Russian mercenaries from the Wagner group move by the sparkle of diamonds – Africa

The Russian mercenaries of the Wagner group gained notoriety with the war in Ukraine, but they have long been Vladimir Putin’s armed wing, especially in Africa. The group is not called Wagner by chance. It uses the nickname of the former composer of classical music, Richard Wagner, one of Adolf Hitler’s favorites, for whom Dmitriy … Read more

Ukraine Russia Online: Turkey could approve NATO entry for Finland without Sweden

Accelerated talks underway between Ukraine and its allies on Ukraine’s demands for long-range missileswhich, according to Kyiv, are necessary to prevent Russia from destroying Ukrainian cities. This was stated by the adviser to the Ukrainian president, Mychajlo Podoľak. Ukraine has received promises of Western battle tank supplies and is now scrambling to acquire fighter jets … Read more

Ukraine Russia Online: Allies promised 321 heavy tanks

Russian propaganda claims that Poland is planning to occupy part of the territory of Ukrainesenior Polish government security sources said on Friday. The representative of the Polish government for the information sector, Stanislaw Zaryn, wrote on the social network Twitter that the so-called The “political scientists” of Russia, who implement the goals of Russian propaganda, … Read more

How Close Are Erdogan-Putin to Sweden’s Difficulty Joining NATO?

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — In the midst of the chaos of rejection Turki upon entry Sweden and Finland to the North Atlantic Alliance of Nations Defense (NATO), President Turki Recep Tayyip Erdogan apparently has an intimate relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The two country’s leaders have always maintained close relations, at least for their economic … Read more

Putin is preparing a new wave of mobilization? Big changes from March 1

From March 1, Russians who want to leave the country by car will have to book in advance the place, date and exact time of crossing the border in the electronic system. Such an assumption was included in the draft act on motorway traffic. The planned changes were announced a few days ago by the … Read more

Former Putin Speech Writer Predicts There Will Be a Russian Military Coup

loading… A former speech writer for President Vladimir Putin predicts a military coup will take place in Russia. Photo/REUTERS MOSCOW – A former speech writer for the President Vladimir Putin predicts there will be a military coup in Russia when Moscow blindly pursued its bloody conquests in Ukraine . Abbas Gallyamov, who has lived in … Read more

What the world is writing: Putin announced a self-fulfilling prophecy

Le Figaro: The West is lost Philippe Gélie, editor of France’s largest newspaper, Le Figaro, writes that Vladimir Putin has issued a self-fulfilling prophecy by referring to Ukraine as a battleground for a wider conflict with the West and NATO. “Every escalation of Western support for the Ukrainians proves that he is right, with only … Read more

Putin’s bunkers: ex-intelligence officer told where the Russian president could be hiding

One of the bunkers is located right under the Kremlin. Former intelligence officer told what kind of bunkers Putin can use / photo – screenshot Former employee of the KGB of the USSR and the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation Sergey Zhirnov said that the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has a lot of … Read more

Ukraine Russia Online: Canada joins the supply of Leopards, sends four tanks to Ukraine

The EU plans to introduce a price ceiling on Russian diesel of one hundred dollars per barrel, unnamed sources said. This level could help stave off the worst effects of a ban on fuel imports from Russia, which will take effect in 10 days. The European Commission is considering raising price ceilings for oil products … Read more

Putin, in Germany there are US occupation troops – Europe

(ANSA) – MOSCOW, JAN 25 – “The American forces in Germany are occupation troops, in legal and effective terms”. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin quoted by Tass. (ANSA). REPRODUCTION RESERVED © Copyright ANSA <![CDATA[]]> Get the embed code <![CDATA[]]>