Kazem El-Saher receives an imaginary wage in his episode with Mona El-Shazly and his concerts in Egypt.. The number will shock you as soon as you hear it!!

2022/08/11 It’s 09:40 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite The Iraqi artist, Kazem El-Saher, will be a guest on the Maakom program with the Egyptian media, Mona El-Shazly. After he returned to perform concerts in Egypt after an absence of more than 10 years. fantastic amount A source revealed that Kazem El-Saher received $150,000 for … Read more

The persistence of wage prices in the United States must be stopped

Recent data on price and wage growth shows increasingly clearly that the underlying inflation rate in the US economy is at least 4% and that it is more likely to rise than to fall. to lower. Although the Federal Reserve has acted forcefully in recent months to contain inflation, it will unfortunately have to stick … Read more

Unusual to open the life of “Jaturong Mokjok” from the wage of 60 baht per day until becoming a “popular joke”?

Great comedy, very talented actors. “Jaturong Mokjok” or “Jaturong Phonboon” 58 years old I must say that he is another person who is familiar with the entertainment industry. Create outstanding works and build a reputation until it is known to the whole country.for more than 40 years by “Jaturong Mokjok” Born on December 22, 1963, … Read more

A peek at the salaries of PT Nestle Indonesia employees, according to the minimum wage? : Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – Spying on employee salaries PT Nestle Indonesia will be discussed in this article. Nestle Indonesia is a subsidiary of Nestlé SA, a leading company in nutrition, health and wellness, headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland. Nestle SA was founded more than 140 years ago by Henri Nestlé, a pharmacist who managed to mix baby porridge … Read more

Pelicans strict weight control over basketball players, wage cuts

Weight is the reason. The New Orleans Pelicans, the NBA basketball team, set a standard weight loss issue in the contract of 22-year-old basketball player Zion Williamson. This problem has become a hindrance in calling the form good. Follow the news, press follow, live news Williamson, 22, has a 5-year contract, wages 193 million US … Read more

We will travel so many kilometers for the minimum daily wage. The differences are huge

How expensive is it to drive a car across Europe during the fuel crisis? This is of course influenced by wages and fuel prices in individual countries, and these differ significantly. For example, gasoline in Hungary is half cheaper than in the Netherlands, but the Dutch can refuel more of it for their daily earnings. … Read more

Rising inflation puts the minimum wage in America at its lowest value since 1956

Record high inflation has pushed the value of the US federal minimum wage to a 66-year low, according to a new analysis from the Economic Policy Institute. This federal minimum hourly wage of $7.25 is less than at any time since February 1956, according to the think tank in Washington, DC. The federal minimum wage … Read more

Minimum wage, the labor lawyers Alleva and Martino: “In the war against pirate contracts, Orlando forgets those ‘pirates’, poor work by Cgil, Cisl and Uil”

The world of work awaits the minister Andrea Orlando present to the social partners its proposals for combating in-work poverty. The issue has already been the subject of discussion and the meeting between the premier Mario Draghi eh labor unions, which will also be attended by the Minister of Labor, could be an opportunity to … Read more