Hundreds of arrests during corona protests – Wiener Zeitung Online

According to the Berlin Senator for the Interior, Andreas Geisel, there were around 300 arrests in the protests of opponents of the Corona restrictions by Saturday evening. The SPD politician told journalists that 200 people were arrested near the Russian embassy, ​​where up to 3,000 “Reich citizens and extremists” were demonstrating. The situation there worsened … Read more

Wiener Festwochen: Stage tremors with metal, Bach and dance

In times of the coronavirus it can hardly be said that the start of the Wiener Festwochen is something very special this year, because that has been the case at practically every cultural event for months. But it’s not just the “now more than ever” between lockdown worries and concerns about distance that makes the … Read more

Pharmaceutical company Bayer writes loss of billions – Wiener Zeitung Online

Provisions for the glyphosate comparison in the USA have caused the German pharmaceutical company Bayer to lose billions of euros. In the second quarter, there was a net loss of just over 9.5 billion euros, after a profit of 404 million euros in the same period of the previous year. According to Vara Research, analysts … Read more

Corona crisis: Sarah Wiener files bankruptcy for Berlin restaurants

TV chef Sarah Wiener has filed for bankruptcy for her restaurants in Berlin and for her catering service. “Corona asked a lot of us a lot, including part of my company, my employees … and me,” wrote the 57-year-old in a post on her Facebook page. On Wednesday the bankruptcy for the companies “Das ist … Read more

Irina Liebmann receives Uwe Johnson Prize – Wiener Zeitung Online

Irina Liebmann received the 20,000 Euro Uwe Johnson Prize 2020 for her novel “Die Große Hamburger Straße”. Memory and memory are central axes in the work of the 76-year-old, said the jury, according to a press release. From the beginning, she wanted to tell how something really is. “This established the coordinates for a poetology … Read more