Żyła and Wąsek in Ustroń. The fans welcomed the jumpers

Silesian Yesterday, March 5 (16:33) Update: Yesterday, March 5 (17:45) A warm welcome to ski jumpers at the market square in Ustroń (Silesian Voivodeship). Crowds of fans came to the meeting with Piotr Żyła and Paweł Wąski. Neither the cold nor the snowfall bothered them. Your browser does not support HTML5 for video Piotr Żyła … Read more

“Intimacy level, we have known better” (video)

Many Belgians have opened their doors to Ukrainian refugees who had to flee their country to escape death. If this gesture is honorable, a year later, certain situations are still quite precarious. And sometimes entire families have not yet found accommodation. So they stay with the locals. of videos And these situations can be difficult … Read more

Russian Foreign Minister Visits South Africa – And Is Welcomed There – South Africa

The fact that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is visiting South Africa on Monday is not yet a scandal. After all, the government in Pretoria is trying to be “neutral” in the Ukraine war, because that’s the only way it can eventually mediate in the conflict. The fact that Lavrov, shortly before his trip to … Read more

After the lifting of Covid 19 restrictions in China, the Oriental New Year is being welcomed with grandeur

In China, for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the Oriental New Year is celebrated on a grand scale, with people welcoming it in a large family circle and visiting temples with relatives. Chinese New Year celebrations begin with the new moon on the first day of the new year and last … Read more

Treatment deficiencies in eye diseases

news Fewer cases in children and adolescents with diabetes by Michael Richter (13.01.2023) Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is the fourth most common eye disease in adults worldwide and can lead to blindness. According to a study, the complication in children and adolescents is declining. The German Diabetes Society (DDG) welcomes this, but points out that certain … Read more

Microsoft removes website promotion from Recommended section of Windows 11 Start menu A change welcomed by users

Many of the changes Microsoft introduced in Windows 11 have been controversial. That’s perhaps not entirely surprising, as the change tends to upset, but some things have proven more unpopular than others, particularly the changes to the Start menu. While users have long thought of the Start menu as a way to launch apps and … Read more

Meet Sarah’s Big Family in Switzerland, Anang-Ashanty Talk About Azriel’s Marriage?

Kapanlagi.com – Family Anang Hermansyah and Ashanty chose a year-end vacation in Europe while visiting the parents’ house Sarah MenzelAzriel Hermansyah’s lover who is in Switzerland. According to Anang and Ashanty, being at Sarah Menzel’s parents’ house was so much fun. They were warmly welcomed and welcome to stay. “It was fun traveling yesterday. I … Read more

Dimitri Van den Bergh completely surprised when he is welcomed as a hero after strong World Cup darts: “Girlfriend was part of the conspiracy”

Dimitri Van den Bergh became the first Belgian ever to reach the semi-finals of the World Cup darts. A historic achievement of ‘The DreamMaker’, which is now back in the country. And there he was surprised by family and friends on Thursday. Vincent Van Genechten Thursday, January 5, 2023 at 9:55 PM On Wednesday, Van … Read more

The dreaded return of Messi to France. This is how his teammates welcomed him

It may not have been a warm welcome, but Messi’s teammates showed they have character and wish their colleague success. The Argentine star joined the team later. Messi was given extraordinary time off by coach Christophe Galtier as he captained the world champions. On Wednesday morning, Messi arrived at PSG’s training session to be greeted … Read more