The discovery of water trapped in glass beads on the moon.. Know the details

I wrote – Hadeel Al-Banna Friday, March 31, 2023 06:00 AM New coverage provided by Al-Youm Al-Sabea TV, on the finding of the Chinese probe Chang’e 5 On small glass beads containing water in a shock crater on the surface of the moon inside glass balls, and the amount of this water reaches seventy-one trillion … Read more

Chinese Scientists Find 297.6 Billion Tons of Water on the Moon

Illustration of water on the moon. Photo: Special JAKARTA – Scientists from China discovered small glass grains on the moon, where water is located. The droplets can store as much as 270 trillion kilograms (297.6 billion tonnes) of water. According to The Space Academy, the new findings are based on samples brought back from China’s … Read more

More than 40 dogs on the mountain will soon run out of water and food. Volunteers deploy rescue operations and urgently seek a large number of temporary care

[Animal News]There are more than 40 dogs on a certain mountain that will be without water and food due to the completion of the site at the end of May. The volunteers decided to launch a large-scale rescue operation after receiving help from the dog feeding sister who was working on the site. The most … Read more

Washing hands with soap and water, the most powerful “weapon” in preventing infections. MedLife doctors explain 2 of the most common infections in children: strep throat and scarlet fever

Health <!– –> Perhaps, often, in the fight against diseases, we expect miraculous solutions from doctors. <!– –> Doctor Sandra Mureșan, Primary Physician Family Medicine, MedLife However, we must be aware of the fact that, in our daily activity, it is enough to follow a few simple rules of personal hygiene and we can avoid … Read more

Aedes Aegypti, Mosquito that Causes Dengue Dengue Nesting in Clean Water

Jakarta – Mosquitoes often cause annoyance for us because their bites are itchy and can cause disease. The species of mosquito that can cause dengue fever is Aedes aegypti. Quoting from the Yogyakarta Poltekkes e-journal, it is known that infection with the viruses DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3 and DEN-4 are viruses found in dengue hemorrhagic fever … Read more

Steam “Evil Castle 4” veteran player “shoots the lake” with evil tricks and “shoots the lake”, dreaming back to the original water monster nightmare 18 years ago | 4Gamers

Although it is a distant memory 18 years ago, when it comes to “Resident Evil 4 (RE: 4)” (Resident Evil 4; RE: 4), one of the most famous monsters in the original work in 2005, the lake monster must be in the hearts of old players at that time. Now that the remake is launched, … Read more

“The richest young man in Egypt” raises controversy.. A bottle of water for 3,500 pounds: not hut

01:13 PM Tuesday, March 28, 2023 Written by Amira Helmy In one of the images that raised controversy from time to time, the young man, Mahmoud Al-Badri, who calls himself “the richest young man in Egypt”, published a picture of a water bottle whose price exceeded 3,500 pounds, which received wide reactions. “Al-Badri” said in … Read more

Invests 10,000 euros in the creation of children’s mineral water :: Dienas Bizness

On February 20, the world’s most important international food exhibition Gulfood 2023 will open its doors for the 28th time at the Dubai World Trade Center (UAE), where 15 food companies will participate in the Latvian national stand. Latvia is represented at the exhibition by SIA Markol (“Zaķumuižas mineral water”), SIA Felici, SIA Kārumu fabrika, … Read more