Ministry of Health Calls These 4 Groups Vulnerable to Mental Disorders During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jakarta – The COVID-19 pandemic, which has recently begun to slow down, leaves its own problems related to mental health. The Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) said the prevalence of mental problems increased 1-2 times during the pandemic. “The pandemic (COVID-19) condition is exacerbating or increasingly affecting mental health,” said Director of Mental Health at the … Read more

5 Health Problems That Children Are Vulnerable to Experience After Eid – Eid holidays are almost over. Now, many families are starting to return to their hometowns after spending a few days with their families back home. However, many activities and long trips can make your family tired, especially children. Too much activity during the Eid holidays makes children vulnerable to various kinds of diseases. … Read more

Eczema, a skin disease that cannot be completely cured: recognize the causes and types

Thursday, 12 May 2022 14:00 Reporter : magang1 eczema illustration. Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials – Skin health may not be something that is often made a priority. However, health problems on the skin are the most prone to occur, because the skin is the outermost part of our body. Disrupted skin health is usually … Read more

De Jonge: 30% social rent everywhere, priority for ‘vulnerable’

Municipalities must aim for 30 percent of the housing stock to consist of social rented housing. They must also do their utmost to help vulnerable groups quickly find affordable housing, for example by giving them priority when allocating a home. That’s in the note A home for everyone by Minister De Jonge of Housing and … Read more

Good grief! Shock Research World Calls This Blood Type Most Vulnerable To Heart Attack, Is That You?

Sonora.ID – Heart attack is one of the complications of diabetes. Diabetes refers to a group of diseases that affect how your body uses blood sugar (glucose). However, glucose is actually very important for health. Because glucose can form muscles and body tissues. Quoted from Mayo Clinic, Glucose can also be a source of the … Read more

The Ministry of Health takes stock; vulnerable areas and precautions to take

On behalf of the Minister of Health, Pierre Dimba, Professor Bénié Bi Vroh Joseph, Director of the National Institute of Public Hygiene gave an update on the situation on the dengue epidemic in Côte d’Ivoire. “Since the beginning of 2022, the epidemiological surveillance service of the National Institute of Public Hygiene (INHP) recorded, as indicated … Read more

Vulnerable lung patient has difficulty with self-management of disease — PW

For successful ‘self-management’, support for lung patients at the right time is crucial, as is good information and communication about the disease and treatment, concludes Nivel in the annual Lung Monitor. Lung patients find it very important to keep control of their illness and well-being in their own hands, but the extent to which they … Read more

The head of the Andalusian Covid vaccine plan says that “vulnerable people will have to be vaccinated for years”

Related news The director of the Vaccination Plan in Andalusia, David Morenois responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the process to immunize against the Covid-19 eight and a half million Spaniards residing in the community. The vast majority already are, more than 95% over 12 years of age have the complete guideline, but this … Read more

Côte d’Ivoire: more than 200,000 self-testing kits distributed to vulnerable populations in the fight against HIV-AIDS

As part of the HIV Self-Test, Free to Access Awareness of Your Status (ATLAS) project, 203,407 self-testing kits have been provided to vulnerable populations in Côte d’Ivoire, the initiators announced on Friday. April 22, 2022, on the occasion of the deliberation and closing workshop of this project which will have lasted 4 years. In Côte … Read more

Non-Active Smokers, This is a Vulnerable Group for Lung Cancer

Jakarta – One of the causes of lung cancer is habit smoking. However, studies have shown that active smokers have a lower risk of developing lung cancer than passive smokers. How could that be? A study at Albert Einstein College Medicine revealed that there are differences in cell conditions in the body of active smokers … Read more