Ciro Maguiña overcomes COVID: “I took ivermectin, vitamin D, zinc and seemstamol” nndc | PERU

The vice dean of the Medical College of Peru, Ciro Maguiña, highlighted the positive effects that the use of ivermectin had on his health in his treatment against the coronavirus (COVID-19), a disease for which he was admitted to the Edgardo Rebagliati hospital. “You value life more after going through a situation like this. I … Read more

Is vitamin D related to cancer?

Vitamin D is an important molecule for human life. It is a fundamental vitamin for bone health and for the proper functioning of the immune system. In addition, various studies establish a direct relationship between this micronutrient and cancer cells. According to Dr. Nicole Martin, a specialist in medicine and oncology, the active form of … Read more

Red cabbage contains vitamin A and helps against cancer

The purple cabbage is one of the vegetables that Vitamin A Contained in the form of beta-carotene, it also helps protect against cancer due to its high antioxidant content. The purple cabbage or red cabbage as it is known in other countries, belongs to the group of brassica vegetables, along with Brussels sprouts and kale … Read more

▷ Breast cancer and vitamin D

Researchers say that vitamin D can make the body more resistant to breast cancer. Research on the role of vitamin D in breast cancer has not been conclusive, but one more piece of the puzzle has just been discovered. A new study concludes that obese postmenopausal women were more likely to be deficient in vitamin … Read more

Neither sunbathing nor vitamin D protect against COVID-19

Vitamin D, even though it is not a vitamin, nor its intake as a dietary supplement, it is useful against coronavirus. Neither is sun exposure, whose UVB radiation is essential for the formation of this hormone. But nevertheless, just like reports the newspaper El País in information from journalist Raúl Limón, a clinical trial of … Read more

Covid reduces your intelligence and ages your brain 10 years; 80% of hospitalized are vitamin D deficient and children should not sanitize their candy: three things we learned from the coronavirus this week

As the scientific knowledge of Covid-19, more details appear on the dangerous consequences that the disease can generate. The last one says a relationship with problems that the coronavirus can generate in the brain. According to a study by Imperial College London, coronavirus survivors suffer from such cognitive decline, that their intelligence quotient (IQ) decreases … Read more

A Spanish study estimates that 80% of patients with COVID-19 suffer from a lack of vitamin D

Findings suggest that identifying and treating COVID-19 patients with vitamin D deficiencies could help improve outcomes (Shutterstock)Lack of vitamin D could be a common factor among people with a more severe coronavirus who require hospitalization. This confirms it a new study published today in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism de la Endocrine Society. … Read more

The virus in the air, vitamin D and the mystery of the reinfected: 3 key discoveries about COVID-19

While the pandemic circulates, is controlled and reappears, scholars do not stop opening possible doors to new concepts (REUTERS / Phil Noble) Eight months after the new coronavirus pandemic spreads around the world, there are many findings that continue to clarify the picture. However, the mysteries and questions surrounding this disease continue to generate confusion. … Read more

New evidence on the role of vitamin D in patients with covid-19

The patients hospitalized with covid-19 that they had enough vitamin D, with a blood level of 25-hydroxyvitamin D of at least 30 ng / ml, they had a significantly lower risk of clinical results adverse events including loss of consciousness, hypoxia Y death. In addition, they had blood levels lower than a inflammatory marker (C-reactive … Read more

Getting enough vitamin D reduces the chances of dying from Covid-19 by 52%

New research found that getting vitamin D is linked to a lower risk of severe coronavirus infections and severe symptoms such as confusion, loss of consciousness, shortness of breath and death. People who get enough vitamin D have a 52% lower risk of dying from Covid-19 than those who are deficient in the so-called “vitamin” … Read more