Fernanda Flores overcame breast cancer and now her life is different

Ana Fernanda Flores Fonseca is 49 years old and she was diagnosed with breast cancer six years ago. Fight that managed to overcome thanks to early detection and consistency of treatment to which she was subjected. Without a doubt, your case is an example of positivity and strength. This dreamy woman is originally from Hermosillo … Read more

Recommendations for a timely prevention of breast cancer

Andrea Ovando Trujillo graduate in health psychology with a specialty in psycho oncology She is 33 years old and is originally from Toluca, State of Mexico. She is currently a psycho-oncologist at the Issemym State Oncology Center, in addition to belonging to the hospital bioethics committee and coordinator of the young and strong program of … Read more

Movistar and Teladoc launch Movistar Salud, a pioneering telemedicine and remote wellness service for individuals and companies | Detail | News | Press room

Movistar is a leader in connectivity and Teladoc is the world leader in telemedicine Movistar and Teladoc come together to provide all people, even in remote areas, access to health professionals from the comfort of their homes and minimizing the risk of infections and contagions. The collaboration will offer health solutions in Spain with the … Read more

Psychologist gives 4 tips so that these National Holidays in pandemic do not affect your mental health | Health & Wellness

Without a doubt, in the midst of the pandemic of covid-19, these National Holidays Chilean women will be different than usual. The government has already announced that the restrictions will continue and the inns have been banned … But, How does this affect our mental health? The government announced that from 6:00 p.m. on September … Read more

7 tips to maintain job well-being

1 | Create a definitive space that surpasses that of your office Having an organized and enjoyable workspace helps maintain a productive, positive and motivated mindset. “Although it is tempting to work from the comfort of your sofa, it is preferable to have a designated workspace as this implies fewer distractions and a better separation … Read more

Why napping longer than an hour can be bad for your health? | Healthy world

Napping can be used to recharge energy, however, a study warns that it should last less than an hour, well the longest are associated with a 34% greater likelihood of cardiovascular disease compared to those who do not practice this habit. The study presented at the annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology also … Read more

Health: Can I use a face shield instead of a mask?

September 01, 2020 – 08:09 Face shields have the added benefit of protecting the eyes and prevent touching the face by acting as a physical barrier. DRAFTING.- Can I use a screen facial instead of a mask? No. The authorities of Health They do not recommend clear plastic shields as a substitute for face masks … Read more

Emotional well-being for complete health

One of the most used psychological concepts in recent years is that of emotional well-being. It is a state in which we feel well on a mental and physical level and, which affects the general state of health. This state can be influenced by both positive and negative situations and its stability depends on the … Read more

The health and well-being of Colombians is everyone’s job | Sponsored Content

In times of COVID-19, guaranteeing everyone’s health is essential to achieve a significant reduction in the numbers of daily infections, however, the mere fact of complying with the biosecurity protocol established by the National Government is not enough, it is important run it using elements that have really been designed to mitigate this virus and … Read more