Quini’s ‘son’ in Barcelona

Diego Armando Maradona was turned off yesterday at age 60 after suffering a cardiorespiratory arrest at his residence in Tigre, in Buenos Aires. On June 4, 1982, the Barcelona Soccer Club closed the operation for 1,200 million pesetas. Maradona was then 21 years old. He was a boy when he arrived in Barcelona and left … Read more

Maradona, a life of cinema | What’s Up News

Madrid, Nov 25 (EFE) .- He lived like a celluloid star and as such was reflected in documentaries as dizzying and shocking as those made by the British Asif Kapadia (“Diego Maradona”, 2019) or the Serbian Emir Kusturica (“Maradona “, 2008), materials that now acquire added value after the death of” El Pelusa “today. “Diego … Read more

The plays ‘Universal Hysteria’ and ‘Quitamiedos’, close the 2020 theater season at the MVA – Culture and Education

The works ‘Histeria Universal’ (December 4) and ‘Quitamiedos’ (December 11) are the two shows chosen to close the 2020 program of the theatrical cycle Escenik del MVA (c / Olleras, 34). The cultural center guarantees the holding of its events with maximum security, reducing its capacity to 80 seats and the performances will be broadcast … Read more

Jesús Zavala, an actor without clichés at the FICG

Complex productions seduce Jesús Zavala, who although he has manifested himself as an “all-terrain” actor, in comedy has enshrined a style that positions him as one of the most projected faces in Mexican audiovisual development both on streaming platforms and particularly in the national cinema. Before the premiere of his most recent film “Tell me … Read more

Success of the Underwater Film Series

City people Last week the 44th edition was held, in charge of the Underwater Activities section of the Royal Society Gina González (widow of Paco Pizarro), Nora Zuñiga, Lourdes Anza, David Sánchez and Izaskun Suberbiola. JOTI DÍAZ Wednesday 25 November 2020, 08:16 The International Underwater Film Series has celebrated its 44th edition. The history of … Read more

Mark Ruffalo en ‘The Adam Project’

The Adam Project, the time travel film starring Ryan Reynolds, about to complete its cast. Blom Catherine Keener, Zoe Saldana and Jennifer Garner round out the main cast of the Shawn Levy-directed film. Now they are joined by Mark Ruffalo to play Reynolds’ father. Filming on the film began a week ago in Vancouver, Canada. … Read more

Russian cinema free and online? We tell you where to see it

The Russian Film festival is an initiative of Roskino, an organization in charge of promote Russian content around the world while presenting the variety of Russian productions to all international movie fans. Tape frame Bolshoi from director Valery Todorovsky. (Courtesy.) In addition to Mexico, this film exhibition takes place on the same dates in Australia, … Read more

The Huelva Film Festival closes its first online edition with more than 73,000 spectators

The first edition exclusively online in the history of the Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival has concluded successfully. The 46th edition of the show closed its screenings last weekend reaching the figure of more than 73,000 viewers on the Filmin platform, according to data provided by the platform itself, where most of the sections have been … Read more

Who must pay the notarial expenses in a condominium extinction?

By law and in Madrid, who should pay the notarial expenses in a condominium extinction by inheritance when there is no agreement? The selling party or the buying party? The condo extinction It is understood as the transmission of the property of a property of shared ownership between several people and is regulated in articles … Read more

Chaco maintains a winning streak; receives award for best film and actor in Argentina – Culture

The national film “Chaco” reaffirms its successful festival journey by winning the Best Film and Best Actor awards today for Raymundo Ramos from Cochabamba at the Bahía Blanca Latin American Independent Film Festival in Argentina. “Great award for the whole team, for their dedication, love and rigor so that CHACO is there. Infinite gratitude,” wrote … Read more