A minor steals the car of a weather presenter during a live broadcast (VIDEO)

The theft was caught in a video that is now circulating on social media and the media. Luke Bradnam, weather presenter on the Australian channel 9News, shared a shocking video on his social networks that shows the moment when an unidentified person invades his car and disappears from the place in a few seconds. The … Read more

guaymas weather vicente verdugo – Bing

https://ebbj.educazionefisicamacerata.it/clima-guaymas-vicente-verdugo.html Climate Guaymas Vicente Verdugo. com on your cell phone. Subject: Before Don Vicente de Obeso y Rábago, Corregidor de Zacatecas, a judgment was followed on the intestate assets of Juan de Montaño. Bush, Mexico’s. Coutinho, L. The data on time, temperature, wind speed, humidity, snow level, pressure, etc. General use of clients …

Very cold early mornings come in Sonora: Weather forecast

Sonora The State Coordination of Civil Protection in Sonora warns of low temperatures in the entity during the nights and early mornings, with some regions being able to touch temperatures below zero during these hours. By: Daniel Johnson·November 25, 2020 The mornings will gradually decrease in temperature this week. Foto: Pixabay Through its official report … Read more

Dinner: weather will begin to improve in the north (Video)

The forecaster of the National Center for Atmospheric, Oceanographic and Seismic Studies (Cenaos) Mario Centeno, announced that as of today the climate will begin to improve in the north of the country. In that sense, the expert said that “we will have moisture entering the Caribbean into the national territory so that there will always … Read more

CDMX will register hot weather in the day and cold at night

The weather report of the Secretariat for Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection (SGIRPC), reports that, this Wednesday in the Mexico City the rise in temperature will continue with a maximum of 26 degrees Celsius (° C); It will be hot in the day, cold at night and at dawn, very cold in the highlands. … Read more

Weather for this Wednesday | 03442

River height in Puerto Concepción del Uruguay 0.50 Growing. Weak and occasionally moderate winds from the S and SE over the South and Center of the pcia., And weak from the N over the North of it. Cloudy. Unstable. Likely scattered rains and some isolated storms over the South and Center of the pcia. Gradually … Read more

Scientists forecast extreme “space weather” this week.

The National Solar Observatory (NSO) of the United States National Science Foundation has predicted a large sunspot that will coincide with Thanksgiving 2020. Sunspots are dark areas that appear on the surface of the Sun, due to to its relative coolness compared to other parts. Solar flares, which are sudden bursts of energy, are caused … Read more

Overcast skies this morning and weather improvement for later

Wednesday morning sky covered with fog and cloudy in Necochea and Quequén, with a cool breeze from the west at 13 km / h and a high humidity of 98%. By then, the sky is expected to clear somewhat and a pleasant maximum temperature of 26 degrees. As for what is coming, although the National … Read more

Weather in Monterrey today, Wednesday, November 25: There will be cloudy skies

Weather in Monterrey today, Wednesday, November 25: There will be cloudy skies For this Wednesday, November 25 the weather in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon will start with cloudy skies in a temperature 20ºC from 2:00 with a thermal sensation of 20ºC, also by 5:00 the cloudy intervals will continue with a temperature of 20ºC. It is … Read more