Fortnite video game leaves China

Epic Games announced earlier this month that it was going to stop the Chinese version of its game, which never earned it a penny for lack of official permissions. Fortnite and China are over. As he had announced in early November, the American publisher Epic Games on Monday cut the Chinese servers for its online … Read more

Samsung Releases One UI 4 Beta 3 Update Adds New Widgets, Removes Ads, and Improves Minor Animations

In addition to the release of hardware Samsung have launched new products come out a lot, not a lot Especially the new operating system Android 12 that will cover with the latest One UI 4 is considered Beta 3. In this round, there are many changes as well. Some new widget improvements, such as small … Read more

TikTok will allow products to be sold directly in the application

Sellers will now be able to create mini-shops directly on TikTok. The network will also allow the possibility of including links to products directly in the videos. The social network TikTok now relies on e-commerce. The application will soon offer the possibility for its users to directly purchase products offered by content creators on its … Read more

Hidden secrets in charging PUBG MOBILE 2021 widgets that millions do not know

hidden secrets in Free PUBG MOBILE 2021 widgets, one of the most powerful electronic games in 2021, accepted to be played by millions around the world to unload the potential in it, it is the best alternative in the time of Corona for sports in clubs and stadiums for young people, although this game is … Read more

iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 Beta 2 introduce new Maps icons, add Memoji widgets, and tweak the UI in Safari.

Developers participating in Apple’s testing program have started receiving iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 Beta 2 updates via OTA (over-the-air) systems. SharePlay feature in FaceTime There are still a few minor changes as detailed below. iOS 15 Beta 2 fixes a number of bugs or bugs, such as an issue that caused iCloud Private Relay … Read more

Dagoma Magis, the 3D printer that plays the artists

THE TREASURES OF FRENCH HIGH-TECH (2/5) – With its sleek design and simplified operation, this inexpensive model created in Roubaix is ​​aimed at a public who prefers efficiency to technicality. The Magis printer allows you to easily produce objects of 18 × 20 cm with an accuracy of 100 microns. Dagoma The articulated arms rise … Read more