Lee Jae-myung “Breaking watermelon is not helpful” Party member “I endured enough”

Lee Jae-myung, the representative of the Democratic Party of Korea, asked the Gangseong party members to stop criticizing the so-called ‘subak lawmaker’, ridiculing the Justice Party, and insulting former CEO Lee Nak-yeon and President Moon Jae-in. However, some party members expressed their disagreement, saying, “I can’t stand it,” “Can’t you protest?” On the afternoon of … Read more

Introduces children and wives, “Ton Trakarn”, tells the path of love Cleared the drama, watermelon died.

Are you close friends? Early “No, they are not the same group of friends. because we are Christians in the same church If there is anything, we will consult together. On that day, the event happened very quickly. Ple, he told P’ Ton to be a friend, a little bit, okay, let’s go, we thought … Read more

Which is more useful; melon or watermelon?

Melon and watermelon contain high amounts of vitamins. Both fruits are very rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C. The benefits of vitamin C are also known; strengthens the immune system. Vitamin B1 is important to spend the day energetically and stress-free. B2 is very important for eye and skin health. B6 is a … Read more

‘Beam Saranyu’ wants the case of ‘Watermelon’ to be over after ‘Mother’ breaks up the evidence ‘Po-Robert’ confesses

Stay up to date with news >> Komchadluek online 1 year anniversary of “Watermelon” already, “Beam Sarunyu”, as a person who searched for the body, felt frightened. Nowadays, driving a boat through that area still thinks about the case, wanting it to end quickly. because the watermelon is gone actor, young host “Beam Sarunyu Prachakorn” … Read more

Fans held a commemoration of the 1st anniversary of “Watermelon” parading the pier Show photos of Thai dress (clip)

The departure of a young actress, Watermelon-Nida or Phatthida Patcharaweeraphong, who fell overboard on a speedboat and died in the Chao Phraya River. Between Pibulsongkram 1 Pier and Rama VII Bridge, Muang Nonthaburi District In the middle of the night on February 24, 2022, the body was found in the afternoon of February 26, 2022, … Read more

Watermelon and orange juice; start your week with a delicious natural drink

Las natural drinks They are one of the options to complement breakfast and start the day with a lot of energy. He watermelon juice with orange It is a good option to prepare at the beginning of the week, this excellent combination will provide you with many nutrients and is also refreshing, ideal for these … Read more

Watermelon helps with weight management and protects against diseases – healing practice

Why watermelon should be part of the diet Die watermelon is especially popular on hot summer days. But packed with vitamins and nutrients, the fruit can be enjoyed all year round. She brings different health benefits and can, among other things, at weight management help and before Diseases protection. Watermelon “is low in calories, keeps … Read more

The following is a list of fruits that reduce hypertension, regular consumption is guaranteed to be healthy, there are kiwis, beets and avocados

BOY ZONE – Illness hypertension It can also be dangerous, including heart problems, stroke, kidney failure, and cognitive changes. Even fatal hypertension is as a silent killer. For that, sufferer hypertension It is recommended to eat foods that contain magnesium, potassium, and calcium. All of these substances are in fruit-fruits. Below are various fruit lowering … Read more

The Beauty of Watermelon and Its Rows of Benefits for Health

Poptren.suara.com – Watermelon is a fruit that contains a lot of water. Besides that, it tastes good and fresh, so it’s not uncommon for watermelons to be used as a thirst quencher quite often. This fruit with green skin has a red inside with lots of seeds. By regularly consuming watermelon fruit, you will get … Read more

These are 4 Benefits of Watermelon, Number 1 Maintaining Heart Health

Editor: Dendy Romi| Monday 30-01-2023, 09:58 WIB Watermelon.– SUMEKS.CO – Apart from containing a lot of water, this fruit also has no doubt about its benefits for maintaining health. Eating watermelon is highly recommended. When you feel thirsty, eating watermelon can soothe your throat. In watermelon there is a mixture of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and … Read more