists declared an emergency global climate. Recent research has revealed that … Read more

The Earth’s “vital signs” are deteriorating and breaking new records: several climate breaks are threatened

Researchers belonging to more than 14 thousand. A group of scientists who signed the initiative to declare a global climate emergency said governments were failing to address the root cause of climate change, the “overexploitation of the earth’s resources”. After a similar assessment in 2019, they noted an “unprecedented wave” of climate-related disasters – floods … Read more