Data Suggests Argument That Dollar Strength Weaken Bitcoin Is Misleading

For the moment, There seems to be a widespread assumption that when the value of the US dollar rises against other major global currencies, as measured by the DXY index, the impact on Bitcoin (BTC) is negative. For the past few weeks, analysts and influencers have been warning about this inverse correlation, which held until … Read more

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continued to weaken

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continued to weaken over the weekend. Bitcoin fell 7% on Friday and saw the sharpest decline in three weeks, following a negative trend in stock markets that triggered fears that the US Federal Reserve would tighten its extremely loose monetary policy earlier than expected. According to CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin lost (within 24 … Read more

Do dried figs and olives weaken? Weight loss fig and 7 olive diet

HOW TO USE DRIED FIGS IN DIET? Dried figs are a good diet food with proven benefits on human health. The nutritional values ​​in dried figs make an important contribution to both a healthy life and diet programs. There are 50 (kcal) calories in 1 dried fig, which is about 20 grams. The high amount … Read more

The head of NVIDIA said that the excitement around Ethereum will weaken next year, but cryptocurrencies will remain forever

At Computex 2021 earlier this month, NVIDIA founder and longtime leader Jensen Huang spoke to reporters for a long time answering questions. The topic of cryptocurrencies was tightly intertwined with a shortage of components, and the answers to these questions made us return to the events of the first half of June. Image source: NVIDIA … Read more

US bonds weaken in late trading | 08/26/20

On Wednesday, US Treasuries largely picked up on the losses since the beginning of the week. Data on incoming orders in the USA that were better than expected initially created new pressure to sell among fixed-income companies. Riskier investments such as stocks, on the other hand, were in demand, and investors, especially in the US … Read more

JCI is predicted to weaken further on Monday (24/8) trading

ILLUSTRATION. The Jakarta Composite Index (IHSG) fell 0.42% to 5,272.81 at the end of trading this week, Wednesday (19/8). Reporter: Nur Qolbi | Editor: Khomarul Hidayat KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. The Jakarta Composite Index (IHSG) fell 0.42% to 5,272.81 at the end of trading this week, Wednesday (19/8). For the first trading day next week, Monday … Read more

Drug trafficking in CDMX: Eight members of the Tepito Union are linked to the process, the organization continues to weaken

Field work carried out by the Investigative Police (PDI) revealed that the accused would be under the leadership of Víctor Hugo Ávila, El Huguito, and Irving Jonathan Herrera Sánchez, El Irving (Photo: Luis Carbayo / were linked to the process eight members of the criminal group La Unión Tepito, accused of crimes against health, … Read more

Perfect, Rupiah continues to weaken this week & Asia’s worst

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The rupiah exchange rate weakened again against the United States dollar (US) on Friday’s trade (14/8/2020), even approaching the level of Rp. 14,800 / US $. The US dollar is actually sluggish, but the rupiah is also weighed down by recession issues. Launching Refinitiv data, the rupiah opened trade stagnant at … Read more

to weaken Samsung’s position, Apple relies on LG’s OLED

While Samsung seemed to be holding onto the rope to provide the vast majority of Oled screens for the next iPhone 12s, Apple has finally decided to trust LG a little more. The Cupertino company would have placed an order for 20 million screens for its entire range of devices. L’iPhone 11 Pro // Source : … Read more