“Ready to stop Russian military exercises”

If the European Union has chosen the wait-and-see line on Russia and prefers not to raise its voice too much against the risk of an invasion of Ukraine, there are those who are ready to take the field and face Vladimir Putin’s soldiers. open. It is an army that is unusual to say the least: … Read more

There are also sanctions against Putin himself, Biden said

Biden’s words are part of a warning from Western leaders that Russia will pay a high price for the invasion. Russia has denied plans to attack and has accused the United States and other countries of escalating tensions. However, it deployed tens of thousands of troops at its borders with Ukraine and, more recently, in … Read more

Families of US diplomats will leave Ukraine. The EU remains and intends to send a billion euros – ČT24 – Czech Television

The US State Department stressed that the US Embassy in Kiev remains open. Announcement for diplomatic families does not mean evacuation. The move has reportedly been considered for some time and is not a sign of weakening US support for Ukraine, US diplomats said. According to international relations expert Karel Svoboda, the Americans do not … Read more

Russian strike from all sides, destruction of Ukraine and withdrawal of troops, analysts in Foreign Affairs anticipate – ČT24 – Czech Television

“The world is on the threshold of the largest military offensive since World War II,” the authors warn. They assume that diplomatic negotiations will lead nowhere, because Russia, Ukraine and the West have nowhere to retreat. They outline three possible scenarios for further development. The mildest is Russia’s recognition of the independence of the two … Read more

The first military aid from the USA arrived in Ukraine

The first shipment of recently approved US military aid arrived in Kiev on Saturday night. It contains, among other things, ammunition for soldiers on the Ukrainian border. The US Embassy in Ukraine said on Twitter that the imported material was “a strong commitment to Ukraine’s sovereign right to self-defense,” it said. British BBC. This is … Read more

Latest video on Putin’s Castle watched nearly four million times a day – Abroad – News

The film-study “Golden Madness. Putin’s Castle” real photos “Navalinja” on YouTube was released on January 20, a year after the first film “Castle for Putin”. The biggest bribe story ‘coming out. A year ago, Navalny and his team provided detailed information about Putin’s Castle for the first time. The first movie on YouTube has been … Read more

A.Navnas’ team published new photos of “Putin’s palace”: they even found a striptease room

VIDEO: Golden Madness. Real photos of Putin’s palace The radio station Svoboda reports that in commemorating the anniversary of the publication of its most famous study – the so-called Putin Palace near Gelendzhik – the team of Alexei Navaln has published new photographs depicting the real interiors of this palace. VIDEO: Alexei Navaln’s investigation into … Read more

Orbán will visit Putin on February 1 to discuss Paks 2

Viktor Orbán is scheduled to travel to Russia on February 1 to meet with Vladimir Putin, Péter Szijjártó said. TASS with a Russian news agency. Several issues will be discussed. Putin and Orban at their 2019 meeting in Budapest Photo: ATTILA KISBENEDEK / AFP One of the topics will be the Paks 2 project, which … Read more

US-Russia relations heat up, here’s a military comparison between the two

KOMPAS.com – Relations between the United States (US) and Russia are said to be heating up recently. The reason is that talks between Russia, the US and their European allies regarding the Ukraine crisis have reached a stalemate. For the US, NATO and other European allies, withdrawing 100,000 Russian troops from the Ukrainian border is … Read more

Gas war, so Putin tries to checkmate Europe. But it risks getting burned

In Germany we are moving towards a increase in bills 60 percent off. In Italy, 40 percent. In Poland, by 54 percent. Point one: we can specifically thank for these increases Vladimir Putin. Point two: Putin’s bet is very risky and could backfire against Russia. On point one, the condemnation – clear and decisive – … Read more