Comments on: Art scandal in Daugavpils: “genital crucifixes” are removed from the exhibition. PHOTO

In my half-century-long life, I have experienced art and its perception … let’s call it an evolution. The freshest and most innocent view is (was?) that art is a mirror of beauty, harmony, the soul of a sensitive artist. Then comes the problem – the anxiety, the uncertainty, the search for… again, it is at … Read more

The Legal Commission does not support the creation of a new ministry

Consequently, the Commission also rejected the submission of the bill for consideration in the Saeima. At today’s commission meeting, none of the opposition’s proposals received the support of the majority of the commission, for example, the deputies rejected the “Progressive” Saeima faction’s proposal to expand the functions of the climate and energy minister, including the … Read more

Military expert: Belarus’ foreign minister was fired on Kremlin orders; Lukashenko’s life is also in danger

Lukashenko’s only link with the West has been eliminated The unexpected and sudden death of the 65-year-old Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, Vladimir Makei, was a surprise to many and raised various questions, there was no evidence of this. “It is said that he was Alexander Lukashenko’s only contact for relations with the West,” … Read more

Musk fights with Apple over Twitter ads

Many companies have suspended spending on Twitter amid concerns over Musk’s content moderation plans for the site. Musk said Twitter had seen a “huge” drop in revenue, blaming activists for putting pressure on advertisers. In a tweet on Monday, the billionaire accused Apple of “censorship” and criticized its policies, including the fees it charges for … Read more

Costa Rica players beat Japan with a late goal and keep their chances of entering the round of 16

Keysher Fuller scored for Costa Rica. In subgroup E, Spain, who played one match, as well as Japan and Costa Rica, who played two duels, have three points each. Germany did not score in their only match so far. In the first half, none of the teams made a shot on goal, but the Costa … Read more

Monday in Latvia is expected to be cloudy, with a little snow in places

Clouds will continue to cover most of the sky during the day, some snow is expected in places. The roads will be slippery in certain sections. The wind will be slow and blowing from the east. The maximum air temperature will reach +2…-2 degrees. In Riga, the day is expected to be cloudy, but without … Read more

Dragons light up in Pakrojas manor. Open light festival

The Baron of Pakroja Manor is happy about the opening of the festival and the opportunity to give its guests the much-needed light and feeling of goodness: “Our festival will surprise even those who have already seen everything, and will be the place where this winter you will have the opportunity to draw magical energy … Read more

Skeletonist Zunte, who left Latvia, has competed in her first competition as part of Estonia

Zunte showed the eighth fastest time in the first race, and the seventh fastest time in the second, taking the eighth place in the competition of 15 skeleton athletes in the sum of two races. She was 2.21 seconds behind the winner Jacqueline Lelling of Germany. Lelling’s compatriot Corinne Leipold was second, 0.87 seconds behind, … Read more

Tragic accident in Saulkrasti district: the police comment on the reasons for the accident

As informed by the senior specialist of the Public Relations Department of the State Police, Lina Bagdone, the investigation into the circumstances of the accident continues, and one of the versions being investigated is that one of the trucks had a flat tire. At the scene of the accident, traffic is still closed on the … Read more

This autumn, already the third wild boar attack was recorded

The first accident was found in October in Krāslava county, where the engine was damaged. In it, a hunter with dogs tracked down a wounded adult wild boar, which suffered relatively serious injuries in the attack. Since the hunting manager did not report this accident in time, the State Forestry Service is currently collecting information … Read more