Western tanks in place in Ukraine:

Both British Challenger tanks and German and Portuguese Leopard 2 tanks are now in place in Ukraine. Earlier in March, eight wagons of the latter type, sent from Norway, also arrived. Retired Lieutenant General Arne Bård Dalhaug believes the deliveries will play a significant role on the battlefield. – I think this will be of … Read more

“Russian tanks have no chance,” Ukrainian military expert reveals what duels between Western and Russian tanks will be like

To confirm that British tanks are already in Ukraine, Minister of Defense Oleksiy Reznikov has already tested one of the British tanks “Challenger 2” in one of the country’s landfills. Although it is stated that Western tanks are heavier than Russian tanks, their technological advantages allow them to be easily controlled and maneuverable. According to … Read more

Zelensky complains about Western anti-aircraft guns: ‘Doesn’t work’

International•29 mrt ’23 13:16Auteur: Aaron Loupatty Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky says the Western anti-aircraft guns donated to the country are not functioning properly. “He uses this for two reasons: he doesn’t like the deliveries and the system’s glitches,” says foreign affairs commentator Bernard Hammelburg. But there is also another reason. “In addition, he wants the … Read more

How Western tanks can change the situation in Ukraine

On Friday, February 24, 2023, the Ukrainians finally received Western tanks, the first Leopard 2 armored vehicles arrived from Poland. They should gradually be joined by dozens of other Leopards from other NATO countries, as well as British Challenger 2 tanks. The Americans promised the delivery of Abrams tanks, although they apparently will not arrive … Read more

Ukraine: Western leaders more and more positive about Ukrainian attack on the Crimean peninsula

20. mars 2023 05:47 – Updated 20 March 2023 08:07 Crossing Putin’s “red line” could lead to the use of nuclear weapons, Ukraine has previously been warned. Now Ukraine claims that several Western leaders are becoming increasingly positive about attacks against Putin’s “holy place”, the Crimean peninsula. Ever since 2014, Russia and its President Vladimir … Read more

China is furious with the actions of the trio of Western allies in the Indo-Pacific, will conflict break out soon?

Article information Writer, Frank Gardner role, Security Correspondent, BBC March 17, 2023 As predicted, China was outraged by the official announcement regarding the Aukus pact this week. The details, disclosed in San Diego on Monday (13/03), tie Australia, Britain and the US in a far-reaching defense and security alliance aimed at countering China’s military expansion … Read more

Australia.. Western partnership in nuclear submarines

from the four sides The leaders of the United States, Australia and Britain unveiled a plan to supply nuclear-powered submarines to Australia, in a new trilateral partnership that seeks maritime dominance in the Pacific. The plan, known as Oaks, was first announced in 2021. The advanced submarines – of which the first batch will be … Read more

Weather report – Western Europe is climatically ahead of two months, anomalous temperatures and thunderstorms as if it were summer. Frost and snow instead on the northern sectors « 3B Meteo

reading time1 minute, 37 seconds Weather – Anomalous heat and heavy thunderstorms in Western Europe, cold and late snow in the North While Northern Europe continues to experience abnormal cold and late snowfallthe flow of cicy torrents of arctic origin following the stratwarming at the end of February it ended up stimulating in the low … Read more

“Western governments will decide. He’s not a superhero.” The three scenarios

What consequences could the loss of the war in Ukraine have for Vladimir Putin? It is a scenario that many analysts are hypothesizing, given that – according to the Institute for the study of the war – the same spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, suggests splits within the government. Should the invasion … Read more