If You Always Hear This Sound, Attention! It’s Worse Than You Think, Take These Vitamins Now

If we have a disease or if we are in the beginning stages of a disease, our body immediately gives us certain warnings. Sometimes we don’t notice or care about them, but these signals have a meaning. Sometimes our ears ring or we hear a sound, even slowly progressing to hearing loss. Did you know … Read more

Baobab powder and its many benefits

A superb dietary supplement to enrich your diet and enjoy its many health benefits! Baobab powder is in fact the pulp of the fruit of the mythical African tree. The fruit is also called “monkey bread”, since it also pleases these animals, which like to climb trees to pick the fruit. The tree produces a … Read more

Warm, to the sea for a full load of vitamins and iodine – Medicine

Sun, breeze, swimming: the sea is not just relaxation, but a real medicine. “A therapy with specific benefits for the body and mind, with many indications and even some (rare) contraindications”, says Professor Luca Revelli, endocrine and vascular surgeon at the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome and Director of the Master of Medicine of the Sea, … Read more

In England, a man abuses vitamin D and overdoses

An Englishman learned the hard way not to overdo vitamin supplements after he overdosed on vitamin D. This could serve as a red flag for people who want to incorporate these little pills into their daily lives, according to the newspaper BMJ Case Reports. It was following a visit to a private nutritionist that the … Read more

Too many vitamins? That happens and is not good – Wel.nl

If you take too much vitamin D for a long time, it can damage your heart, kidneys and blood vessels. You may also experience nausea, sleepiness, loss of appetite or constipation if you take too much vitamin D. It is a ‘wealth’ ailment: too many vitamins from food or the sun (vitamin D) is almost … Read more

Fear and stress make the immune system vulnerable Company | DW

That stress is harmful to health should not surprise anyone. It is well known that psychological stress and anxiety can have a direct impact on the human immune system, making us more prone to disease. It has been less clear so far how this system works. Wolfram Poller, a cardiologist and researcher at the Charité … Read more

This food is full of vitamins! It meets all the protein needs of the body, makes bones like iron – Gallery

Roza Gallery Roza Health This food is full of vitamins! It meets all the protein needs of the body and makes the bones like iron. Although many of the foods we consume are not in the title of superfood, liver can be considered a complete superfood. It is rich in protein, low in calories and … Read more