how to create custom widgets in iOS 14

We will explain how to create custom widgets in iOS 14, something for which we are going to use an application called Widgetsmith. IOS customization has always been one of Apple’s weak points, but among the what’s new in iOS 14 there is the ability to create widgets, and there are already applications that exploit these possibilities so that you can finally give your iPhone a unique look. You can combine this with change app icons.

Widgetsmith will allow you to create a series of custom widgets so that you can put the one you want, with calendars or simply photographs of yourself with which to give the device a unique look. We are going to give you the basics about using the app, but then it will be up to you to dedicate all the time you need to leave the customized iOS to your liking. All you need is practice, exploration, and a lot of patience. Also, you may want to edit or download your own images to iOS and then use them in these widgets. This is up to you.

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Fantastical adds almost unlimited customization to its new widgets for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

Definitely, the arrival of iOS 14 will be remembered by your widgets. They have awakened a whole fashion of customization to limits that nobody suspected, not even Apple, so all applications are looking for ways to enrich their experience with these new components. An example We found it in Fantastical and its new version 3.2 of its applications.

This version adds 12 different widget layouts to add in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, of different styles and sizes. What is especially interesting is that choosing a design does not imply staying with a size: we can, for example, have the full month’s calendar in a 2×2-size widget or a 4×4 icon.

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