Putin sends a letter to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, this is what it says

loading… Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un shake hands during a meeting in Vladivostok, Russia, April 25, 2019. Photo/REUTERS PYONGYANG – Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a letter to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. So what is the content of the letter? In the letter, Putin said the two countries would … Read more

The Ukrainian national anthem plays for the Russians at the Finnish waterfalls. We all do not support Putin, the tourist defends himself — ČT24 — Czech Television

Also, in the nearby town of Lappeenranta, the Ukrainian national anthem is played every evening at the town hall building, not far from shopping centers popular with Russian tourists. “The goal is to express strong support for Ukraine and to condemn aggression and war,” local mayor Kimmo Jarva told AFP. Many Russians visit Lappeenranta to … Read more

An influential man in the background. The economist who won over Putin and is behind Russia’s “gas for rubles” tactic

Russia’s war against Ukraine presents interesting material for research into the effectiveness of economic sanctions, as well as the possibility of responding to them. It is no secret that practically the only area where Russia can do any harm to Western countries is in energy resources, namely natural gas. While the sanctions banning Western politicians … Read more

Putin quietly ‘fits up’ in support of Sambo

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The name Sambo now sounds familiar to the public because of the recent case that has tarnished the Indonesian police agency. However, it turns out that Russian President Vladimir Putin has a special interest in Sambo. The former KGB agent who has a conflict with Ukraine also has a ‘dream’ to … Read more

New US intelligence information. “Russian officials are concerned”

“Our information suggests that Russian officials are concerned that turnout in these referendums will be low due to the devastation caused by Russia and widespread opposition to the Russian occupation,” said the White House representative. – The Russians know themselves that what they are doing is unlawful and will not reflect the will of the … Read more

Former Russian Deputy Minister: “Putin is trying to inflict maximum damage on Europe before winter” | Interview

He was Russia’s deputy energy minister at the beginning of this century, and today he is part of Alexei Navalny’s team, being one of the faces of the opposition to the Putin regime. Vladimir Milov says Moscow will use both gas and oil to try to break the EU’s united way of looking at the … Read more

Surprisingly, Putin’s next target after Ukraine is unexpected, this country believes

Russian President Vladimir Putin is said to have targeted Kazakhstan as his next target after Ukraine. (Source: Mikhail Klimentyev, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP) Writer : Haryo Jati | Editor : Vyara Lestari MOSCOW, KOMPAS.TV – Russian President Vladimir Putin is believed to have had his next target after the attack on Ukraine. Putin’s … Read more

Not so! One of the best dancers in the world, originally from Ukraine, has three heads of Putin tattooed on his body

He is one of the best dancers in the world. People may know him, for example, from the popular clip for the song Take Me To Church, in 2016 he was even a guest on Jan Krause’s popular talk show. Sergej Polunin was born in Kherson, Ukraine, but he does not express solidarity with his … Read more

If the West persists in supporting Ukraine, I can imagine that Russia will clear Crimea, says analyst Votápek — ČT24 — Czech Television

According to Votápek, who previously also served as consul general in Russia, the conflict in Ukraine is entering a new phase, in which the supply of heavy weapons from the West is changing the situation on the battlefield step by step. “Already the delivery of HIMARS rocket launchers with a lower range of 70-80 kilometers … Read more

A former Russian parliamentarian calls for arms against Putin’s regime

I. Ponomaryov is a former deputy of the Russian State Duma, who was the only one who voted against the annexation of Crimea in 2014. Later, he was kicked out of the Duma and declared undesirable in Russia, lived in exile, and in 2019 became a citizen of Ukraine. On Facebook, he regularly shares posts … Read more