A well-known economist warns of a financial crisis. He can also come to Slovakia.

A financial crisis threatens Slovakia. Source: shutterstock.com/Cloudy Design/168 STUDIO/Loveshop The FED is fighting high inflation through increasing interest rates and on the other hand plans to financially support the banking sector, which took the biggest hit from Lehman Brothers. According to the report News Bitcoin a well-known economist David Rosenberg considers the current situation to … Read more

PHOTO. The well-known doctor Anatolij Danilans, celebrating his 80th anniversary, reveals the secret of his eternal youth

Professor, doctor Anatoly Danilans in different moments of his life The well-known professor, doctor – gastroenterologist Anatoly Danilan just celebrated his 80th birthday. The attractive doctor revealed to the magazine “Privatā Dzīve” what is the secret of his eternal youth. “I like movement, so I walk a lot. Swimming in icy water also recharges me,” … Read more

An exhibition of portraits by the well-known photographer Uldas Briež will be on view in Īipsala

The portraits of Latvian cultural figures by the photographer Uldas Brieža, which can be seen in the exhibition, were made as photographic records of the signs, events and spirit of their time. They have a documentary and at the same time timeless character. The faces of those characters – captured in the most diverse moments … Read more

Angham’s father explains the truth about her marriage to a well-known Arab figure

Musician Muhammad Ali Suleiman, the father of singer Angham, responded to the news that circulated during the past few hours about her marriage to a well-known Arab figure. Suleiman said, in press statements, that everything that has been published about his daughter’s marriage is just rumors that have no basis in truth, and he denied … Read more

The crisis is crushing a well-known goat farm in Držovice. “Every day we fight for survival,” says the owner

Photo: Archive of the farm in Držovice, with permission/Goat farms in Držovice Farm and small business owners are going through an extremely difficult time. The crisis is destroying their traditional customers and it seems that this situation will not end anytime soon. “We are fighting as hard as we can, if this situation lasts for … Read more

Ewa Wachowicz in the most fashionable dress of this season. Perfect fit for women over 50. It rejuvenates and makes people look at you on the street. You can buy a similar one in a well-known chain store for pennies – Super Express

Ewa Wachowicz in the most fashionable dress of this season. You can buy a similar model for less than PLN 100 Intense green is to be one of the hot trends for the spring/summer 2023 season. It is a very universal color that, depending on the intensity and shade, suits practically everyone. It looks good … Read more

Only “sufficient” – stay away from these well-known brands

Heidelberg24 consumer Purchasing & testing Created: 03/14/2023 12:31 p.m Von: Josephine Lenz Split Stiftung Warentest takes a close look at 20 detergents. From branded products to cheap alternatives, everything is represented. The result of liquid and powder detergents for colored laundry: Stiftung Warentest examines 20 color detergents, seven of which are powder detergents and 13 … Read more

“If it weren’t for a well-known artist, you wouldn’t be in your pocket.”

Safaa Sultan and Fares Iskandar ) The Lebanese lyricist Fares Iskandar opened fire on the Jordanian artist, Safaa Sultan, after the latter denounced his previous statements in a media interview, describing them as “ill-mannered.” Fares Iskandar responded to Safaa Sultan’s words during his hosting by Rudolf Hilal, days after hosting “Sultan” by the same journalist, … Read more