“I’m a villain to you.” The former commander of “Wagner” apologizes to Ukrainians living in Norway

Photo; EPA/SCANPIX War in Ukraine. 18:30, 31 January 2023 Andrei Medvedev, the former commander of the Russian mercenary group “Wagner” who fled to Norway, has asked for forgiveness from the Ukrainians of Norway, who opposed his presence in this country. Most read “That was the trial of a major military coup,” Piontkowski is convinced that … Read more

The former commander of “Wagner” has asked for forgiveness from the Ukrainians of Norway

“I am a villain to you, but please note that I have realized this, albeit belatedly, and spoken out against all this,” Medvedev said in an interview with the Norwegian broadcaster NRK. “I ask you not to judge me, and in any case I apologize.” Norway’s National Criminal Investigation Service, which is involved in the … Read more

Mozart’s Mercenary Group Trains Ukrainian Soldiers Kills Russian Troops

loading… The Mozart Group has admitted training Ukrainian soldiers to kill Russian troops on the front lines. Photo/Ed Ram/The Guardian KIEV – Group mercenaries The Mozart Group admits training soldiers Ukraine to kill the team Russia on the front line. This acknowledgment was conveyed by the founder and CEO to Afshin Rattan from Russia Today … Read more

Russian mercenaries from the Wagner group move by the sparkle of diamonds – Africa

The Russian mercenaries of the Wagner group gained notoriety with the war in Ukraine, but they have long been Vladimir Putin’s armed wing, especially in Africa. The group is not called Wagner by chance. It uses the nickname of the former composer of classical music, Richard Wagner, one of Adolf Hitler’s favorites, for whom Dmitriy … Read more

Analysts about J. Prigozhin accused of bribery: the influence is weakening, he feels it and is worried

According to analysts, the Kremlin probably turned to J. Prigozhin’s irregular forces to survive a difficult period after the 2022 In the summer, the offensive of Russian conventional forces in the Luhansk region ended. According to experts, this appeal misled Mr. Prigozhin and forced him to overestimate his importance in Russia’s military and political spheres. … Read more

Ukrainian intelligence: Prigozhin does not manage Wagner, his function is political

“The main function of Prigozhin is media and politics. He does not directly manage combat units, he does not lead the headquarters. His task is to finance”, said A. Jusovas. According to him, Mr. Prigožin is engaged in public relations and his political future. US imposes new sanctions on Russian entities and individuals linked to … Read more

The burial ground that reveals the Wagner group’s prison army

WAGNER GRAVES: Around 200 soldiers from the disputed Wagner group rest here. Many of them were recruited from Russian prisons against promises of freedom. Foto: STRINGER / Reuters At a remote town in southern Russia, hundreds of Wagner soldiers have been given their final resting place. Investigations show that many of them were serving severe … Read more

Russia and Ukraine: US sanctions against a Chinese company that helps the Wagner Group

Kelly Ang BBC News January 27, 2023 image copyright Reuters The United States imposed sanctions on a Chinese company for allegedly providing satellite imagery from Ukraine to support the Russian “Wagner” group in its combat operations for Moscow. Restrictions imposed by the US Treasury Department affected 16 entities, including the Space Scientific and Technological Research … Read more

The US government declares the Russian mercenary gang “Wagner” a criminal organization

The US government has recognized the Russian mercenary gang “Wagner” as a “significant transnational criminal organization”, subjecting to sanctions not only the group itself, but also the persons and organizations associated with it. The US Treasury Department has sanctioned six individuals and 12 legal entities, stating that this is necessary to reduce Russia’s ability to … Read more

New US sanctions against Russia target Wagner group and Russian military-industrial complex | War Ukraine and Russia

The United States today announced a new round of sanctions against Russia. This time they are aimed at the Wagner group, the infamous Russian mercenary army, and the Russian “military-industrial complex”. It was announced last week that the US would classify Wagner’s Russian private army as a criminal organization, a classification that will enable the … Read more