weekly review: potential state listed companies

Citadele’s subsidiary CBL Asset Management published the results of the study In 2021, the interest of households in non-deposit savings, which means investments in accumulative life insurance, pension level 3, funds and shares. Now Latvia plans to list the largest state-owned companies on the stock exchange. Will it inspire more confidence in the population and … Read more

Saturn’s rings slowly collapsing… All disappear after 400 million years at most: Weekly Donga

Saturn’s rings are made up of many ice cubes. [NASA] Saturn has regained its place as the planet with the most moons in the solar system. The recent discovery of 62 new irregular moons belonging to Saturn brings the total number of Saturn moons to 145. Scientists expect to find traces of the solar system … Read more

Prigozhin is a pessimist: Russia will not keep the conquered territories or Crimea

Although the statements of the former criminal and current influential friend of the dictator Putin should be taken with a grain of salt, it is noteworthy that in the Russian public and media space, opinions are increasingly appearing that contemporary Russia cannot go to war with Ukraine (and, in Russia’s view, with the entire North … Read more

MediaCreate’s weekly sales ranking from May 15th to May 21st, “Tears of the Kingdom” and other Nintendo works alone won the game

Bahamut GNN cooperates with MediaCreate, a Japanese game industry analysis company, and regularly publishes the weekly sales rankings of console game software in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea, which are surveyed and counted by MediaCreate, for players’ reference. No new works entered the list that week, and the entire market is still shrouded in the … Read more

The secrets of their marriage came to light. The Catholic Weekly diligently confirms

Elaborated by: Ksawery Nowakowski Gossip Today, May 29 (06:40) Natasza Urbańska and Janusz Józefowicz have been dealing with terrible rumors about the crisis in their marriage for a long time. The couple got married over fifteen years ago and since then they have been going through life together, although it is said to be difficult. … Read more

Weekly Beasts – Il Post

A 31-year-old dog, a seal in Tel Aviv and other animals to be photographed during the week In recent days on a beach in Tel Aviv, Israel, she was spotted a Mediterranean monk seal: These seals are considered endangered and are rarely seen on Israeli coasts. The one from Tel Aviv seems to have landed … Read more

Investor’s weekly update: At the crossroads – Stock Exchange News

TOPS Aston Martin (+29%) : The giant Geely has announced to increase its stake in the capital of the British luxury car manufacturer. The Chinese manufacturer is buying back 42 million shares from majority shareholder Yew Tree, and subscribing for 28 million more, for £234 million, a 45% premium to the stock’s closing price on … Read more

Weekly horoscope during 14 – 20 May 2023 by Achan Nam Sekkha person

luckweekly range 14 – 20 P.c. 66 by.Num Sek person Those who were born in the Year of the Rat this week work There may be a problem with complex damage. or working too hard make a little rest There may be changes, moves or thinking boredom. want to leave work finance There is a … Read more