What’s happening? The Wimbledon champion collapsed in tears

The Spanish tennis player played a first-round match with the Belgian Greetje Minnenová already on Tuesday, but the match was interrupted at the score of 6:4 for Minnenová due to darkness. In Wednesday’s playoff, Muguruza was not eligible. Some latecomers from the ranks of the fans did not even catch the playoff on court number … Read more

Hong Kong High Alert Status because of Xi Jinping, What’s Up?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Hong Kong is now in “high alert” state. This is because of the arrival of Chinese President Xi Jinping to the special autonomous city. That prompted a massive security deployment. The city government reportedly closed parts of the area, where some journalists were barred from attending events. Certain sites in this … Read more

The exchange of armchairs and the 17-year-old hired at 600 euros a month: what’s in the investigation on Carlo Fidanza

One exchange of armchairs and a 17 year old hired in Strasbourg. The Brothers of Italy MEP Carlo Fidanza would have convinced a city councilor of Brescia to resign to make room for one of his most faithful. In exchange for a contract to the European Parliament for the son. After lobby nera another one … Read more

What’s New in Mythic+ Overpowered DPS? -World of Warcraft

What’s been going on in the past two weeks with the top Mythic+ specializations in World of Warcraft? Well if there was no revolution in the ranking, there are still some changes here and there. This is particularly the case of the Warlock Destruction which takes over the first place from the Fire Mage. The … Read more

what’s happening – Libero Quotidiano

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin for the first time he left his country for an institutional trip. The Russian leader at this time is in Tajikistan. Just today the Tsar arrived in Dushanabe, the capital of Tajikistanfor his first visit abroad since the war began in late February. As reported by Tass, the Moscow news … Read more

Post-pandemic e-commerce: what’s next?

When one door closes, the other opens. With the physical business facing unprecedented challenges, many businesses have had to shift to a digital customer experience. The market quickly realized that after stopping contact activities, physical stores, the only prospect was to continue selling online. Investors and consumers are still following the ongoing e. the growth … Read more

Nightmare for Russia, Su-75 stealth fighter is said to probably never fly, what’s going on?

ZONAJAKARTA.com – Russia never stop creating fighter the best stealth in the world. However fighter cheap and stealth is not something that can be put together just like that. Since last year, Russia has been trying to promote fighter The new Su-75 is a low-cost stealth version. But for the President Russia Vladímir Putin, it … Read more

“Running Man” “What’s good to play?” 》2 Korea’s first cooperation hilarious index broke the table

Zhongtian Comprehensive Channel’s strong Korean variety “Running Man” will be broadcast this Sunday (26th), which is an invitation to the well-known Korean variety show “What’s the best way to play?” “The limited bel canto group MSG Wannabe MOM, including Ji Xichen, Jiang Changmo, Wonstein and Park Jae-jeong, etc., came to RM for the “Competition as … Read more

China bans the circulation of Tesla. What’s Happening to Musk’s Jewel

It’s not an easy time for Elon Musk and his Tesla. After the admission of the same founder on the loss of billions of dollars in the United States, trying to repair with a cut of 10 percent of employees, there is no good news even from Germany and China. Public safety and privacy issues … Read more

What’s Up With The Date June 27 2022, The Important Event Of The Planetary Phenomenon At Dawn Time Continues

PURWOKERTO PORTAL What is wrong with date June 27, 2022 the activity of unique celestial phenomena still occurs until the last week of this month. Unique events of celestial phenomena parallel planets can still be seen after dawn when the horizon is clear. The planetary parade is still going on until June 27, 2022. What … Read more