Zombie MMO The Day Before doesn’t pay some of its workers, whom it considers ‘volunteers’

The Fntastic website talks about full-time developers with pay, and part-time professionals with bonuses. If you like them Post-apocalyptic open world MMOyou have probably noticed The Day Before. The title developed by Fntastic managed to capture our attention with a zombie survival premise, and ended up making us fall in love with un gameplay in … Read more

One-way ticket: how Russian volunteers are at war in Ukraine

“In April, I received a call from the military commissariat: I offered to volunteer. I was told I would get 130,000. ruble salary, all food and uniform, and travel expenses will be covered. But more importantly, they promised to help repay the loans, “says Dmitry (name changed for security reasons), who lives in a small … Read more

Ukraine, urban battle in Severodonetsk: the video of foreign volunteers

Violent gun battles between Kiev’s international brigades and the Russians in the disputed city <!– CONTINUA A LEGGERE » –> LaPresse / CorriereTv (LaPresse) – In Severodonetsk, the key city of Luhansk, the violent fighting between Russians and Ukrainians continues. In a video released by the international legion of volunteers who work alongside the military … Read more

It’s not a small success. After bulletproof vests, volunteers in Zaporozhye developed throttling • RESPEKT

Two months ago, this magazine was about how a group of people from Zaporozhye were thinking about a conundrum. Awnings have become a very scarce and highly desirable item. A simple thing that determines survival in war, however. Many injuries are not so serious, but there is still a lot of blood flowing from them. … Read more

Volunteers wanted for newly to be established Alzheimer Café

Image: Municipality of Roerdalen melick – A meeting will be held on Thursday 16 June in Trefpunt Apollo about the Alzheimer Café to be set up in Roerdalen. Volunteers are still being sought for this Alzheimer Café to host or host. During the Alzheimer Café, informal carers and people with dementia come together once a … Read more

The 9-year-old did not come home from the pitch. Volunteers found the body of a child – o2

On June 1, 9-year-old Gino, who lives in Maastricht in the Netherlands, was staying with his sister in the city of Kerkrade. In the afternoon the boy went to play with his peers on the playground near the house. Nothing foreshadowed the drama that was about to unfold. It was on the pitch that the … Read more

There are also people with a wide heart in Russia or how Russian volunteers help Ukrainian refugees / Article

Around 150-200 refugees, mainly from Russian-occupied Ukrainian countries, turn to the Ukrainian refugee support point set up at the Riga bus station every day. Many people say that, of course, they did not want to go through Russia, because the Russians tend to be forced to distant areas and have to go through filtration humiliation … Read more

Foreign volunteers are returning from Ukraine: many have not seen what they expected

Dakota himself was surprised that he was most intimidated by the artillery shots. The former U.S. Marine, who came to fight Russia-invaded Ukraine, collapsed at the walls so many times to ward off fire that members of his unit were even indicted by the American phrase, “It’s normal.” Normal, according to Dakota, had no fear … Read more

Volunteers help Ukrainian refugees to transit through Latvia / Article

Since February 24, a total of 57 thousand Ukrainian citizens have crossed the Latvian border from Russia and Belarus to enter Latvia. Not all of them are war refugees and most use Latvia as a transit country to return to Ukraine or travel to Europe. Radio Latvija spoke to three women at the border checkpoint … Read more

“Humanitarian aid resold on the black market”. The latest pitfall for Ukraine: the fake volunteers (complete with a fake website) who profit from the war

“Thank you very much but be careful”. It is the refrain they repeat as a mantra Ukrainian volunteers who interact daily with humanitarian associations from all over Europa. It is an advice to watch your back and not to venture into the most dangerous territories, of course, but it is also an invitation to make … Read more