Do you know that several well-known Latvian films were shot in Ogre? / LR3 / / Latvian Radio 3

Narrated by the guide of the Ogre Museum of History and Art Jana Iesalniece-Pikše Every house and yard of the cultural-historical center of the city of Ogre has its own story. The fact that even before the First World War, the public from the capital came to Ogri to relax in the summer, has been … Read more

“He’s making the end of his career a war of the sexes.” A well-known journalist drove up to the farewell Serena

While the tennis world is full of celebratory comments about the career of the American tennis player Serena Williams, it is often not the case on social networks. The playing legend announced via Vogue magazine on Tuesday that the coming weeks will be her last on the professional circuit. However, the former editor of the … Read more

This well-known actress from the 1990s-2000s is making a comeback in the series The Pearls

Club illico unveils the full cast of the series Pearls, which we will be able to see in 2023 exclusively on Club illico. Filming is in progress. Bianca Gervais stars, along with Cassandra Latreille, Anouk Tanguay and Sharon Fontaine-Ishpatao. Here we learn that we will be able to find there an actress that we like … Read more

This well-known super plant has a special trick that can make crops resistant to drought

It is getting drier and drier due to global warming. As a result, crops fail more and more often. Crops that can withstand a lack of precipitation are therefore more than welcome. A forgotten vegetable may offer a solution. Yale scientists describe how Portulaca oleracea, better known as purslane, integrates two different metabolic pathways to … Read more

The one that was at the Rangers horror movie. The rematch between Pilsen and Tiraspol is whistled by a well-known referee

“Honestly, I don’t care who whistles. We have to respect the referee and take it as it is,” said Pilsen captain Lukáš Hejda. The Israeli is one of the most experienced referees, but the red and whites do not have good memories of him at all. Due to Grinfield’s benevolence, the Scottish team resorted to … Read more

Well-known Dutchman kisses in front of his wife with another: “Only if she is there.” Can such an open relationship work?

©  Shutterstock A well-known Dutchman has shocked many northern neighbors: three weeks after his marriage he was ‘caught’ French kissing with another woman at the Amsterdam Pride. His wife stood looking at it, was anything but shocked and turned in another lady herself. Kissing out of wedlock is in their agreement package. “We’ve had a … Read more

Well-known window operator in The Hague stops: ‘I was the bridge for all those girls’

Patricia has been a familiar face in Doubletstraat for more than twenty years, which she says is ‘the nicest prostitution street in the Netherlands’. In that time she has assisted and helped many sex workers. “They didn’t trust the police, nobody at all. I was the bridge between all those girls and the doctor, Spot … Read more

The price of the car being sold is often different from what is stated in the ad. Sellers use well-known tricks – Autozine

The advertisement looks attractive, the parameters correspond, there is nothing special about the car and the price is interesting. This is how the search for used cars usually begins. Anyone who decides to approach the seller saying that they are interested may be unpleasantly surprised during a personal meeting. The price is not what was … Read more

Private sellers have already learned the well-known tricks of used car dealerships. He knows well how to push interested parties into buying – Autozine

Buying a used car may not be easy. It has long been no longer just dishonest car dealerships where we are in danger of running into them. Many tricks and methods have also started to be used by private sellers who want to get rid of their car. How often can people interested in a … Read more

Whatever your body type, your curves will stand out in this outfit! A well-known stylist divided women’s shapes according to categories, which category do you belong to?

A well-known New York stylist divided the female figure into several types according to height, silhouette and facial features 40 years ago. How to dress to make your figure stand out and what should you rather avoid? You’re probably familiar with the female body split that’s been talked about for years. According to the fruit, … Read more