Water shortage: many municipalities at risk

Since Tuesday evening, the number of municipalities imposing water restrictions has increased to sixteen. Those of Bertogne, Gouvy and Tellin have indeed been added to the thirteen Walloon municipalities where measures had already been introduced. Those of Jalhay, Vielsalm, Beauraing and Houffalize are under surveillance. And the forecasts made by the IRM are hardly optimistic. … Read more

The climate crisis could cause water shortages in Quebec

Hit hard by the effects of the climate crisis, Quebec could face drinking water shortages in the coming decades. The apprehended warming will also have negative consequences on the health of the population, on the economy and on biodiversity, according to what emerges from a new report published on Tuesday. However, adaptation measures remain clearly … Read more

The largest reserve of water ever detected in the universe is 140 billion times all the water on Earth – Teach Me About Science

The largest mass of water ever detected in the universe is equivalent to about 140 billion times the water present in the Earth’s oceans. The most surprising thing about all this is that it powers a supermassive black hole! The findings were presented by the two teams of astronomers just over a decade ago. The … Read more

In Beauraing, a source of water with a surprising origin makes breeders happy: “It seems inexhaustible”

The heat we are experiencing complicates the work of farmers. They need a lot of water, especially for their breeding. Beauraing, in the province of Namur, had to take measures to restrict water consumption. But a spring makes the happiness of the stockbreeders who follow one another there. Since June, a pump has been installed … Read more

the water and the shadows

As my readers know, I have an old connection to Estremoz. Which has nothing to do with the family’s roots: my mother was from Lisbon and my father, although born in Leiria, had the soul of Beira, where his parents were born (from the municipality of Fundão). In 1989, by a happy chance, I bought … Read more

Boy finds two safes full of money, cards and marriage certificate in water, police are looking for owner | the Hague

On Monday afternoon, a boy saw two safes in the water along the Wim Gerreselaan in The Hague. Upon opening it turned out to be money, wallet, cards and a marriage certificate in the lockers. The boy’s father called 911 after the discovery. The police came to take a look at the location and the … Read more

Drought, Europe dried up: photos of the worst water crisis ever – Foreign

August 8, 2022 – Empty river and lake beds: it’s the new normal. The photos that come from all over Europa testify as the great drought of the year 2022 , has distorted the landscapes, not only in Italy but also in the North of the continent. Traditional lawns in the United Kingdom they have … Read more