Weather forecast Ligo: heat wave culminates with an unprecedented glow – Weather – TVNET

which in June has not yet been experienced in the history of meteorological observations in Latvia, projected in Latgale, Selia and part of Vidzeme. The June heat record in Latvia is +34.6 degrees on June 28, 1973 in Mērsrags. In Kurzeme and places in the central part of the country, the air temperature on Midsummer’s … Read more

The Haunted Feather: Director Zdeněk Troška had to deal with bad weather and for the fifth time he shot in the open-air museum in Přerov nad Labem

Zdeněk Troška’s ninth fairy tale had its television premiere. The audience loves director Zdeněk Trošek, and not only because of his comedies from the village environment (series Sun, Hay…, Babovřesky), but also thanks to fairy tales. The very first one premiered in 1987. The story of Princess Jasněnka and the flying shoemaker, however, is known … Read more

Jordan witnesses the summer solstice on Monday, announcing the official start of the summer season in the country | Arabia weather

Arabia weather On Monday, Jordan and the countries located in the northern hemisphere will witness the phenomenon of the summer solstice, announcing the astronomical and official start of the summer season in the country. What happens on the day of the summer solstice? Happen or occur Summer Solstice This year on (June 21) at 6:32 … Read more

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Jerzy Toczek, vaccination coordinator in Zakopane, admitted in TOK FM that only one fifth of Podhale’s inhabitants were vaccinated against COVID-19. The reluctance to vaccinate stems from from the activities of anti-vaccines and the belief in resistance to the coronavirus among “tough people”. Coronawirus is still taking its toll, and the authorities are doing everything … Read more

Strong storms will hit the Czechia, even dangerous supercells are threatening! WARNING

The storms are forecast to whip the Czechia at least until next Thursday. Extreme heat will continue, it should be up to 36 degrees Celsius on Sunday. “The rippling cold front will advance to the Czech Republic from Germany during Sunday evening into tropical, humid and unstable air – ie ideal conditions for the formation … Read more

The good weather is already over: beginning of the week marked by a return of regular showers and a drop in temperatures

By late afternoon there will be an increased risk of showers and thunderstorms in the southeast. The maxima will range from 19 to 25 degrees. Tonight and tonight, the Royal Meteorological Institute is forecasting further thunderstorms, and lows ranging from 15 to 18 degrees. On Monday, the sky will be very cloudy with regular showers, … Read more


USA: FISHERMAN swallowed by a WHALE. His TESTIMONY is THRILLING. Video Michael Packard, an American lobster fisherman, was in danger of being eaten by a whale. He and another fisherman had taken the boat and headed off Herring Cove, Massachusetts. Michael plunged into the water with his scuba gear when he was sucked into the … Read more

A tornado was raging in the south of Belgium. Dozens of damaged houses, 17 injured

The city of Beauraing is located in the south of Belgium. On Saturday night, a small tornado swept through the city, causing considerable damage. Dozens of buildings were destroyed and 17 people were injured, according to local media. “It was like an apocalypse,” she described to Sudinfo woman taking a tornado roof over her head. … Read more

Weather forecast: all of Belgium on orange alert for thunderstorms

The south of the country will probably relive the same scenario overnight from Sunday to Monday. TThe country will spend the beginning of the night under the risk of thunderstorms, indicates Saturday afternoon the Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM) by issuing an orange thunderstorm alert for all provinces between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. Sunday. “With … Read more

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The participant of the first Polish edition of “Big Brother” admits that he entered the program by accident. He has enjoyed television popularity over the years. What does it do today? Claudius Ševković turned from an unknown cook to a TV celebrity. 20 years ago he decided to apply to participate in the first Polish … Read more