Kim Sang-hyeok, who was attacked by romance phishing, rotten inside… passed over to warm consolation [종합]

[마이데일리 = 오윤주 기자] Kim Sang-hyeok, from the group Click-B, revealed that he lost money through a phishing scam. On the afternoon of the 24th, Channel S’s ‘Attack Sisters’, Kim Sang-hyeok, who is living a new life from an idol to a businessman, appeared. On this day, Kim Sang-hyeok told about his busy life, from … Read more

Haller is grateful for warm reception at ’emotional’ return after testicular cancer | Football

Sébastien Haller is happy and grateful that he made his official comeback on Sunday after being sidelined for months due to testicular cancer. The Borussia Dortmund striker came on during the spectacular home game against FC Augsburg (4-3). Haller entered the field after an hour to great applause and cheers at a 2-2 score. The … Read more

Lee Yong-jin’s wife’s bedtime signal? block the door… Warm (living together, not married)

[마이데일리 = 고향미 기자] Comedian Lee Yong-jin revealed the bedtime signal he sends to his wife. The first night of a man and a woman living together was revealed on Channel A’s ‘Cohabiting, Not Married’, which aired on the afternoon of the 20th. In response, Han Hye-jin asked Lee Yong-jin and Aiki, “Are you two … Read more

Vladimir Putin’s plans to freeze Europe in warm weather fade as his economy struggles with headwinds

While Europe’s record high temperatures are causing concern among climate scientists, Kremlin officials may be worried, too. The mercury hit an all-time high in eight countries in January, with Warsaw recording 18.9°C, although the average for this time of year is usually just 1°C. Temperatures also rose in the Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Latvia, the Czech … Read more

Look at the cute, warm moments Leia and these 2 important people. Sit and look, sit and carry all day.

I’m already a full-fledged mother for “Ice Apisada”, who on January 10, 2023 gave birth to her first daughter with a foreign husband named “Little Leia (Léa)” Weight 3.525, we will constantly see Leia’s cute moments through Mother Ice’s Instagram. and they live together in Phuket Today we will take you to see the moment … Read more

The beginning of the week is warm and full of precipitation, it will get colder in the second half – BNN

The Center of Environment, Geology and Meteorology of Latvia reminds that the thaw continued last week, as a result of which the water level in the rivers rose, flooding large areas. Also at the beginning of the week, under the influence of several cyclones, the air temperature will mostly stay above the 0 degree (Celsius) … Read more

Compilation of pictures of the wedding ceremony “Maggie-Jamie” simple, warm, close to nature

After the wedding ceremony At the end of last year, on November 5, 2022, for “Maggie Natkirati Hathaipongsakun” or “Pharadon Thaweewatthanasomboon” Former famous 90’s actor with young wife “Jamie Suchathit Suwittham” Compilation of pictures of the wedding ceremony “Maggie-Jamie” simple, warm, close to nature Most recently, on the past Children’s Day (14 Jan. 2023) at … Read more

Single Tlc network, the funds warm up the engines: Kkr and Macquarie on pole

Kkr and Macquaire: these are the two funds that will play a leading role in the single network dossier. Although there is still no certainty on the evolution of the dossier – the Government table that was supposed to find a balance at the end of 2022 has been extended – the pieces of the … Read more

The family is very warm! Half-breed hero emerges from England Returning to hometown after 8 years

Is another half-blooded hero who is loved by many people for Alex Rendell, at this time, the person has packed a bag to go to his hometown in England in the past 8 years, most recently (January 6, 2023). Lex posted a picture of himself with his family on his father’s side. along with specifying … Read more