Ubisoft Montreal Studios Sale Event Launches “Assassin’s Creed: Viking Age”, “Polar War Howling 5” and other special offers-Bahamut

[The following content provides the original information for the manufacturer] To remind you, Canada has many great things, one of which is Ubisoft Montreal Studio. Since its establishment in 1997, Ubisoft Montreal Studios has been the driving force behind Ubisoft’s most popular games. Starting today, you can start these games at super discount prices. Want … Read more

Media watchdog does nothing with complaints about deepfake video Queen | Royalty

In Channel 4’s satirical speech, the Queen used artificial intelligence to joke about the Royal Family, the Prime Minister and dance on the table. Meanwhile, other channels such as SkyNews, ITV and BBC showed the official, real-life speech of the Queen. The deepfake version of Queen Elizabeth said, among other things, that she was happy … Read more

AFM watchdog fines 24option.com for ‘misleading commercial practices’ | Financial

It is the first time that a fine has been handed out to such a provider, after years of research. A total of € 375,000 was imposed in fines. Rodeler’s platform, located in Cyprus, which was active in the Netherlands from 2016 and 2018, sold so-called here contracts for difference (CFDs), financial products speculating on … Read more

It’s barking! Pet insurance premiums reach £ 1,000 per year amid skyrocketing costs, consumer watchdog says

Posted: 8:52 PM ET, December 20, 2020 | Update: 8:52 PM ET, December 20, 2020 Previously, your pet loved you and needed nothing in return except to be fed and cuddled. Now, however, Tiddles and Fido are coming up with crippling insurance premiums – and it has turned out that some homeowners’ bills are over … Read more

Border agency provided inconsistent medical care to immigrants in custody, says watchdog

CBP rejects request to vaccinate detained migrants 2:23 Washington (CNN) — The Customs and Border Protection Office of U.S (CBP) did not provide constant attention to immigrants in custody and, in some cases, did not adequately report the deaths, according to a report recently released by the Government Accountability Office (GAO). The report is the … Read more