Get the umbrella ready! Rains and cold this week due to sixth winter storm and cold front 28

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Although the minimums will rise a bit during the early hours, now it will be necessary to take out the umbrella in addition to the jackets, because rain and cold are expected on the day before the entry of the cold front 28, which is accompanied by the sixth winter storm of the … Read more

The main European stock exchanges begin the week with slight increases except London

With the exception of London’s ‘City’, the main European stock exchanges closed their sessions this Monday slightly higher, with the markets waiting for the assumption of power by Joe Biden in the United States, on Wednesday. London’s FTSE 100 index fell 0.22% to 6,720.65 points. In Frankfurt, the DAX 30 performed better and gained 0.44% … Read more

Netflix will release movies every week in 2021

Through a promotional video Recently launched, Netflix announced a new initiative that it will implement during 2021, which consists of releasing new movies weekly throughout the year. As reported, the platform plans to launch more than 70 titles, between original productions and acquisitions, which will have Netflix as the first exhibition window. Some of the … Read more

Four leisure proposals in Barcelona to overcome the Blue Monday week

The third Monday of January has been known, for some years now, as Blue Monday, that is, ‘Blue Monday’. This is because a Cardiff University researcher, Cliff Arnall, used various averages for an advertising campaign carried out by the now defunct Sky Travel travel company and concluded that this day is the saddest of the … Read more

Pulseta between transport and Government thickens the climate at the beginning of the week – El País

The threat of a 48-hour strike, with blockades, by public transport on Tuesdays and Wednesdays of this week has generated a tense situation between transporters and the Government, also causing uncertainty in the population. This announced strike, after the breakdown in the negotiations between the carriers and the Government, generates discomfort in the population that … Read more

Castelnaudary. Olympic and Paralympic week in Fontanilles

the essential Education. With the label generation 2 024. Following the designation of Paris as the host city of the Games in 2024, an Olympic and Paralympic week is organized each year by the Ministry of National Education and Youth, in partnership with the Ministry of Sports and the French sports movement. This week is … Read more

San Diego could have a strange mix of snow, rain and winds early next week

In a rarely seen event in Southern California, the Santa Ana winds could blow through the San Diego metropolitan area next week, picking up moisture as they move away from shore, and then sending it back ashore. in the form of rain and snow. “This is a strange scenario; Santa Ana winds are usually dry, … Read more