“Music is my thing”: William surprises with his voice during his Blind Audition | The Senior Voice 2022🎙️

Full of enthusiasm for the opportunity to sing at the Diamante, this participant talks about how he has been related to music since he was little, because he has always liked to sing, so his friends asked him to do it and accompanied him with instruments. As a child he appeared on special dates such … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II is fired by the royal family with an unpublished photo and phrase from Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

Royal family fires Queen Elizabeth II with an unpublished photo. Photo: AFP With a unpublished imagethe Royal family said the last goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 8 at the age of 96. Through official social networks of the british royaltyit was like fired the longest-serving monarch in the UK. This is … Read more

Prince William invites Harry and Meghan to sit next to him and Kate at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral – Monet

+ Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle sat alongside Prince William, Princess Kate Middleton and their two eldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, at a ceremony at Windsor Castle in honor of Queen Elizabeth II ( 1926-2022) (Photo: Getty Images) Prince William invited his younger brother and sister-in-law, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle, … Read more

Why Prince Harry was not allowed to wear a military uniform to Elizabeth’s funeral, like William

Prince Harry came to the funeral of his beloved grandmother Elizabeth II with his wife Meghan Markle. At the same time, his brother William was dressed in a military uniform, and Harry himself appeared in a civilian suit. Fans could not understand why the youngest grandson of Her Majesty was not allowed to wear military … Read more

Prince William is not ready for life without his grandmother: “Don’t cry or I will start”

The young Prince of Wales and his wife Catherine traveled to Norfolk on Thursday where they met with people from the nation who had gathered to pay their respects to the late Queen. Prince William and Princess Catherine visit Sandringham and meet the nation mourning the Queen +10 Watch more One memorial attendee revealed: “He … Read more

William and Harry united by the wake of their grandchildren, a silent tribute to the queen- Corriere.it

from Enrica Roddolo Reunited, once again, by the affection for the grandmother who perhaps fulfilled this last wish, to have them with her in the last farewell. Neighbors. For the wake of the grandchildren at the funeral parlor at Westminster Hall William and Harry, in the uniform of the Blues and Royals. Reunited, once again, … Read more

King Charles and Prince William surprise those waiting – dpa

KKing Charles III. and his son Prinz William surprised those waiting in the kilometer-long queue for the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II on the banks of the Thames in London with a visit. Thousands of mourners stayed there for hours on Saturday to honor the queen – many of them overnight. The authorities estimated the … Read more

September 17 Incident: The Discovery of Saturn’s Satellite, This is History

Merdeka.com – Saturn is the second largest planet in solar system. This planet, dubbed the gas giant, has a diameter of up to 120,536 km with hydrogen and helium as its main constituents. In addition to its large shape, Saturn is also known to have the largest number of satellites in the solar system. It … Read more

George, Charlotte and Louis: “We’re all tired” – this is how William and Kate’s children cope with the death of the Queen

published16. September 2022, 10:33 George, Charlotte and Louis: “We’re all tired” – this is how William and Kate’s children cope with the death of the Queen The 40-year-old and her husband Prince William spoke to mourners in Sandringham on Thursday. Kate revealed how the royal family is currently doing. 1 / 5 On Thursday, Prince … Read more

Day seven: Senior royals stand in for King Charles III William admits painful memories of mum’s funeral came back yesterday

The seventh day since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the seventh day of mourning, counted according to the London Bridge operation, which will end with the funeral on Monday. The day of the monarch’s death is referred to as D-Day and is also the day with the number 0. Since the death of Queen … Read more