The flu can be fatal for people with diabetes, doctors warn

The anti-influenza vaccination is recommended as a priority for people diagnosed with diabetes, because they also have other ailments and are much more vulnerable to the flu, but also to seasonal viruses, underlines the university professor. Dr. Bogdan Timar, dean of the Faculty of Medicine from UMF “Victor Babeș” in Timișoara. “Diabetes makes the patient … Read more

Researchers warn of a critical vulnerability that puts a huge number of Windows devices at risk

Researchers in the field of Information Security There is a huge number of Windows devices connected to the Internet that still suffer from a dangerous vulnerability that Microsoft had corrected in mid-2022.. company researchers said “Akamai” The vulnerability is in the data centers and the devices that are running Windows are still not patched, which … Read more

They warn that the James Webb collects too much data for the number of astronomers who study it | Technology

The telescope is currently producing 50 GB of data per day, something astronomers can’t keep up with. Since it was commissioned in 2022, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has achieved impressive results, both in imaging the deep universe and in collecting new data that astronomers are tasked with studying. However, and With less than … Read more

Antidepressants take away the pain, but also the pleasure. Scientists Warn of “Emotional Dullness”

It is a kind of emotional blindness, a state of apathy that disconnects the person from negative feelings – which cause depression and anxiety -, but also from positive ones. People who take antidepressants are not only able to ‘disconnect’ from negative feelings, they are also able to ‘disconnect’ from positive ones. This is the … Read more

Astronomers warn of “the disappearance of stars from the night sky”!

Astronomers have warned that stars are disappearing from the night sky before our eyes, because every year, the sky gets 10% brighter, according to a major new study. This means that a large number of stars that were once visible are now hidden from astronomers and the public. The study, published in the journal Science, … Read more

Experts warn: This cough is very stubborn

Meltem ÖZGENÇ / ANKARA – Aleyna KESKİN / DHA Creation Date: January 21, 2023 07:00 TwitterLinkedinFlipboardE-mailCopy LinkFont Recently, many viruses have caused a prolonged, persistent cough in patients. Many people complain of a cough that does not stop for weeks or even months. While experts recommend going to the doctor for prolonged coughs, he made … Read more

Experts Warn: This Cough Is Too Stubborn

PASTILES ALSO TRIGGER Gazi University Faculty of Medicine Department of Chest Diseases Lecturer Prof. Dr. Can Ozturk: “The problem that the patients who applied mostly describe is the triggering of coughing followed by a sudden discomfort in the back of the throat and coughing fits that come in attacks. They say that some mixtures or … Read more

Most people think they have flu! Don’t Ignore! Turns out it was a sign of CANCER! It can be your health! Experts Warn!

Cold and flu symptoms are generally similar to each other. Although it is normal to confuse the two diseases, it turns out that the first symptoms of cancer also begin in this way. Experts warned by describing the first signs of cancer. The first symptoms include shortness of breath, persistent cough, chest pain…

Dermatologists warn of ringworm outbreak across Spain

Fdozens of cases of scalp mycosis (or tinea capitis), a dermatophytosis commonly caused by the fungus Trychophyton tonsurans, have been detected. The outbreak – which is already being followed by the medical community – is worrying the population across Spain. “It is a prevalent infection, especially in developing countries,” says Jorge Romaní, a dermatologist at … Read more