Period pain in my thirties… what’s wrong with me, doctor?

Illustration de Victor Wong Nirvanie Dyal had always suffered from painful periods. The now 41-year-old accountant remembers some days at university she could barely make it to class. The doctor she had then consulted had replied that it was “just pain due to the periods” and had prescribed a contraceptive to alleviate the symptoms. However, … Read more

Top of Mount Gede Reportedly Cracked Due to Cianjur Earthquake, What’s Up?

TEMPO.CO, Bogor -National Park Office Mount Gede Pangrango (TNGGP) reported that there was a crack at the top of Mount Gede. Cracks allegedly due the Cianjur earthquake which hit last Monday, November 21, 2022. Apart from the cracks, two landslides also occurred hiking trails. However, the condition of the avalanche is relatively small. “There were … Read more

What’s in the bear’s stomach or something important to consider before buying a phone?

The appearance of a smartphone is an important selection criterion, but it is no less important to evaluate the device’s performance and other technological factors, or what is “in the bear’s stomach”. Today, phone users pay more and more attention to the quality of materials and the adequacy of phone functions to their daily needs, … Read more

The embezzlement investigation into Soumahoro’s mother-in-law and unpaid taxes: what’s in the investigations into the Karibu coop and Consorzio Aid

The breakthrough nell’investigation on cooperatives Welcome e Aid consortium it arrived yesterday. The mother-in-law of Aboubakar Soumahoro, Marie Thérèse Mukamitsindo is being investigated for embezzlement. It is the crime of anyone who diverts public funds and subsidies from their destination. It carries a sentence of between six months and four years. And it apparently goes … Read more

Is the dollar rising? What’s going on

Everything is changing minute by minute, especially in our country, where we have a unstoppable inflation and where the devaluation is imminent, which forces us to constantly think about the current state of the dollar and what to do with our currency, because the reality is that we charge in pesos and our day to … Read more

Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened Gets What’s This? Trailer

<meta itemprop="headline" content="Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened gets “What’s this?” trailer”/> Frogwares has a new trailer for Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened Remake titled “What is this Game?” released. More to The Awakened The trailer includes new gameplay footage, how much gameplay to expect, and a small update from the development team in Ukraine. Here you will … Read more

GPU-Z v2.51 is available for download, what’s new?

GPU-Z Utility v2.51 Auteur : Jerome Gianoli In Software 21/11/2022 The essential GPU-Z is evolving. GPU-Z v2.51 is now available for download. We have support for new Nvidia GPUs and bug fixes. GPU-Z is a utility providing information, diagnostics and monitoring of a PC’s graphics subsystem. The recently available version 2.51.0 offers full support for … Read more