Bart De Wever wants “to have an appointment with History” and reaffirms his separatist ideas

The Dutch-speaking party NVA is organizing its ‘Family Day’ today at Plopsaland Park in De Panne. A special day in more than one way since the Flemish party is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. It was the party on the side of Pospsaland, in De Panne, this Sunday. The NVA organized its ‘Family Day’ … Read more

Bart De Wever in dialogue with imam Khalid Benhaddou in new book: “When civilizations collide, is there any future perspective?” | Antwerp

Themes such as integration, identity, free expression and woke culture, fake news and social media, globalization and migration, and climate are discussed in the book. “The way some are conducting the current climate debate is the ultimate proof of a broken belief in progress. What stands in the way of the climate transition most today … Read more

“He was there to commit an assault, he doesn’t like me too much”

Posted on Tuesday, September 7, 2021 at 1:26 p.m. It has now been a week since Bart De Wever’s family were extremely shocked by the arrival of an unknown individual at the family home. It wasn’t a burglar… he was coming for a very specific reason! On August 30, Bart De Wever and his family … Read more

▶ De Wever does not want ‘apartheid’ for the unvaccinated: ‘We must dare to let go of rules, for everyone’

Watch the video: The number of corona infections has increased slightly in recent weeks. It remains to be seen how the figures will evolve in the autumn. “In a worst-case scenario, new restrictions are needed,” Conner Rousseau said in a statement The appointment. “And then people who have not been vaccinated should not screw up … Read more

Bart De Wever criticizes new sanitary easing

The president of the N-VA, Bart De Wever, is critical of the new ministerial decree which contains the measures taken to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Flexibilities were decided in the consultation committee, where the nationalists are represented by Minister-President Jan Jambon, but some seem difficult to explain, for example, the possibility that will … Read more

Could Belgium and the Netherlands again form a single country? Bart De Wever in “DREAM”: “He utters cries of distress”

Belgium and the Netherlands have already formed one and the same country. This was done after the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. The experiment only lasted 15 years, but the president of the N-VA recently openly supported the idea of ​​reunification. “I dream that Dutch speakers from the north and south live in the same … Read more

In Belgium, Bart De Wever relaunches his separatist project

Bart De Wever revives the myth of Thiois nationalism, which advocates the creation of a single country based on the Dutch language. PICASA 2.0 / HENDRIK DACQUIN-FLICKR-CC The moment was not chosen at random: on July 20, on the eve of the Belgian National Day, Bart De Wever, president of the Alliance néoflamande (N-VA) and … Read more

Bart De Wever pleads for the unification of Flanders and the Netherlands: “We must find someone who looks like us”

Already on July 20, the mayor of Antwerp and president of the N-VA advocated a rapprochement between Flanders and the Netherlands. He returned to the charge on a Dutch program. Bart De Wever (N-VA) returns with the unification of Flanders and the Netherlands. On July 20 first, he declared in the Trends Talk program on … Read more