PHOTO and VIDEO: Vakilia the Giraffe is greeted on his birthday with a festive feast

Anyone could congratulate the giraffes Vakilia and Kimi on their birthday by donating 25 euros for the purchase of the animal’s daily portion of pellets! We publish the names of benefactors with the date In the “Support” section of the zoo’s websitewhere you can also find all the conditions of donation, in addition, the name … Read more

Auto News: How Big a Battery Do You Want? First drive with the new Kia Niro

Kia Niro is not only a 100% electric car, but also a self-charging and charging hybrid similar in appearance and size. How to distinguish them? For an electric car, the charging socket is in the front. “The fact that the electric model is the most important is indicated by the power. The electric machine is … Read more

361 children have already been killed in the war in Ukraine

Russian attacks killed or injured 371 children in Donetsk Oblast, 197 in Kharkiv Oblast, 116 in Kyiv Oblast, 68 in Chernihiv Oblast, 61 in Luhansk Oblast, 59 in Mykolaiv Oblast, 55 in Kherson Oblast, and 40 in Zaporizhia Oblast. The General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine points out that these data are not final, because as … Read more

Weather forecast for Sunday |

At night and in the morning, the sky will be clear in most parts of the country, during the day the sun will be covered by clouds. Minimum air temperature at night +8..+13 degrees, on the coast up to +18 degrees. The maximum temperature during the day will be +19..+24 degrees. A light to moderate … Read more

UN Secretary General: “Humanity is playing with a loaded gun”

At the annual commemoration in Japan, Guterres, who attended the event in person for the first time as UN secretary-general, warned of the risks posed by the crises in Ukraine, the Middle East and the Korean peninsula. “Tens of thousands of people in this city were killed in an instant. Women, children and men were … Read more

Extraterrestrial beauty – a paradise of flowers and summer fun at Pakroja Manor, Lithuania. PHOTO GALLERY

The festival of flowers and huge sculptures takes your breath away with its boldness and unique range of flower colors, modern, slightly provocative plant arrangement and simply unimaginable wealth of flowers. As the Baron of the Pakroja manor says: “Such a chaotic harmony, which can be seen when visiting the manor this year, has probably … Read more

PHOTO: who wears a suit, who wears a construction worker’s vest – in a festively tense atmosphere, the parties draw consecutive numbers for the elections also observed what was happening in person, noting that the tension and rivalry between party representatives was palpable from the court. Most of them came to this event without much fanfare, dressed in suits, but the 14th Saeima candidate was also spotted in the Red Hall of the Parliament in a symbolically printed construction … Read more

On Thursday, 1,605 new cases of Covid-19 infection were registered in Latvia; one dead

Of the newly infected, 654 were unvaccinated or did not complete the vaccination course, while 951 were vaccinated. SPKC reports that one person aged 40-49 died during the past 24 hours. The deceased was vaccinated. In total, 4,667 Covid-19 examinations were carried out in the last 24 hours. Proportion of positive cases to those tested: … Read more

For the attention of drivers: in the afternoon, the traffic in Pieriga may be slow

On Friday afternoon, the traffic in Pierīga may be slowed down, especially in the direction of the seaside, on the bypass roads of Riga, as well as in the direction of Bauska, Jelgava, Ventspils and Ārgli, where construction works are taking place. We would like to remind you that from Iecava to Bauska, the restoration … Read more

Kariņš instructs the state administration to prepare for the implementation of energy saving measures

“Russia continues its brutal war in Ukraine, and with the help of blackmail, using energy resources, tries to both weaken and divide the European Union member states in their support for Ukraine. Russia will not succeed in this if we are able to overcome the difficulties unitedly and in solidarity, therefore I have instructed all … Read more