No prosecution for 6-year-old boy who shot teacher in US

Police Newport NewsA police car at the primary school, shortly after the shooting incident NOS News•yesterday, 04:53 The 6-year-old boy who shot his teacher at an elementary school in the US state of Virginia in early January will not be prosecuted. State prosecutor Howard Gwynn tells American media that he does not intend to press … Read more

Unusual winter weather leads to power outages and a lot of inconvenience in parts of the US

AFPA snowplow at work in Mount Baldy, California NOS News•yesterday, 04:30•Amended yesterday, 09:17 Heavy rain and snowfall in parts of the United States causes a lot of inconvenience. Days of wintry conditions left a million homes and businesses with power outages last week, major roads were closed and hundreds of flights cancelled. At least three … Read more

North Korea fires missiles again, warns of ‘firing range’ in ocean

ReutersPeople watch a news broadcast about the launches in the South Korean capital of Seoul NOS News•Monday, 04:33 North Korea has fired two more ballistic missiles, the South Korean military says. The missiles were fired towards the Sea of ​​Japan. Last weekend, the Stalinist country also fired a ballistic missile towards the sea. That was … Read more

which one is better and how do they differ?

The number of immigrants in the United States broke a record in 2022, with 47 million people. The number of immigrants in the United States broke its record in 2022 with 47 million foreigners residing in the country. This is due to the increase in citizenships and permanent residences granted by the Government, according to … Read more

Ukraine may get Patriot anti-aircraft defenses, how will that change the war?

EPA NOS News•Wednesday, 3:44 PM Filip Dujic editor online Filip Dujic editor online It seems that the United States will soon start sending Patriot anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine. Government sources tell CNN that only Secretary of Defense Austin and President Biden have to sign the plan. An official announcement may follow this week. Ukraine has … Read more

US Senate also agrees to protect same-sex marriage

AFP NOS News•yesterday, 03:41 After the House of Representatives, the US Senate has now also passed a law that should protect same-sex marriages. The same applies to marriages of couples of different ethnic origins. The bill is intended to ensure that same-sex marriages and so-called interracial marriages are included in federal law. 61 senators, including … Read more

Militia leader found guilty of incitement to storm Capitol

AFP NOS News•yesterday, 01:39 After a two-month trial, the leader of the American far-right militia Oath Keepers has been found guilty of “seditional conspiracy” by a jury. Stewart Rhodes, 57, was indicted for his role in the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021. The jury finds it proven that he called on members … Read more

200 fishermen rescued from broken ice shelf in Minnesota

Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office NOS News•Tuesday, 03:07 In the US state of Minnesota, emergency services have rescued about 200 ice fishermen from an ice shelf. They had entered the partly frozen Upper Red Lake yesterday morning. The ice they stood on broke away from the ice along the bank; over time there was more than … Read more

Plane flies into power wires, occupants only rescued after hours

Reuters NOS News•yesterday, 03:30•Amended yesterday, 06:42 A small plane has become entangled in the wires of a power line in the US state of Maryland. The two occupants could only be rescued after hours by the rescue services. View images of the plane in the high-voltage pylon here: Airplane in Maryland power pylon The rescue … Read more

Supermarket employee US who shot six colleagues: I was ridiculed

EPA NOS News•yesterday, 03:51 The supermarket employee who died on Tuesday in the US state of Virginia killed six colleagues left a note on his phone for his deed. In it, he accuses his colleagues at Walmart of making fun of him. The Chesapeake Police Department has made the announcement. “Sorry everyone, but I didn’t … Read more