This is what the full dark mode of Word will look like in Microsoft 365 (Office) | Lifestyle

Even though all of our smartphones and tablets have been transformed over the last year to receive the dark modes of practically all the most important applications, in computers, this habit is coming with a dropper. And it is especially surprising how little interest Microsoft seems to show when trying to get its suite office … Read more

The pandemic hits Brexit: a positive interrupts face-to-face negotiations in the final stretch – Europa Directo

The outbreak of the pandemic forced face-to-face meetings to stop in spring. Even the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, tested positive. The videoconference format dragged on for months, until both parties realized that the only way forward could be with face-to-face meetings where papers and notes could be exchanged. But even so, the main issues … Read more

Portaltic.-So you can calibrate your television to get the most out of it: from ‘cinema mode’ to intelligent sound

Portaltic.-So you can calibrate your television to get the most out of it: from ‘cinema mode’ to intelligent sound MADRID, 17 Nov. 2020 (Portaltic/EP) – Televisions have taken a huge leap in quality in recent years, with changes that are perceived at first glance, such as the size of the panels, and others that from … Read more

How to operate as normally as possible in times of disruption | Communications

Do you want to know how NFON helps in digital transformation processes? Read his blog Many things that we consider “normal” are called into question when the unexpected happens. One of the main shocks we face today is how much the workplace has changed. With the rise of mobile work and the coronavirus pandemic, traditional … Read more

For Rodríguez Larreta, the only way to move the country forward is to end the crack

When exhibiting at the Colloquium of IDEA, the referent of the PRO added: “That the democratic alternation does not become a rivalry between enemies, it cannot be that it becomes a re-foundation every time there is a new government: you have to build on what the previous one left.” In this context, he highlighted that … Read more

The Top-5 of the most expensive players in FIFA 21 Career Mode

Just a few days ago the favorite video game of the Juanáticos was released. If he FIFA 21 It has already reached the consoles and so you can check how much you are going to spend on career mode signings here I bring you the Top-5 of the most expensive players. Attention! neither Messi, ni … Read more

Microsoft will close its Microsoft Store stores permanently

26/06/2020 17:04 – Updated: 06/26/2020 17:07 The American tech giant Microsoft will carry out a strategic turn in its retail operations, including the closure of its physical Microsoft Store stores, for which the company will score a negative impact of approximately 450 million dollars (401 million euros) in the last quarter of its fiscal year … Read more


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The president’s message to Rodríguez Larreta: we must distribute resources differently

When announcing public works in videoconference from the Quinta de Olivos, the head of state stressed that the governors “have interpreted better than anyone the feeling that I want the government to exist. We are the national government of a federal country, which throughout the years have been built in a very uneven and balanced … Read more