what apartment dwellers need to know about remote solar power plants

As electricity becomes more expensive, more and more people are considering installing their own solar power plant. And although for a long time it was believed that only homeowners can invest in solar energy, but this option is also available to residents of apartment buildings. Experts in real estate (NT) and renewable energy tell us … Read more

Cloudy weather will remain on Wednesday

On Wednesday, March 22, the weather will remain cloudy and a little rain is also expected, according to the information of the Latvian Environmental Geology and Meteorology Center (LVĜMC). Content will continue after the ad Advertising A moderate southerly wind will blow, fog will form in Kurzeme in the evening. The air will warm up … Read more

Despite her smile … a sudden fainting of a weather expert on the air (video)

A CBS meteorologist faints before performing her segment on the channel. An American weather expert fainted live A meteorologist fainted live on an American channel before she started talking about the weather.A meteorologist at CBS in Los Angeles, Alyssa Carlson Schwartz, passed out before presenting her segment on the television channel. The expert tried to … Read more

In the Pacific, after years, the tables turned. It will bring even more warmth to the world

Show more You can also listen to the article in audio version. The last eight years was hot ones. The World Meteorological Organization ranked them among the eight warmest in the history of measurements in terms of the global average. Climate change caused by emissions is to blame. However, the absolute record has not fallen … Read more

Half of the weather report!The horror scene of the female anchor hanging from her eyes and falling to the ground is broadcast live|Dongsen News

2023/03/20 18:28 Zhang Youning, responsible editor of Dongsen News There was an accident in the United States recently. A female weather anchor started to roll her eyes during the broadcast. The next second, she fainted on the anchor platform, and then fell to the ground. , and the anchor himself responded. ▼The female anchor was … Read more

Weather forecast: Heavy clouds and occasional splashes of rain | inland

The week starts with a lot of clouds. There can be quite a few showers during the day. Partly because of this, the temperature remains below 10 degrees. Monday morning it can already rain locally. Later it can clear up a bit from the southeast. In the afternoon more clouds drift in and more rain … Read more

BMKG: East Java Weather Early Warning Potential for Heavy Rain and Strong Winds, Monday 20 March 2023

PORTALTEBO.id – The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) released an early weather warning for East Java. Monday, March 20, 2023. With the related extreme weather early warning delivered by BMKG to the people of East Java. Reported by Portaltebo via the official BMKG Twitter account today, a number of areas in East Java Province … Read more

Due to the weather, geriatric and vaccination consultations are suspended at the Center

Juarez City- Due to inclement weather, geriatric health care and vaccinations organized by the Care for Older Adults program of the municipal Comprehensive Family Development (DIF) were suspended, informed the program coordinator, Carlyn James. The event would take place on the esplanade of the Municipal Arts Center (CMA), from 12 noon to 3:00 in the … Read more