Apple and Samsung will increase the water resistance of their mobile phones to IP69K certification | Technology

Apple has filed a patent showing its intention to strengthen the resistance of its future phones to water, just like Samsung is doing. The pandemic has left us the need to clean and disinfect absolutely everything we touch, but mobile phones are part of that long list of objects that must be carefully cleaned. Perhaps … Read more

There is a Meteorological Alert in force in seven provinces due to heavy rains and storms with accumulated water between 20 and 50 mm – Ruralnet

Weather Alert N ° 13 Phenomenon: Strong storms Part of the coverage area is being affected by isolated storms of varying intensity. It is expected that from the afternoon-night they will increase in intensity and new areas of storms will develop that affect the rest of the area during the early hours of Wednesday 25. … Read more

Two Weather Alerts are renewed for rains, strong storms and gusting winds with accumulated water of between 20 and 40 mm – Ruralnet

Weather Alert N ° 7 Phenomenon: Strong storms Storms develop in part of the region. Some of them can cause abundant water fall in short periods, strong gusts, occasional hail fall and intense electrical activity. The accumulated precipitation values ​​will be between 20 and 40 mm, and can be locally exceeded over the center and … Read more

Long-standing problems threaten Lake Zirahuén and they have not been compensated: fertilizers, avocado plantations …

Writing / La Voz de Michoacán Zirahuén, Michoacán. Rehabilitating the Wastewater Treatment Plant, as well as stopping the change in land use, is one of the bets to compensate and face the pollution that ages to the Zirahuén lake due to the growth of aquatic vegetation. Through a Lake Zirahuén Basin Committee, preventive or mitigation … Read more

The storms devastated drinking water systems

COMAYAGUA. The strong impact of storms “Eta” and “Iota” on Comayagua’s drinking water systems was devastating, to the point that they completely destroyed the pipeline that supplies almost the entire population of the city. “The passage of Hurricane Eta left us serious damage to the drinking water system, we managed to reestablish some pipelines and … Read more

Water Soluble Polymers market research report, segment by player, type, application, marketing channel and region 2020 to 2026 –

“The final report will add the analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on this industry.”The Water Soluble Polymers Market reports offer in-depth information about the current competition in the market, covers the list of global major vendors, drivers, and growth prospects of the Water Soluble Polymers Market analyzed for the past and the future from … Read more

Readers call – water damage in the apartment – what now?

On average just under 3,000 euros per claim Water damage is an everyday occurrence in Germany. Almost 3,000 cases occur every day in building insurance alone, a total of more than a million per year. Last year, each water damage cost an average of 2,881 euros in the building insurance. But how does claims settlement … Read more

The storm dumped water and hail on Carlos Paz

A strong storm released water and hail on the city of Carlos Paz, after a hot afternoon that was recorded this Friday throughout the region. Several readers sent videos to EL DIARIO showing the fall of the stone in different points such as the Miguel Muoz B neighborhood, the downtown area and neighboring towns such … Read more

World Toilet Day: the climate puts sanitation systems to the test

First modification: 19/11/2020 – 13:01 This November 19 is World Toilet Day. The UN celebrates this date since 2013 to sensitize public opinion about the billions of people who still do not have access to safe sanitation services. In times of pandemic these systems are vital, but many existing infrastructures are at risk from climate … Read more

Science.-The worlds of water present a more stable climate for life

11/16/2020 Artist’s impression of an aquatic exoplanet. RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY NASA / AMES / JPL-CALTECH MADRID, 16 (EUROPA PRESS) Aquatic worlds are actually better than their continental counterparts at stabilizing the temperatures of the entire planet against changes in the luminosity of the host stars. This means that temperate climates can exist in a … Read more