The Aftermath of Harassment at the Holi Festival, Many Victims Open Their Voices

Jakarta – Festival Holi in India is in the spotlight of the world. Not the celebration, but the abuse that often occurs in it. On March 8, a video went viral in the universe Twitter. In the 21-second video, you can see a Japanese tourist taking part in the Holi Festival celebrations. But the longer … Read more

Kanjiya Shihori “Hisatsu” “Ichisui no Yume” is flooded with various voices, Kataoka Ainosuke “Fujinami” “Push” is also a hot topic … “Ooku” final episode |

The final episode of drama 10 “Ooku” will be broadcast on March 14th. The appearance of Fujinami, played by Ainosuke Kataoka, who “strongly recommends” Nizaemon Kataoka, received reactions such as “too stylish”, and various reactions were also received to the last line of Hisamichi, played by Shihori Kanjiya. . This work is set in an … Read more

Messi once again humiliates Cristiano Ronaldo, the prize that unleashes the fury of the Portuguese | Critical Voices – Salta

Cristiano Ronaldo He is admired by most of the public in Saudi Arabia, but even though the player has gone to one of the least competitive leagues, there is no escaping the figure of Lionel Messi It turns out that in the last game of Al-Nassr Cristiano Ronaldo he lost his mind when the fans … Read more

Punished, “Ten Hag” forced the ghost players to listen to the voices they didn’t want to hear | Thaiger Thai News

Eric Ten Hag coach of the team Manchester United arranged the first penalty for all the Red Devils players byForcing all the players to sit and listen to the cheers of the players. Liverpool After the game “Red Boiling” last Sunday. “Red Devils” lost to their eternal rivals 0-7 at Anfield, with this historic crushing … Read more

The voices are loud, open and simply unmistakable. Who will win the Invisible Actor of the Century title? | iRADIO

The hundred-year-old tradition of literary and dramatic radio work is commemorated by the survey Invisible Actor of the Century. The expert jury nominated ten actors and ten actresses for it, from which you can choose until the end of March. The ceremonial announcement of the poll will take place on the New Stage of the … Read more

Chat GPT for lines, AI voice actors for voices… AI-applied game mode Botmul

Chat GPT for lines, AI voice actors for voices… AI-applied game mode Botmul 2023.03.06 15:36 Game Mecca Reporter Ryu Jong-hwa ▲ ChatGPT, which recently caused an AI boom in various fields of society (Photo: Game Mecca shooting) The era of AI drawing, writing, and reading voices has arrived. As general gamers can easily access such … Read more

Desperate: Guillermo begs Kate Middleton to accept his lover | Critical Voices – Salta

After an image became known that could be Guillermo and his mistress, Rose Hanbury, now the heir to the crown made a crazy request to his present wife, Kate Middleton. Apparently the strong rumor escaped from the Royal Palace that the Prince Guillermo He asked Kate to accept her lover into her life, something that … Read more

A la Camila Parker: the dark plan carried out by Prince William’s lover to win him over | Critical Voices – Salta

The scandal over the alleged infidelity of the Prince William to Kate Middleton seems not over. Despite the fact that both have shown themselves to be most in love at public events, the investigations into her cheating with Rose Hanbury continue on and theories continue to come to light. According to what the British media … Read more

Scientists simulate the voices of dinosaurs with a “sound box” (video)

Paleontologists at the Hokkaido University Museum in Japan, in partnership with the American Museum of Natural History, proposed forming major parts of what they called the “voice box”, which is an embodiment of the sounds of dinosaurs by analyzing their throats that were found in ancient fossils. Despite the dinosaurs’ relatively distant relationship to birds, … Read more