The suicide of a girl who was molested by her cousin.. and a strange reaction from her father when she told him what happened • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The suicide of a girl by jumping from the top of the property in which she resides, after she was subjected to severe psychological pressure, in the city of Itay al-Baroud in Buhaira Governorate, north of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, sparked widespread anger on social media. The girl committed suicide by jumping from … Read more

Leg pain when climbing stairs.. an indicator of this disease! – Saudi News

The German Society for Vascular Surgery and Vascular Medicine said that recurring leg pain while walking or climbing stairs portends what is known as peripheral artery disease. The association explained that it is a form of atherosclerosis, which appears when low-density cholesterol moves from the blood to settle on the walls of the arteries, and … Read more

Disburse BSU Stage 8 2022 Employment BPJS at the Post Office Use This Method, Check Who the Beneficiaries Use NIK

DIY NEWS – Currently, many are looking for checks BSU 2022 with NIK at, when transfer BSU level 8, cara list BLT Wages Subsidies and BSU BPJS of Employment when cair. Let’s melt it BSU level 8 2022 BPJS of Employment at the post office use cara In the following, check who are the … Read more

You will not believe what will happen to your body when eating figs daily! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Figs are among the fruits rich in potassium, as it is one of the nutrients whose imbalance in levels may cause high blood pressure. And about the benefits of black figs: 1. Fighting Alzheimer’s disease: One of the potential benefits of figs is that it may help fight some neurodegenerative diseases, as figs … Read more

he was being chased when he fell!

During the night from Friday to Saturday, at 00:45 a.m., a young man fell into the Meuse, in Huy. The fall occurred on the quay of Arona, at the height of the boarding school of Europe. A witness called the emergency services. His body was recovered 45 minutes later by Hemeco area firefighters. Unfortunately, there … Read more

New bivalent vaccine against covid-19: who receives it and when according to the calendar | National

From this Tuesday, October 11, a new vaccination schedule begins to govern for the target group that must receive the new dose of the bivalent vaccine against covid-19. For those who have not yet completed their previous vaccination schedule, the same schedule previously published by the Minsal continues to apply. This Tuesday, the Ministry of … Read more

Health: physical exercise must integrate the care of the patient – Veneto

Meeting in Padua on the ‘healthy hospital’ (ANSA) – PADUA, OCTOBER 28 – Healthy hospital – “healthy hospital” – was discussed at the 10th Congress of the European Initiative for Exercise in Medicine, partner of Exercise is Medicine, the global health initiative managed by the American College of Sports Medicine that aims to make the … Read more

“I’m fed up, I’ve called Orange dozens of times, when is this misery going to stop?”

Posted on Friday, October 28, 2022 at 11:51 a.m. An “unfortunate error” by Orange caused real “misery” to live in Ynse. At the beginning of this month of October, Ynse had to say goodbye to Marc, one of his friends. After his death, the Belgian took over the papers of the deceased and decided to … Read more

A video of Maguy Bou Ghosn saying, “Don’t clap for her” when Cyrine Abdel Nour went up on stage. Watch what happened.

The pioneers of social networking sites circulated a video that monitored the artist, Maguy Bou Ghosn, saying: “Do not clap for her,” while the artist, Cyrine Abdel Nour, took to the stage to receive her award at the 2022 Murex D’or ceremony. In media statements, Bogson refused to comment on the video, saying that “there … Read more

Fang Shuo: It’s a pity to lose the game Xie Libin: Zeng Fanbo will get better and better_Beijing Team_Time_Season

Original title: Fang Shuo: It’s a pity to lose the game Xie Libin: Zeng Fan’s Expo is getting better and better Source of Fang Shuo’s data map: Xinhua News Agency On October 27th, Beijing time, the 8th round of the 2022-23 CBA regular season continued. Zeng Fanbo stepped on the line 1.7 seconds before the … Read more