Light anti-tank weapons, ‘killer drones’ and Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, this is what awaits the Russians in the invasion of Ukraine | Abroad

For more than two months, Russia has kept the world in suspense with unusual troop concentrations near the Ukrainian border. According to intelligence services from the neighboring country, more than 127,000 men with combat vehicles are involved. Officially they are there for ‘exercises’ with the Belarusian army, but what awaits them if they invade Ukraine? … Read more

US delivers first cargo of ‘lethal’ weapons to Ukraine / Article

Last night, a cargo plane carrying 90 tons of lethal armaments, including ammunition, destined for the Ukrainian armed forces landed at Kiev airport. It said the U.S. embassy said it was the first of several planned U.S. military aid shipments to strengthen Ukraine ‘s defense capabilities. The first delivery follows US Secretary of State Anthony … Read more

Arms supplies will not save Ukraine, experts say. The agreement with Russia may be based on nuclear weapons – ČT24 – Czech Television

Former Foreign Minister Svoboda considers the outcome of the Geneva talks to be an “extremely poor result”. According to him, expectations were high, but the result has not yet come. In the negotiations, the West must change its strategy and offer something. Russia will withstand enormous pressure. Ditrych also believes that a reciprocal strategy should … Read more

New weapons, ammunition and mercenary recruitment. Ukrainian intelligence on the arming of separatists in the Donbas

On Friday, Ukrainian military intelligence reported that the Donbass separatists had received a considerable amount of war material from Russia. As reported, from the beginning of the year they were provided with seven thousand. tons of fuel, tanks, weapons, ammunition. According to their information, mercenaries are being recruited in Russia and then sent to the … Read more

Hatchery Robotic Weapons Market Growth – LOFI

The Hatchery Robotic Weapons Market report contains the most basic information about the market. This comprehensive report offers market insights, patterns, and business growth drivers. It also includes Hatchery Robotic Weapons market share, sales volume, and education charts. Weapons… Continue reading “Robotic Hatchery Weapons Market 2021 Key Manufacturers, Growth Opportunities and Investment Feasibility 2027”

Great Britain helps Ukraine. He sends out anti-tank weapons

Faced with the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, more countries are getting involved in helping the government in Kiev The United Kingdom is sending anti-tank weapons to Kiev, according to the British Defense Journal The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, declared his full support for Ukraine. It would be a disaster for the … Read more

North Korea hints at resuming nuclear weapons tests | Abroad

The government of leader Kim Jong Un now says it is reconsidering measures designed to build confidence. KCNA reports that the country is considering “resuming activities that had been temporarily suspended.” Possibly this is a reference to the testing of nuclear bombs and intercontinental missiles. These projects were suspended when Pyongyang held diplomatic talks with … Read more

Troubled with the US, North Korea hints it will test nuclear weapons again

loading… North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. North Korea has hinted it will test nuclear weapons again after hostilities with the United States heat up. Photo/Thomson Reuters/via REUTERS SEOUL – North Korea (Korut) hinting to continue testing nuclear weapons and long-range ballistic missiles. This dangerous weapon test rhetoric emerged when his hostility with United States of … Read more

Criminals with heavy weapons portrayed; one held

Men of the Regional Assistance Team East (RBTO), have recently tried to arrest three suspects of a robbery in the Lawa area. They are associated with serious robberies in the hinterland, which has shocked society recently. One of the suspects was arrested in this action (photo). The action also revealed that the criminals are heavily … Read more