This widow of 2 children claims to be a sex satisfaction for the head of the service, having sex in cars and hotels

SERAMBINEWS.COM – DS, a mother of two children, felt cheated by the head of the North Sumatra Provincial Government with the initials S. Why not, for months DS has been the object of sex for this official but has never been married. He immediately reported S’s actions to the North Sumatra Regional Police’s Sub-Directorate V … Read more

Eduardo Bonvallet’s widow 5 years after his death: “I have learned to live with grief” | TV and Show

On September 18 will be the fifth anniversary of the death of the famous sports commentator Eduardo Bonvallet, who took his own life in the middle of a deep depression. A couple of weeks before the anniversary, the journalist Mary Victoria Laymuns, his widow, talked to the newspaper The latest news, where he said he … Read more

Memories of a cold wolf? widow on the island of Gotland mobilizes because of Russia, summoned tanks and sthaky | Svt

STOCKHOLM On the Vdskm island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea, operations take place like wolves during the cold. The manvra of the Russian army and the Moscow training of the Western powers provoked an unusual mobilization of the Jewish army. The tanks set out to search for the largest port, while the ranks were … Read more

Eduardo Bonvallet’s widow remembers the fateful day the commentator took his own life Glamorama

Author: Glamorama Team / September 6, 2020 “It is something that I can never forget, but I have learned to live with grief …”, says María Victoria Laymuns in an interview in the LUN newspaper. In the conversation, the 42-year-old journalist recalls the dramatic moments of that September 18, 2015 when she was notified by … Read more

Ivan’s widow (44) after the death of Karel Gott († 80): For the first time among people

The widow of the most famous Czech singer armored herself with a wall of silence. Since Charles’s death on October 1 last year, she has communicated with the world only through her spokesperson and has stayed away from all events. She even refused a personal invitation from Michal David to celebrate her sixties. Only those … Read more

The suffocating distress of the widow Ivana: Fear, what’s next !?

Soon it will be a year since the singing legend, the Golden Nightingale Karel Gott († 80), left. At the same time, the time when commemorative concerts of the Master, organized by Ivana Gottová (44), are to break out is very short. However, their implementation is in jeopardy due to the pandemic. Will fans have … Read more

Robin Williams’ widow: – He was misdiagnosed

– This was a man who was incredibly rich and deep. He knew so much about man and culture, and his humor was the secret weapon, Susan Schneider Williams tells the American talk show and current affairs program Today on NBC. The interview was given in connection with the documentary “Robin’s Wish”, which is about … Read more

Dismantling the Regional Office’s Disgusting Behavior When Having Bed to …

Collage Annisa Dienfitri Awalia / Grid.ID and Instagram @rohimah_alli Dismantling the Kiwil’s Disgusting Behavior When Having a Bed to Decide on a Divorce, Meggy Wulandari Reveals the Requirements of the Child for a Prospective New Father: Don’t Marry a Papa with Another Mama! Grid.ID – Marriage between Regional Office and Meggy Wulandari has officially ended … Read more

Widow Andrea Pomeje: She pulled out transparent laundry!

He knows how to inflame fans. She showed off her seductive figure in red transparent lingerie. Andrea Pomeje (32) herself claims that everyone knows her lures anyway, so why hide them … The weekend hot weather gave the widow after Jiří Pomeje(† 54). Instead of water, she took refuge in bed. “So we somehow slept … Read more