Jordan, a hairdresser, can’t wait to get back to work: with his partner, they get € 1,100, and he misses contact with customers

In recent months, which have hit the contact professions hard, we have often spoken of hairdressers, and more specifically of the self-employed. But it is more specifically on the plight of workers in hairdressing salons that Jordan, 20, draws our attention today. “I find it unfortunate that we talk a lot about the self-employed but … Read more

The third wave will double waiting lists and delay the diagnosis of tumors for up to six months

As if it were a huge tsunami, the coronavirus once again engulfs all the resources of hospitals and health centers. Deferred operations, tests suspended and dedicated physicians in body and soul to the pandemic. The situation is once again a carbon copy of what happened in March and professionals already warn that it will translate … Read more

Boris Johnson congratulated Biden on assuming the US presidency: “I can’t wait to work with him” – AlbertoNews

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, sent a message of congratulations to the new president of the United States, Joe Biden, who took office on Wednesday at the Capitol in Washington. Johnson declared himself “impatient” to work with the Democratic leader, who has shown himself willing to establish a good relationship with … Read more

FC Barcelona – La Liga: Barcelona elections to be held on March 7: Eric Garcia will have to wait

FC Barcelona – La Liga Vote postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic Eric Garcia with Spain Angel Rivero Barcelona‘s presidential elections will now be held on March 7, 2021. The rearranged date comes after a meeting was held between the club’s acting president, Carles Tusquets, and the three main candidates to succeed him. During Friday’s meeting, … Read more

Feijóo does not expect refusals among the health workers to be vaccinated: “They are privileged”

“All Galicia is waiting for a dose of vaccine and those who may have the possibility of the vaccine immediately are privileged,” said the president of the Xunta yesterday, for this reason he trusts that the cases of health workers who refuse to be immunized are very exceptional against COVID-19. The Sergas began yesterday to … Read more

What to Expect Post-Brexit | Opinion

The bars of Radetzky’s march in Vienna have announced to us in this new year that the United Kingdom completed its unilateral separation with the European Union, ending a relationship of almost half a century. Thus, the British and EU negotiators closed a post-Brexit free trade agreement of minimums on Christmas Eve. A prestigious English … Read more

Summer vacation 2021: book now? Or do you prefer to wait?

Updated: 05.01.2021 – 21:16 Longing for the sun Book summer vacation for 2021: is it a good idea now? Foto: Getty Images / Vladimir Vladimirov The corona pandemic will undoubtedly be with us for a while. Can you still travel in summer? And is it a good idea to book your summer vacation 2021 now? Will … Read more

The new program to reduce waiting lists will have 20 million

COMUNIDAD VALENCIANA.-Health regulates the 2021 self-concert program to reduce waiting lists, endowed with 20 million The special program for the reduction of waiting lists for surgical interventions and diagnostic, interventional tests and explorations in Valencian hospitals, will be endowed with more than 20 million euros that will be invested in opening the operating rooms also … Read more

Wait to check the performance of Xbox Series S with the dedicated developments

The words of Jacek Zięba, CEO of Bloober Team, avoid direct questions about the cheapest console of the new generation of consoles. Doubts remain about how this console can compete with the powerful Xbox Series X and Playstation 5, but to date it has managed to maintain the type remarkably. And is that the concept … Read more

Photos: Beirut still waiting for answers | International

12 photos It has been five months since the colossal explosion in the port of Beirut that on August 4 left 205 dead, more than 6,500 injured and 350,000 displaced. And the Lebanese are still waiting for answers. Politicians have failed to form a new government and have stalled the ongoing investigation while the victims … Read more