WEATHER ALERT. Here is the bulletin of the Civil Protection for the next 24 hours

CASERTA – The Civil Protection of the Campania Region has issued a new yellow critical notice for rains and thunderstorms for tomorrow on Campania, with the exception of Zones 4 (Alta Irpinia and Sannio) and 7 (Tanagro). The notice will be valid from 00:00 to 14:00 on Tuesday 16 August 2022 on Zones 1 (Piana … Read more

Meteorologists have issued a warning for extremely hot weather on Sunday – Laika zina – TVNET

Forecasters predict that in the middle of the day and in the afternoon very hot weather is expected in Latvia – the air temperature will rise to +30…+32 degrees. The heat will remain until Tuesday. In such weather conditions, the risk of health disorders will especially increase for certain population groups. Older people, young children … Read more

Impressive weather phenomenon: dust devils observed this Saturday in Belgium (video)

Marcelino and Tifany filmed impressive scenes this Saturday afternoon in which they identified what they call “mini tornadoes” in Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse (province of Liège) and Ligny (province of Namur). Information taken from our meteorologist David Dehenauw, it is not strictly speaking a tornado, but a “dust devil”, or dust devil. “I received sightings of the same … Read more

Bad weather arriving on Massa-Carrara: weather alert in the night

MASSA-CARRARA – Yellow code for hydrogeological-hydraulic risk of the minor reticulum and for severe storms. This was issued by the Operations Room of the Regional Civil Protection. The alert first affects the north-western area of ​​the region, including the province of Massa-Carrara, (starting from 10pm tonight, Sunday, and until 12 noon on Monday), and subsequently … Read more

Video/ Elderly woman was rescued from death after her son buried her for 3 days

Beijing / Gulf 365 A 79-year-old woman has escaped certain death after her son buried her alive in an abandoned tomb for three days in a province in China. In the video, horrific footage appears of the moment when the police recorded the woman named Wang from the hole. The police detained The woman’s son, … Read more

(Video) Avellino, extreme bad weather hits the town of Monteforte Irpino »

Meteo Direct report: (Video) Avellino, extreme bad weather hits the town of Monteforte Irpino Avellino, 11 August 2022. And’intense phase of bad weather it hit Irpinia a few days ago. The country of Monteforte Irpino it was the most damaged. Torrential rains and the swelling of streams have invaded the alleys turning them into rivers … Read more

Sicily weather, yellow thunderstorm alert for Friday 12 August

The yellow alert for possible thunderstorms in Sicily does not cease. The notice released by the regional civil protection concerns the whole island, but it is clear that the rains will probably only touch some areas, as has already happened in recent days. The alert is valid from 4pm today to 12am tomorrow, August 12, … Read more