Monkeypox Vaccine Appears to Offer Protection – NBC4 Washington

WASHINGTON — At-risk people who received a single dose of monkeypox vaccine in the United States’ attempts to combat the virus appeared to be significantly less likely to get sick, public health officials announced Wednesday, though they urged receive a second dose for full protection. It is the first time that public health authorities have … Read more

Prepare for the worst… Powell’s word bombs are pouring out again Jung In-seol’s Washington Now

One revision of Powell’s ‘three propositions’ / Weekly outlook for the US stock marketAbout 10 Fed officials expected to speak photo = AP ‘Hope for the best, plan for the worst’ Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said at a press conference after the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) regular meeting in September. It is to hope … Read more

The United States takes Putin’s nuclear threats seriously, a Washington official says

The United States takes Vladimir Putin’s threat to use nuclear weapons “seriously,” National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told the BBC. Content will continue after the ad Advertising On Wednesday of Russia the dictator warned that his country would use all means at its disposal to protect its territory. Kirby said the US was not … Read more

This Woman Returns IDR 8.1 Million Tucked In The KFC Order All – A woman named Joanne Oliver returned 543 US dollars or around Rp. 8.1 million to KFC in Georgia, USA, on Monday (19/9/2022). The cash was found tucked inside a package of food that Oliver ordered at the fast food restaurant. The information then spread widely on the internet after the Jackson City, Georgia … Read more

Tensions are growing: Moscow with a sharp warning to Washington – Russia

September 16, 2022 11:48 51300 40 Russian authorities have warned the US that if it donates long-range missiles to Ukraine “they will cross the red line and become part of the conflict in Eastern Europe”. All about the topic: Russian invasion of Ukraine 6994 “If Washington decides to send the Ukrainian army long-range missiles to … Read more

Moscow is fed up. “It’s already the red line”

A spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns Washington against further support from the Ukrainian army. This time it is about supplying Kiev with long-range missiles. According to Maria Zacharowa, this would mean Washington’s involvement in the conflict as a direct party to the conflict. In Wirtualna Polska’s “Newsroom” program, we asked Mariusz … Read more

The Washington Post: Russia will continue to be forced to retreat, but that does not mean defeat

US experts: While focus is on counteroffensive near Kharkiv, Kyiv is making significant progress in the south Ukraine’s counteroffensive in southern Ukraine continues to have a significant impact on Russian morale and military capabilities in southern Ukraine, the US-based Institute for Military Studies notes in a recent review. The review said satellite images of Russian … Read more

State of emergency in Washington. Washington’s mayor is at the center of the crisis

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser has declared a state of emergency due to “the ongoing humanitarian crisis” and announced the opening of a migrant focal point. The city is struggling with a wave of foreigners brought in by buses from two Republican states. Texas and Arizona decided to return the newcomers to the USA via Mexico … Read more