Vitamins Needed To Maintain Immunity Are In These Foods

Illustration of Vitamin Drinks, (Photo: net) JABARNEWS | BANDUNG – In the midst of the current Covid-19 pandemic, immunity or immunity is very important to help maintain health so that the chances of being infected with Covid-19 are smaller than those with a weak immune system. Quoted from, some of these foods contain vitamins … Read more

Vitamins for Children 1 Year and Over during Growth Period

Illustration of vitamins for children. Photo: Ist / net Providing vitamins for children under five is the obligation of parents to grow and develop their children. Vitamin intake is an important part of excellent nutrition to help children’s growth. Providing balanced nutritional intake for children is very important. In addition to optimal growth and development … Read more

The foods your hair needs so that it does not fall or lose color

After the summer, our hair looks drier and more frizzy, and with the arrival of autumn, the hair falls out more, has less volume and is more weakened. Also, the new coronavirus it also affects. But do not worry because everything has a solution and if you make sure to take through the diet vitamins … Read more

Fortify yourself from exposure to the corona virus by boosting the immune system, use 4 vitamins that are proven to increase this immune system – all pages

freepik Fortify yourself against the corona virus by increasing the body’s immune system. – Even the corona virus outbreak that has hit the world, Indonesia does not yet know when it will end. In order not to expose the corona virus, the only way to do that is to improve the system body immunity. … Read more

These are the consequences of an overdose

Vitamin D is important for the bones and a deficiency is by no means good. But an overdose of the so-called sun hormone can have serious consequences. What you should pay attention to yourself when taking supposedly harmless vitamin D supplements. Gives Vitamin D Among other things that strengthens bones, a deficiency can be too … Read more

Vitamins and minerals in extreme overdose

Updated: 02.09.202014:57 fromPamela Dörhöfer conclude Dietary supplements often do not adhere to the maximum recommended amount of their ingredients. This can be harmful to health A lot helps a lot: This is what many manufacturers and consumers of dietary supplements seem to think. But the opposite can be the case, especially with long-term high doses: … Read more

Three Vitamins for Skin Beauty You Need to Get from Foods

Cosmetologists say that maintaining the freshness and beauty of the skin is possible only with good care and proper nutrition. Without three vitamins, the skin ages quickly. The antioxidant properties of vitamin C help fight skin aging, experts say. In addition, it stimulates the production of collagen, which keeps the skin fresh and firm. A … Read more

Function and Importance of Consumption of Good Fats, Vitamins, and Minerals in the COVID-19 Pandemic Season

Apart from good fats, vitamins, and minerals, Matias also explained the importance of consuming carbohydrates and protein. The main purpose of carbohydrates is from the energy side of the system. The energy from carbohydrates allows a person to do activities well, think clearly, exercise well, all of that uses the energy produced from carbohydrates. “There … Read more

These vitamins make the apple the ideal snack

That many Minerals stuck in an apple, every child knows. What also makes him so healthy and what ailments he can protect against is not that well known. You can find out more about its ingredients here. Apples are one of the most popular types of fruit. Around 30 kilograms of the sweet to sour … Read more

Vitamins and minerals against persistent symptoms of illness

Health professionals often associate vitamins and minerals with several health benefits such as the Improve immunity. In a recently carried out, 12-week study with dietary supplements, researchers were able to determine a significant improvement in symptoms in sick subjects. The participants were given supplements that contained a certain amount of minerals, zinc and vitamin C. … Read more