Unusual Signs of a Vitamin C Deficiency Body

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The body needs additional nutrients to support the body’s performance, commonly called vitamins. Since they cannot make large amounts of the compound, humans need to consume vitamin regularly to prevent deficiencies. Vitamins generally come from food, fruits, fresh vegetables, and supplement. There are various vitamins and all of them are essential nutrients … Read more

These 5 foods richest in vitamin K

Vitamin K is relatively unknown. Still, it can be particularly helpful in preventing health problems. For example, it is essential for the production of proteins for building and strengthening bones. It also participates in the regulation of blood coagulation. It therefore limits the risk of bleeding. Two molecules exist: K1 of plant origin and K2 … Read more

Attention, those who use vitamin supplements! Important notice from the expert name

Since vitamins are effective in important activities in the body such as metabolism, growth, development, vision, reproduction, skin integrity, immune system, and energy production, supplements taken from outside can increase energy, strengthen immunity, protect joints, heart and general health, and sometimes delay aging (cell regeneration). Expressing that it is used for Dr. Zeynep Gizem Özdel … Read more

9 Functions of Niacinamide for Face, Prevent Acne to Wrinkles

Merdeka.com – Niacinamide is a form of niacin or vitamin B3 to treat skin problems. Niacinamide acts as a barrier to the skin. When applied, niacinamide is able to ward off pollution and interference or attacks from the outside while maintaining natural moisture from within. The skin barrier is the main guard that protects the … Read more

Be careful when consuming the vitamin store persimmon! The expert warned

Stating that persimmon, which can be seen abundantly on the counters in November and December, contains various minerals such as vitamins A, B, B1, B2, B3 and C, zinc, iron and calcium, Uysal said that it also contains natural sugars. Pointing out that this fruit has antioxidant substances, Uysal said that the beta carotene in … Read more

Vitamin C can be an ally against anxiety and depression. Understand – News

The most famous of the vitamins, always remembered at the time of the flu and the cold, can have a positive supporting role in the treatment of depression and anxiety. Studies published in the last two decades point to an advantageous relationship in vitamin C (ascorbic acid) supplementation during the treatment of these psychiatric disorders. … Read more

7 Benefits of Vitamin C for Health, Can Increase Body Endurance One of them

SUKABUMI MANTRA -Humans need a source of vitamin C to develop their functions body. Vitamin C has long been known to have many uses for body including maintaining resilience body and health skin. Vitamin C really need health body we keep the body always fit. Also Read: Here are 5 Risks If Consumption of Excessive … Read more

Consumption of these health supplements makes skin look brighter and more youthful

“Consuming vitamin C supplements is not only effective in maintaining the immune system, but also useful in preventing skin aging. The antioxidant levels contained in it help the body’s cells fight free radicals and help the body produce collagen, so the skin becomes more youthful,” said Project Director BPC Abram Bahar to the media, Friday … Read more