Crysis Remastered: New trailer shows the technical features of the Nintendo Switch version – ntower – your Nintendo online magazine – ntower

A new trailer was released today on the official YouTube channel for the game series Crysis technical features of the Nintendo Switch-Version from Crysis Remastered applies. So all the material used in the trailer was in 720p at 30 FPS (Frames per second) recorded. In the new edition of the first-person shooter released for the … Read more

Version 8.0.0 of Super Smash Bros Ultimate from 30. June available

18:50 – 22.06.2020 | Software From the 30. June is Version 8.0.0 of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Download. The Update brings the recently announced add-on content to the game and expands the spirit of the catalog to a new function. All of the new features of the popular spanking game, presented by series Director Masahiro … Read more

Rumor: Microsoft might be planning a stripped-down Xbox Series X at a competitive price

14:40 – 19.06.2020 | Hardware The rumor of an additional console from Microsoft not circulating since the announcement Xbox Series X in the history of the world. The Name “Xbox Series S“as well as “Project Lockhart“have become an integral part of these tenacious and recurring rumors. In the American Forum of Beyond3D, the User is … Read more

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – real-money-trade with inhabitants and items in violation of terms and conditions of use

06:00 – 15.06.2020 | Software In Animal Crossing: New Horizons there are numerous characters that can inhabit your island. Probably every one of you selected inhabitants of the island, is the home of your love – and those that should pull it immediately back to your island. So many residents is among players so popular … Read more

The Team screwed up Mission after 11 seconds

For successful predator Online needs heists in GTA your Cleverness, speed and good team work. The game group, which is being celebrated in the “GTA Online”Reddit has all of it. Only she couldn’t show it, because it has failed in absolute record time. GTA Online: This Team has set a record in Failure. GTA Online: … Read more

Dead: of The Multiplayer Sci-Fi Half-game appears at the 12. June for the Nintendo Switch

21:20 – 04.06.2020 | Software Already in the year 2016 for the PC, published Half Dead finds its way into the Nintendo eShop. On Steam, the title was able to garner mostly positive reviews, and the 12. June 2020 you may then also on the Nintendo Switch alone or in pairs by Couch Co-op in … Read more

51 Worldwide Games Review

In the last few years and due to the Corona-exception situation, especially in the last few weeks have digital games gained a lot of popularity. In this respect, it is little surprising that Nintendo Switch with “51 Worldwide Games”, now a comprehensive collection of analog games donated. Whether this excited or whether we engage in … Read more

CD PROJEKT replaces Ubisoft as the most valuable European video game company

21:40 – 22.05.2020 | Other While The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is celebrating its fifth birthday, the studio behind the game, CD PROJECT, have every reason to be pleased: The Polish developer studio has just taken Ubisoft off the throne as most valuable video game company in Europe overthrown. CD PROJEKT has been one of … Read more