Kate’s strategy to get William, from changing schools …

“Kate was very strategic”Lacey says. “He resigned his place at one of Britain’s best universities, Edinburgh, and chose another [St. Andrews] who probably did not have the same academic level. She had already been to Edinburgh to choose her accommodation, but he changed his university and changed his courses to art history because that was … Read more

Prince Harry, crowned as the world’s sexiest ‘royal’: he wins the battle against his brother William

Good news for him prince harry (36). A major American magazine has crowned him the sexiest royal in the world. Last year he also topped the ranking of sexiest parents in the world. The Duke of Sussex has received the news with the little Archie 1 year and Meghan Markle (39) in California, where they … Read more

Mourning in the Royal Family: the reason for the sadness of Kate Middleton and Prince William

This Sunday, terrible news invaded Kensington Palace and mourned Kate Middleton and Prince William, they reported it themselves on their social networks with great sadness. And is that the Duchess of Cambridge and Queen Elizabeth’s grandson lost a family member who was with them for many years. It is about his dog Lupo, who died. … Read more

Beating William? Prince Harry’s best-kept secret known only to his royal fans

All the reports that have emerged from the Prince harry they concerned his departure from the royal family. Everyone was aware of the gap in their relationship with him Prince William, to your family life with Meghan Markle and his son Archie, and his attempts to start from scratch in California, United States. However, the … Read more

Prince Harry is sexier than his brother, so says a list that highlighted the “hottest” of royalty | News from El Salvador

People magazine has already launched its list of names of the most beautiful around the world, and royals were not left out. With his red hair and seductive smile, Prince Harry has many reasons to celebrate, especially that he got a new title: The Sexiest Royal. People magazine reached this conclusion through a survey conducted … Read more

Prince William is upset with “The Crown”: “He falsely treats my parents’ lives”

The fourth season of “The Crown” unleashed the wrath of the British monarchy, which is not happy with the treatment that is being given in the series to the current wife of Prince Charles, Camilla Parker, and the deceased Diana of Wales. The successful Netflix production focuses its attention, in this 10-episode installment, on the … Read more

William Chislett: “I have no desire to return to my country and less with the stupidity of Brexit” – The comment of Santiago González

He came to Spain when he was still a young journalist, and his intention was to stay for just one season teaching English and return to Great Britain. Love and friends put enough pressure for her to stay. Staying brought various benefits, but one of those we owe to him is to tell our history … Read more

William Levy CONFESSES that before being an ACTOR he was ALBAIL; HOW MUCH WAS I EARNING?

William Levy He told one of his most important secrets of his entire life, already with several years of career on his shoulders, and that you surely did not know. The Cuban actor explained that in his early days, before becoming an actor, he worked with his uncle in the construction branch since his time … Read more

Maria Sharapova is dating a close friend of Prince William and Prince Harry

Maria Sharapova Hardly a day goes by when former Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova doesn’t share a photo or video of her on social media. Former tennis champion Maria Sharapova has started an affair with English aristocrat Alexander Gilkes, a close friend of Princes William and Harry. The Russian tennis player began dating Gilkes, after … Read more

Prince William strengthens his popularity during the pandemic | People

Prince William (38 years old), third in line to the British throne, has decided that the best way to put out a fire is to ignore it. On Wednesday night he participated through a video recorded previously in the award ceremony of the foundation Spirit of Fire, in favor of the UK fire brigade. It … Read more